April Favourites

April Favourites

Today is the last day of April. April has been a month of stupendous highs and then some scary times. We moved back home this month after the flood and it has been truly wonderful to be back.

1) Ultimate Favourite: Home

Back in November our house flooded. It was truly horrific and one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. It led to 5 months of stress as we had to move, cat and Guinea Pig, too into a tiny temporary house whilst all the work was done.  We are finally home now and it is the best feeling to wake up at home and have all your space back. We have managed, through hard work and some penny pinching, to upgrade our house too so it’s wonderful and the home we always wanted. Don’t take your space for granted one day it could be gone!


2) Watching: Jane Eyre at The Lowry Theatre

I love Jane Eyre. It is one of my all time favourite novels. So when the play came to the Lowry I had to see it! We went with my parents and it was amazing. The set was very simple and only 9 actors played all the characters. There was a live band within the play and it told the story perfectly but in a very slick and modern way. If you get a chance you should go and see it!

Jane Eyre

3) Eating: Cheddar Babybels 

I’m sorry this is wierd isn’t it but I love these Babybels. They are the purple ones and they are just perfect. They give you a perfect cheese hit and I can’t get enough of them yum yum.


4) Reading: The Cows by Dawn O’Porter

Dawn O’Porter is a woman I admire greatly. If I had a girl squad aka Taylor Swift style I would want her on my team. I’ve watched her since her presenter days when she did some very revealing and risquΓ© documentaries to her vintage clothing shows. I know she wrote some books for teenagers but when I saw she had written an adult book I had to get it. The Cows follows three women who are all stuck in the herd. One by one the women that you think are very together slowly fall apart and reach huge decisions in their life to go on or to leave the herd and go it bravely alone. It’s beautifully written had Dawn O’Porter’s wicked sense of humour and it comments on a modern society and the roles women take. I loved it. And it got me through a particularly difficult day so thanks Dawn.

The Cows by Dawn O’Porter

5) Visiting The Country Living Show at Alexandra Palace.

I arranged for me, my Mum and my Sister to travel down to London for the Country Living Magazine Show. It was a lovely day at the fair looking at crafters, makers, foodies and some very stylish stalls. There was all kinds of people there and the fair was huge. I bought a beautiful handcrafted feather ring, a floating chicken  (yes they do exist) and lots of fudge. It was such a lovely day and it was great to depend quality time with my Mum and sister. Alexandra Palace is such an interesting huge building too worth a trip.

Me, my Mum and my Sister

6) My Baby Godson Callum

Just a quick favourite. My friend had a beautiful baby boy in April, Callum Alexander. I was absolutely thrilled and overwhelmed that she asked me to be one of his Godmothers. It’s such a lovely gesture and it means the world to me. I love babies and children and I can’t wait to see him grow up and be there as a Fairy Godmother should he need me. Raise a glass to lovely Callum.

Beautiful Baby Callum


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