December Favourites 

December Favourites 

December has been a wierd month. We’ve not been at home and its been Christmas and I’ve had such a hard time at work. I’m looking forward to 2017 and a fresh start! But I did a lot this month and I have some favourites.

1) Watching Krampus

I like Christmas films, I watch them all throughout December, but this is a Christmas film with a twist. Krampus is an ancient character from German folklore. He is Santa’s evil counterpart who comes at Christmas to punish those who have been bad and who no longer believe in the spirit of Christmas. In this film he visits a town in America and one family especially to wreak havoc. It’s not a scary film but it is a thriller and its just good Christmas fun with a moral twist as well as some creepy monsters and masked elves. I loved it and I’ve added it to my Christmas film collection.


3) Using Superfacialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil By Una Brennan

I have been using this cleansing oil as an alternative to the very expensive Elemis oil. I bought it on a whim and I just love it. It’s a huge 200ml bottle for £10.99 in Boots. This oil literally dissolves makeup in seconds and it has a gorgeous rich moisturising texture and an orange scent. I use this in the evenings to remove makeup, just with my hands and a bit of water. I then cleanse again after with another cleanser of whatever I am using. In the mornings I just use the oil on my tired morning face to get a bit of Vitamin C. It has really smoothed and brightened my skin and it feels a lot more luxurious then it’s price tag.

3) Using Snow Fairy Shower Gel

What is Christmas without Lush Snow Fairy? I buy this every Christmas and I just can’t get enough of the candy sweet scent. It’s bright pink and glittery and I do really like the smell. You can buy a lot in Lush with the candy pink smell but Snow Fairy is limited edition. Which is why I’m so pleased Santa brought me some!

4) Wearing my new Hair Do!

So I have had the same hair for the last 6 years. Long, Brown and straight. Sometimes with highlights but mostly one colour. And I did like having long hair but I’d noticed recently how my hair had started to get finer on the ends, I had lots of split ends and it was getting harder to make it look healthy. With everything that’s been going on with the horrible floods and having to leave our home until God knows when, I decided to have a change. It’s been on my mind for months so I just took the plunge and I went for a shoulder length cut (a Lob) with balayage highlights in blonde. I’ve been wearing it curly every day and I have to say I absolutely love it. My hair feels thicker, shinier and healthier. It’s such a change from the laborious straightener that it’s fun. I don’t know if I will stay short I may let it grow but for now this is me.

5) Reading The Butchers Hook by Janet Ellis

This book is so interesting. It is set in the summer of 1763 in London and follows a rather naive young girl, Anne Jacob, as she hits adulthood. She has been ignored for much of her life by her family overshadowed by her Mothers miscarriages and the deaths of her siblings. Her father who has ignored her much of her life as she wasn’t a boy is now pushing her to marry a much older man. One day she meets Fub a Butchers apprentice, he is below her in rank and status but she finally follows a path of her choosing and will be with him at all cost. Unfortunately for everyone else she will stop at nothing to be with him and surprises herself at the lengths she will go and her own scheming cunning. It’s a great book and a debut by Janet Ellis who was on Blue Peter a long time ago which surprised me a bit with the gory elements of this book!

6) Eating Pepparkaka

All December I’ve been eating this. They are spiced ginger thin biscuits from Ikea. You can buy them around this time of year, I’m not sure if you can all year, but they are so damned good. They taste like a mix between a Lotus, Biscoff and a ginger nut biscuit and are incredibly moreish. I even like the little tin it comes in which you can use all year round. At this time of year it’s good to be indulgent and that’s what these are for me.

The important lesson I have learned this month especially is no matter how hard things gets to carry on and find the joy in little things. Like our tiny little Christmas tree in our tiny little temporary house. Merry Christmas.


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