Pray for Manchester 

Pray for Manchester 

This week and atrocity happened in Manchester. A city I love. 22 people have been senselessly and brutally murdered by a terrorist at the Manchester Arena after seeing one of their favourite artists or just being there to pick up their children. It has been horrible and really emotional this week to see the young people of Manchester murdered this way. I can’t get my head around it and the city itself has been such a wierd place after it. The armed police and the military are comforting to see but also very scary and I’ve been relieved to go home and see my family every evening.

I went to pay my respects this week and laid flowers in St Anne’s Square and I also went to the 1 minute silence there too. It was amazing to see everyone in the city come together like they have done and be unired against terrorism. More needs to be done to protect our children and people in the future from terrorism and I know that I won’t forget what happened at the arena on the 23rd May. I’m still praying for Manchester.

Flowers in St Anne’s Square



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