Eastwood Pandas

Eastwood Pandas

I’m into needle felt at the moment. Not only does it allow you to be creative without a pattern and free hand design the item it’s really quick and actually quite fun.

Two of my best friends got married this month. The bride I met on my first day at uni so when they got married I knew I would have to fashion some kind of bride and groom crafty gift together. On their invitations they had them fashioned to look like Penguin books but with Pandas on it. Pandas dressed as a bride and groom so they were asking for it really.

I got a load of felt from Hobbycraft and read a book called Little Felted Animals by Marie-Noelle Horvath to get an idea of the design elements to make a panda from her brown bear design and set to. (This book is lovely and has given me lots of inspiration!) It was scarily simple and I made them both within a week including arms and legs and little faces. The funny thing about the felt is that you can add and take away felt if it’s not working. It’s not as skillfull as knitting but it’s very creative.

Limbless panda

Finally to dress the pandas I used a bit of veil fabric I had around with some stick on diamantΓ© and paper flowers for the bride. And I fashioned a felt bow tie and needle felted a top hat in grey for the groom. The eyes were difficult as I struggled to find some glass bead ones that I wanted in time. So I went for Googly eyes whether they will work on the felt or not only time will tell but they definitely provided some character and a touch of comedy which is perfect for my two friends. A final touch was to make pink pads for the paws to lift the black and white of the pandas with some colour and just because it was so cute.

Finished Pandas

It was absolutely wonderful to see my friends get married. The bride was absolutely stunning and they were so happy all day. It was a great day by all and the pandas went down pretty well I think.

Real life Eastwood Pandas

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Eastwood!


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