November Favourites

November Favourites

So this month has been one of ups and downs with the flood at the end to ruin everything but it wasn’t so bad all month and I do have some favourite things!

1) Wearing Bobble Hats

I like hats. I like them in the summer and I like them at weddings and this year I have discovered the joy of the bobble hat! I’ve made myself a chunky knitted one and its lovely. So cosy and keep my ears warm in the morning.

Me in my hat

2) Wearing – My new favourite jumper

Sometimes you find clothes that just make you happy? I saw this beautiful jumper in my favourite shop Joy. It’s blue and sparkly, my 2 fave combos, and it has a big frill down the front. Pretty much love this jumper and I’m wearing it a lot. It’s perfect for this time of year.

Sparkly Jumper time

3) Visiting – The Hilton for Afternoon Tea

I wore my new favorite jumper to Afternoon Tea at the Hilton with my best friend. We had a prosecco option and its great as my friend has a gluten allergy and they do a good range of gluten free desserts. The views over Manchester are amazing and we really enjoyed it.

Afternoon Tea

4) Using- Don’t Look at Me Mask

I love Lush. I’ve already expressed my love for their skin care range on another post. But I am really into their fresh face mask range. I didn’t think a mask would beat Magnaminty but the Don’t Look At Me mask is amazing. It’s really fresh and lemony and has maize rice particles in it that really exfoliate the skin. I did see a difference after the first use. My skin was bright and smoother. Also this mask is bright Turquoise which is great for comedy factor

5) Reading- Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Oh my gosh. This book is epic. I decided to read this as a challenge as I love the film. This book takes you on a long journey through Americas history through the eyes of a selfish, shrewd and sometimes extremely naive woman. Scarlett O’Hara us someone you can love to hate on one hand she is beautiful and brave and then the next she is childish and cruel. It’s beautifully written though I got a bit bored half way through and had to struggle through a down time in Atlanta. Rhett is a hero and he’s such a wonderful character as is the sweet Miss Melly. I would recommend to read this buy if you can face it at least watch the movie as that is also an epic film.

6) Watching- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

I went to watch this movie last weekend. I am a fan of Harry Potter after reading all of the books from beginning to end this year. This film really is magical and entertaining. Eddie Redmayne is amazing and its just an all round great film. Go and see it!


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