Pregnancy Diary July


Diary for Weeks 22 – 25 (July 2017)

Week 22:

Eugh! This week has been so hard at work. We have so much going on and its so busy. It’s also been so warm I’ve really felt tired. I had to have Monday off work this week as I had an unbelievable migraine. I have had these before the pregnancy and they come when I am over stressed as a sign to slow down. I don’t like to take medicines whilst pregnant so I suffered through with lots of naps and water.

I had a nice weekend though catching up with friends and cuddling my Godson (he is so cute!), visiting family and going to my friend’s baby shower. My Cousin was over from America with his family for my Aunty’s 70th birthday and he gave me a present of some clothes from Burt’s Bees in the US. They are so nice and pure cotton, I love the little knitted stripy jogger bottoms and can’t wait to dress my baby up! He also got me a bumble bee snuggler or comforter, he called it a ‘wubbie’ which is perfect for my worker bee Manchester baby boy. I’ve been buying some clothes and things that take my fancy I know we have to start buying serious stuff soon but I love collecting little things for him.

Burt's BeesWeek 23

Yay I’m on holiday this week so spending relaxing times at home, lots of time with my husband and seeing friends. One of my friends has two little boys and I love spending time with them. I just love being at home and it gave me a taste of Maternity Leave. Cannot wait for that. On Tuesday this week we went for a walk in the rain hunting Stanza Stones. They are poems carved into rocks hidden over Yorkshire in some beautiful places. So it was a gentle walk for each stone apart from a scary moment in a field of cows! It was lovely to be outside and I was so happy. But when I came home I had a panic as I couldn’t remember if I’d felt my boy kick all day. I was watching a bit of Wimbledon and as I couldn’t remember I just broke down and cried on the sofa. We went for the cold water trick as the cold water can make babies move as it hits your digestion. Thankfully it did make him move and he spent the rest of the night kicking me and I was so grateful. I woke up the next day and he was kicking me all over again and I just can’t explain how grateful I am to feel him move.

Week 24

Yay we have hit 6 months and we’ve been to see the Midwife for my 4 weekly checkup and it’s lovely today as she is happy with all the results he has had so far and he is a healthy little baby. He has been kicking so much, and at the clinic when the midwife was listening to his heartbeat he kept kicking the doppler wherever she put it on my tummy. I’ve been told I have a neat bump which is nice I just feel rather large.

It’s been nice whilst we’ve been away on holiday to feel him moving everyday. He’s been kicking me a lot and I love it I think he is getting more of a pattern now and I know when to start listening for him. I get what my husband calls ‘The Swell’ in the evening where my bump expands and gets very hard it goes away by the morning. But I’ve been finding it hard to put shoes on at the moment and my husband is having to help me which I’m sure is annoying for him as I keep taking them off when I’m on the beach. We had a beautiful Babymoon together in Wales talking about the baby and we are so excited for the next part of our lives. I also finally finished the baby blanket I’ve been knitting. I’m really pleased with it and I even managed to embroider baby’s initials on it. See blog posts on the Babymoon here and the Baby Blanket.


Week 25

I had my first sober wedding this weekend. We went to the evening reception and it was lovely. It was hard as I couldn’t find anything to wear but I managed to fit in a size 8 dress that I bought last year. It’s a gorgeous dress really bright and summery and it’s very very stretchy which is why I wore it. It was nice to be pregnant and at a function everyone was so nice to us but I really enjoyed dancing and seeing everyone it’s nice to get out and about even if I can’t do it every weekend.

With The Bride

I’ve been having trouble sleeping as I can’t get comfy and my lower back hurts. I’m paranoid about sleeping on my back and it cutting off baby’s blood supply! So my Mum bought me a Dream Genii cushion and it is so comfy it has a back support and it helps support my hips as well. I’ve had some good night’s sleep with this it will come in after as well for the baby as it will help support him whilst I feed him. Great present Mum.

My Baby Genii

This week I also went to my first Antenatal class. It’s called Mummynurture and yes it is very ‘hippy’ but I really enjoyed it. It was all about mindfulness and taking time out to be a Mum for a bit. We did some stretches, practised relaxation techniques, used Birthing Balls and discussed managing labour. The ladies there were lovely especially the course leader Jenni I’ve signed up for the 6 week course to start at the end of August. I’ve also signed up for AquaNatal classes at the same place as it’s a lovely little pool in Hyde. They start in September so looking forward to those. Once baby is born he can come to Puddleducks too and start swimming lessons so it’s great to start him now. I need to find some more classes as I plan to do more once baby is here as I’d like to make some mummy and baby friends in the local area.


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