The Little ‘Felted’ Mermaid

The Little ‘Felted’ Mermaid

I have been loving needle felting recently and with my sisters birthday coming up I decided to make her a little felted mermaid. I have always associated mermaids with my sister probably from when we were kids and were obsessed with Disneys Little Mermaid. so I decided to go for a mermaid themed present.

For her present she wanted a Mermaid Tail Blanket and although I could probably knit my own blanket  (just saying!) But it was too overwhelming so I bought her that online and to go with it some mermaid pj’s from Topshop that are so cute. Some mermaid stickers and unicorn socks to go with it and so a needle felt mermaid was the only way.

The thing with needle felt is it so creative I just made it up. I used blue for the tail and just tore a big chunk of fleece, slimmed the sides and created the tail. Then made the torso separately and stuck it into the tail by leaving the ends of the fleece loose. the hard bits were the arms and face. I ended up making the face three times and in the end made the face moulding it using small pieces of fleece to make cheeks and a chin. I loved making the hair out of yellow and Green and braiding this using gold thread. I made a star fish on the sponge and added that to the tail and added diamantΓ© and beads to make her look festive.

She is not perfect but she is cute and I really enjoyed it. It’s a quick but rewarding little make! next time I may go for the mermaid blanket itself!


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