September Favourites 

September Favourites 

Ah can’t believe September is over. It’s been a bit if an odd month for me a month of incredible wonderful highs and really low lows. Here are my favourite favourites.

1) Watching: The Night Of

Ooh we came across this on Sky Atlantic. It’s amazing. It follows a young man, who out of character, goes on a crazy night out and then wakes up and his whole life will never be the same. If you like moody, dark American cop and crime dramas you will like this. We are addicted, it’s an excellent US thriller. 

2) Using: No17 The Miracle Matte Face Powder

 I continue to be surprised by Number 17 their new products are just great. I like this loose translucent powder, it also comes pressed but I’m not keen on the germ factor of pressed powders. I dust this on after concealer and it’s excellent for mattifying oily parts of the face and keeps your makeup in place all day. Its oil free so doesny clog pores and it’s also great for ‘baking’ the under eye area which I’ve been doing lately as I try to combat my tired dark circles. It’s also a great value price. I wouldn’t however recommend someone to use this if they had dry skin as it is very mattifying.

3) Reading: I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

Oh gosh I couldn’t put this book down! It’s been on my kindle read list for ages and I downloaded it on a whim as I was looking for a thriller.  And this book is definitely a thriller. It’s got so many twists and turns and some really fast paced breathless sections. It follows an accident and the way it affects people, but it is so much deeper then that with a lot more layers to get through and keeps you guessing. At one point I was reading a whole part and it wasn’t the person I thought it was telling the story. I love to be caught out like that. Great read!

4) Visiting: Weddings!

There is nothing I love more than a wedding. And this month we were so lucky to have been invited to two weddings. One for one of my husbands old school friends in Knutsford and the second one of our best friends from University in sunny Bromsgrove. There’s something magical about weddings, seeing your friends take a step towards their future and commit to one person and then celebrate it with all their favourite people. I love it all; the ceremony and the beautiful Bride, the food and speeches, the silliness and dancing. At the wedding in Knutsford there was a big gang of us so it was so fun and yes I did get a bit drunk but that’s OK every once in a while. And the second wedding was absolutely lovely as it was one of my best friends and it was absolutely wonderful and emotional to see her get married to the love of her life. I got to help out at that one with a nerve wracking reading and also doing the makeup for her and her bridesmaids which I was very proud of. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Beesley and Mr and Mrs Eastwood.

Mr and Mrs Beesley

Mr and Mrs Eastwood

5) Wearing Wedding Guest Outfits 

So another thing I love about weddings is the outfit I get to wear! For both weddings I got myself a new Outfit as I didn’t want to recycle too much and the weddings were so different also because I love shopping. 

Wedding Outfit 1 was a dress from Oasis in a pale pink with coral birds on it, a feathery fascinator from Debenhams, Office shoes and a clutch bag from New Look. I like the colours of this Outfit and the dress was so easy to wear and move in and I liked the skater style of it. 

Outfit 1

Outfit number 2 was a beautiful blue and pink rose Louche dress from Joy, I paired this with a cropped bow Cardigan from Monsoon, a huge navy hat from John Lewis, shoes from Dorothy Perkins, a bag from Accessorize and a dark pink lipstick from Rimmel. I loved the jewel colours of this the vintage feel. So both very different but both from the Great British High Street and I so enjoyed putting them together. 

Outfit 2

6) Seeing Giselle

Last night (the last day of September) I went to the ballet with my Mum and sister. It was a birthday present for my Mum. We saw it at the Manchester Palace Theatre and its the English National Ballets new rendition of Giselle. It was all new choreography by Akram Khan. I have to say was one of the best Ballets I’ve ever seen. I thought it was beautiful, slightly creepy in some places and so so tragic and romantic. If it comes to visit you go and see it I can’t recommend it enough.

Giselle English National Ballet


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