Water Water Everywhere

Water Water Everywhere

You may have seen on the news in the UK that there was a horrendous amount of water dropped over Greater Manchester last Monday. a months worth of rain in one night. This resulted in flooding and heartbreakingly included my house!

We came home Monday very late as my train was cancelled halfway through and I had to walk till my parents could get to me and my husband had to park and literally wade through the water. By the time we got home there was a torrent of water flooding down the back of our house and out the drive and then through the whole of our downstairs.

There is no feeling like the utter helplessness of watching your beloved home and belongings being covered in water and river sludge. A reservoir had broken it’s banks and it really did cause devastation. We had two Guinea pigs in the garden and the hutch was swept away in the torrent. Luckily for us our neighbour saw it and he waded out and grabbed the hutch. We have one very nervous Guinea pig left. My poor cat was trapped upstairs but wasn’t harmee. However the entire of our downstairs was ruined and there are no words to explain the feeling.

The next day was heartbreaking as we realised slowly that this wasn’t a quick fix and we can’t move home as easily as we thought. Our insurance company have been brilliant getting people in with dehumidifiers to dry the house and they will come soon to strip out the damaged parts. Unfortunately this includes the cellar, the entire downstairs flooring, half the plaster, the entire kitchen and most of the furniture. To get all the work done they are saying it will take 3 to 6 months, so I am incredibly homesick at the moment. It’s so sad when you have built your home around you from nothing and suddenly it’s damaged or even gone completely. Although our house was damaged it wasn’t as bad as some other people down our street who had 4 feet of water.

Without sounding corny it is times like this that make you realise how much you value your family and your home. Luckily nobody was seriously injured. My husband and I are still together and we are staying with my parents for now and are slowly coming to terms with it. The cat has been put in a cattery for now which he wasn’t very impressed with and the Guinea pig now has an indoor cage. We are hoping to get a short term let flat in our home town to be near our house and our family and I am doing all I can to be in for Christmas so we can get some semblance of normality.

We are planning to make the most of this situation and renovate our lovely house so it will be better than before and I am truly grateful for all our friends and family who have helped us with this. it’s a long road ahead but we will get there in the end but I miss my lovely house and my lovely life and I never expected this to happen. I have found a quote that has inspired me to keep going.’Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on buy you keep going anyway’ and I’m using this to keep going. 

The night of the flood

Water water

The dehumidifier doing its best


Quote that is keeping me going


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