My First Ever Cardigan for My First Ever Child

My First Ever Cardigan for My First Ever Child

I would describe myself as an intermediate knitter, I have tackled cable knitting, intarsia, most stitches, 3D structures, socks, animals, teddy bears, blankets and teeny tiny decorations. What I have failed at however has always been knitted garments, but I stumbled across some yarn that I had bought right at the beginning of my pregnancy, which was a gorgeous, Sirdar Snuggly Crofter in shade 145 Hattie. I absolutely love Sirdar’s snuggly baby yarns, they have a gorgeous amount of shades as well as the lovely Crofter yarn series which create a Fair Isle effect. I have previously made a knitted dog for my friend’s baby in the shade number 157 Dougal and it knits up so well and has a really soft but colourful effect. So when I rediscovered the yarn that i had purchased I decided to order a further 50g and just go for a cardigan. There is only so many booties and hats you can knit before boredom sets in. I chose a pattern for a pretty simple Sirdar cardigan from Hobbycraft. The pattern has two types of cardigan in it a Moss stitch and a Garter Stitch decorative cardigan. I went for the garter stitch type as Moss stitch, although lovely when completed, is a bit too tricky for my baby brain to remember right now. The pattern is knitted in sections of 8 rows with the first three rows being knit only to create a garter stitch stripe which runs through the cardigan and the rib edging is a 1×1 rib. The pattern itself was relatively simple the tricky bits came in when dividing the stitches into the back and the two sides, and then reconnecting these above the arm holes. Then the border itself posed a problem for me as you pick up stitches along the edge and then rib these as well to make the edge. I had just enough yarn to finish the cardigan and had the yellow buttons in my crafting supplies. I’m really happy with the final cardigan, I love the colours and the effect of the fair isle pattern alongside the garter edging. The cardigan is knitted in size 3 to 6 months and is not perfect and could be a bit boxy but it is my first ever cardigan for my first ever child so it is a small achievement. Even if it just gets covered in sick I will feel a touch of pride when I dress him in it in a few months time.


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