Wave after Wave 


I haven’t been knitting a lot recently. Well I have but I haven’t picked up one big project and knitted a one big thing just for the hell of it and now that it’s autumn I felt I needed something warm but something a bit special to brighten my boring and cold commute to work. I also wanted to try a bit of lace work….because I am clumsy Knitter and a heavy handed one-sided delicate knitted lace is my ideal obviously. 

I firstly came across some yarn in Sheepish a little shop in Bishops Castle that I always try to go to when we are there. I saw this yarn and I couldn’t leave without it. It’s by Sirdar and is from their Divine range. It’s a Colour change yarn which I love as it adds so much interest to a repetitive patten it’s description reads ‘tempting glistening textures’ and the colours are so beautiful. It was mine. So I got 100g of this and then raided my knitting ‘area’ and found a pattern for fan lace by Charmaine Fletcher in Simply Knitting which I have kept from a magazine. The patten was for a summer mohair scarf but in this slightly thicker wool it makes a lovely winter scarf. 

Sirdar Divine

The pattern is very simple the border if 4 rows of knit stitch. The lace pattern is then:

  • Row 1: knit
  • Row 2: K3, purl to last 3, K3
  • Row 3: K3 *K1, (k2tog) x3, (yfwd, K1) x5, yfwd, (k2tog) x3* repeat till last 4 K4
  • Knit

I repeated this pattern till all the lovely rainbow yarn was gone. 

The clever thing with this pattern is that it creates a scalloped edge and a wave effect throughout. The pattern says that you can add a knitted 3d fan to add to the scarf and Wear it as a shawl but I thought this would be too much for the yarn I’ve used. 

Wave #knittingandnails

For my first lace pattern I really loved it and I’ve now got a cosy lovely bright scarf for the dark chilly mornings ahead. Wave after Wave of them. 


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