2017: The Keyword is Hope


So it’s Happy New Year to everyone. I don’t want to put a dampener on anything but it’s very unlikely that 2017 will see me down at the gym, learning a new language or suddenly picking up a new personality that will allow me to become a brand new me. However, I am an advocate for fresh starts and trying again. I do enjoy New Years Day for a refreshing walk with my husband to discuss our trials of the previous year and our hopes for the new one. 

So instead of resolutions that I will bully myself into doing only to regret and beat myself up about later I am going to focus on hopes for the year ahead instead.

You may know that at the end of 2016 our house was flooded so our first hope is to be back home by Easter weekend or at the latest my birthday in May.

My other big hope is that my health issues are resolved this year. I have a big year ahead of hospitals and appointments and I hope the outcome is beautifully positive. Fingers crossed. 

I hope that all family and friends continue to be healthy and lead happy and positive lives.

I hope that I get a lot of happy times out of 2017 with lots of walks, fresh air, laughter, crafts, fun and small triumphs.

Last year’s motto was ‘Do more of what makes you happy’ which I followed with some success (new job!) and some failure (i.e WI failure!) this year’s is apt and written by the eternally great Bruce Springsteen, who has become a bit of a hero of mine in 2016. It is’No retreat, baby, No surrender’. I hope this inspires me and my husband to keep going through all trials and tribulations ahead of us this year.

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope that you get all that you hope for this year too.


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