Flood Update: Life in a Skip

Flood Update: Life in a Skip

So it’s been nearly 1 month since the terrible flood happened and we had to leave our home. We are now in a tiny temporary house in the same town with our surviving Guinea Pig and our cat is now home as well. 

Our insurance have been great and are sorting us out slowly but surely. Today a company have come to remove our damaged furniture and clean out our cellar which is still full of mud and water. It’s a bit sad seeing your belongings in a skip after all some of my furniture I’ve had since I was married and I’ve spent 2 and a half years redecorating and getting it just right. This is probably one of the hardest times of my life and every day is tough and I am so homesick!

Life in a Skip

It’s Christmas so we want to try and focus on the positives. We have each other, our animals, a little house to live in, a Christmas Tree and a project for the New Year. Bring on 2017.

Our little Christmas Tree


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