Knitted Knots

Knitted Knots

I am a coaster person. Odd thing to be but when furniture costs so much a coaster is a useful thing. Not only do they protect furniture I think they can make a coffee table or side table look stylish. And as a knitter i like to pop bits of yarn and fabric throughout the house but coasters are a great way to do this. I came across a pattern on Pinterest for Knotted Coasters by Cintia My Poppet . I used a cotton based yarn in a pale blue that matched our bedroom that I just needed to use somehow and this pattern was perfect. 

The pattern asked for French Knitting, where you use a little device to make a cord which is popular for children. But I don’t have one of these so I used two double points to make an I-cord and used this to make the cord to tie into a knot. I used the website suggested in the post to tie a ‘Carrick Bend Knot’. To be honest the knot took me a long time to tie and a few attempts. Mine are slightly different as I had to go round a few times to get the circular shape I wanted for the coaster. To finish the coaster i glued the knot down with fabric craft glue to secure it and added felt to the back. And to be honest I pretty much love them.

Here is the pin I discovered by Cintia MyPoppet Cintia My Poppet’s French Knot Coasters

Animated Knots


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