October Favourites

October Favourites

So October is over. I’ve really enjoyed October I love Autumn and the change in the seasons. So without further ado here are my favourites.

1) Wearing- Boots!

I needed boots like mad this year as all my boots from last year were destroyed. So I went to M&S as they have a great selection of boots. I got a pair of tan ankle boots with a little heel and some big black fleece lined practical boots that look a bit biker. I love them both and I’ve been wearing them non stop this month. My feet have been so cosy and pain free! I also bought some very practical walking boots from a local outdoor shop. I’ve been doing a lot of walking recently and although they are a little ugly so I have nicknamed them my ‘ugly shoes’ buy they are amazing and keep my feet warm and support my feet to get me where I need to be!

My Ugly Shoes

2) Wearing – Cat Socks

Now this sounds wierd I know. bit I randomly picked up a set of socks from Next. They are all brightly coloured and have cats on them and I have become obsessed. I love wearing crazy socks under my boots!

Cat socks!

3) Using – OGX Shampoo

I have a love hate relationship with my hair. I like it long but I hate styling it and I like it to look healthy but I love using Straighteners on it. So I go through shampooe trying to find the perfect one. I had heard good things about OGX so I went and picked up their Brazilian Keratin Smooth shampoo and conditioner. It has coconut and avocado oil in it along with cocoa butter and keratib so it is pretty moisturising. It smells amazing and my hair feels a lot stronger aad healthier than before. They are quite expensive but the bottles are huge so it’s worth it. I wish I could find a hair mask to go with them!

4) Wearing- Autumnal Nails

With Autumn upon us I have been loving darker nail shades. I have been loving the Maybelline Superdrug Stay 7 day gel nail varnish and I have two colours ‘Divine Wine’which is a maroon red and ‘Berry Stain’ which is a violet shade. They are both really rich glossy colours and do what they say on the tin and last a really long time (don’t know whether its 7 days though)

Berry Stain and Divine Wine

5) Visiting – Home MCR

This is a really cool little theatre and cinema venue in Manchester. They show quite alternative films and plays and its just such a lovely venue dedicated to arts. They also have a fab restaurant with lots of cocktails and my favourite Gin cocktails. We had a lovely date night there and had a meal in the restaurant and saw ‘The Emperor’ which was an amazing one woman show. I just feel really happy at Home MCR and its a really cool place to go.

Yummy gin cocktail

6) Drinking – Hot chocolate

Ooh I am loving Hot Chocolate at the moment. the minute I’m cold I crave a nice hot chocolate with Marshmallows. It’s just a small slice of heaven every time. I especially love a hot chocolate when you are on a lovely walk in the orange leaves with your husband. A perfect autumn day.


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