Northumberland Sky

Northumberland Sky

There is one place I love almost as much as I love my home town and that is Northumberland. I feel it is a little under appreciated but it is one of the most beautiful areas and is absolutely full of history. The open sky in Northumberland just seems to last for miles. We visited a few years ago and this year to get away from it all we went back.  There is a lot to do so forgive my long rambly post!

On the way to Northumberland we took a little sojourn at Knaresborough to go to Mother Shipton’s Cave. This is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go and it is a place where in the 1500s a woman called Mother Shipton lived as an outcast in the woods. She had powers of prophecy and was a suspected witch. She had been born in the cave and lived there alone tull she died speaking prophecies and telling the future of whoever asked good or bad. On part of the cave there is a waterfall which turns items to stone. this is due to too much Calcite in the water but it is still pretty creepy and must have been scary back then. I made a wish in the Wishing Well which people have done for centuries and as long as you dont tell anyone it should come true. Fingers crossed! It’s a lovely place to go for the day and we had a walk round Knaresborough which is a lovely little town. Had a chip buttie in the square and then onward to Northumberland.


The cave

We had decided to stay in Warkworth and in the Warkworth House Hotel. The hotel was lovely and cosy and we had a delicious meal in their in house restaurant that night. After an amazing night sleep and big breakfast we set off and went to see Warkworth Castle. The castle is huge and built by the Percy Family. It’s still in amazing condition as it was rescued and parts of it were rebuilt in later decades. the whole town is but around the castle so it’s pretty impressive.

Warkworth Castle

Then on to one of my favourite places in Northumberland which is Craster. This time I had proper clothing and boots so we braved the beautiful coastal walk to Dunstanburgh Castle. Now being married to a history teacher as I am I have seen a lot of castles but this one is my favourite. It’s built right into the rock on the edge of the sea and has the most beautiful views over the ocean. Craster Beach is a rocky beach so we went down there too to play like kids and chase the tide. After that we warmed up over lunch in the Jolly Fisherman pub and bought the all important Craster kippers to bring home. It was one of the most calming and fun afternoons.

The cliff face

My all time favourite beach however in the whole of Northumberland has to be Bamburgh. I have the best memories here as a child and its just a beautiful sandy beach that goes on for miles with a pretty impressive castle on the top which we went to last time. I love walking on beaches as I feel so calm by the sea a million  miles away from the daily life. We had a walk along Bamburgh Beach and it was beautiful with miles and miles of sky.

Bamburgh Beach

That night we had more delicious food in The Sun Hotel and some drinks in their adjoinig pub. They had some great views up to the castle. The food in Northumberland is so good! The next day we left Warkworth (sob!) And we spent the morning in Hexham. Hexham looks like an interesting town built onto a hill around a cathedral and a huge ancient jail and court. But after all my open space and miles of sky it was a bit busy for me! We did some shopping and had a bit of lunch and then went on after a couple of hours.I will go back to Hexham another time as I think there is more to see when it’s less crowded but it was Halloween.

To finish our holiday my History teacher husband unsurprisingly wanted to visit Hadrians Wall. we went along to Housesteads which is an ancient Roman fort. It’s really intact and has the best views over the hills of the wall. Parts of it have been used in films and is quite famous.  We however arrived in the fog and it was freezing but it was really interesting and without sounding nerdy really cool. My husband loved it and fulfilled one of his dreams to walk on the wall. It was a really great way to round off our holiday.

The fog

Walking the wall

We absolutely loved this holiday so sorry if I’ve been rambling on and on but it truly was lovely and just what I needed to get out of a rut. we are already planning our next trip as I can’t stay away from the ocean and all that sky.

Links to where we visited!

Old Mother Shipton’s Cave 

Warkworth House Hotel

Warkworth Castle- English Heritage

Dunstanburgh Castle – English Heritage 

The Jolly Fisherman Inn Craster

Bamburgh Beach and Castle

The Sun Hotel Warkworth


Housesteads and Hadrians Wall


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