Pregnancy Diary October


Diary for Weeks 35 – 39

Week 35

This week I have been finishing off getting basics for the baby. I have been shopping and online shopping loads. My new purchases include a mattress with sheets for a Chicco Next to Me Crib I have been given (So lucky!) a gorgeous Peter Rabbit Sleeping Bag, a new red pram suit for his first journey home, scratch mitts, socks a plenty, bibs, towels and muslins. So if baby comes now I think we can cope. I also took a trip to Costco with one of my Mum Chums to buy nappies and wipes. They are so cheap there and I got loads of Pampers nappies to stockpile for an absolute bargain. We almost nearly flooded again this week as a lot of heavy rain resulted in water coming over the top of the gardens again. We were out with my neighbours and parents at 3AM stopping it getting in the house and luckily with sandbags and removal of fence posts by my amazing husband We managed to keep the house safe. I cannot explain to you the stress this is causing me. Luckily I have a very supportive network of family and friends and some of my friends bought me round a gorgeous hamper filled with little presents for the baby which really cheered me up the following day. I’ve just got to learn to focus on the baby more.

When I saw the Midwife this week she was very happy with the baby’s growth and movements. My blood pressure has stayed down which is a miracle and I’ve started planning the birth. It’s all getting a bit real!

Week 36

Oh my I have been struggling this week with stress from the flooding at our house the week before. Every time it rains I feel like my house will flood and I’m starting to feel like I am losing my mind slightly. I’ve been in the paper this week talking about the flooding and I’m planning on keeping the article for the baby’s keepsake box. I just want it all to be over now! I went out with my Mum for a break from the house only to come back 30 minutes later due to having an anxiety attack over the amount of rain. It was embarrassing and very disturbing for me and I am suffering a lot with stress. We also lost our last Guinea Pig this week, Gilbert. We have had him for 5 years and we absolutely adored him he was such a happy fat little pig but he had been poorly for a few days and was old for a Guinea Pig. I will miss having our Guinea Pigs as they are such loving and simple pets so I know we will get more in the future and even for when the baby gets bigger as they are great pets for children.

Positives this week, I successfully found a gorgeous little rocking chair from Emmaus for his room and I got him some more little things he needed ticked off his list like a Tommee Tippee Toiletry kit with thermometer, brush and nasal separator in a case, as well as a sleeping bag and some Christmas bibs! But I have had the blues this week. I’m hoping this weekend with my baby shower will take my mind off all of this. I can’t wait for the little man to be here and my life to stop focusing on the rain and the flooding.

Week 37 (Full term!)

So this week has been so much more positive! It started with my Baby Shower thrown by my Mum, sister and best friend. Oh my gosh me and the baby were so spoilt! I’m so grateful that sometimes its all a bit emotional! We played games, ate lots of cake and we got lots of amazing gifts! Including a Busted vest (yes you heard right!) And loads of bath stuff and clothes and lots of soft gorgeous toys. Loved every second. It was really nice for everyone to come too and bring their little babies, and my Mother and Sisters-in-law came too which was really lovely. Me and the baby are lucky to have lots of friends and family nearby.

This week I have been organising the nursery and my parents in Law bought us a Moses Basket from Mama and Papas which is lovely so we are now definitely ready for baby to come so I hope he does soon!

I saw the midwife this week as well. Baby is engaged and I’ve been getting a few twinges. Hoping that this is a sign he will soon want to be born! I’m done with being pregnant and I just want to be a Mummy now.

Week 38

This week has been a slow one, my husband has been off with me as he is a teacher and is on Half Term Holidays so it has been nice to have the company. I’m feeling fine not had many twinges or pains from the baby so have resigned myself to the fact that he is not coming this week! Even though I wish he would! My husband has described it as almost like living in a waiting room. I have been pretty tired this week it isn’t taking much to make me tired but I am trying to get out every day and do something.

I have been doing some jobs this week that I don’t feel like I would be able to do once the baby is here so we have bought a new laptop which is revolutionary as I have been writing my blog on my phone for so long I forgot what it was like to write on a laptop. We have also baked our Christmas Cake so it can now be fed and stored till Christmas time. We have fitted the Isofix into the car ready for the Car Seat and I have been busily finishing some little crafts I wanted to get done before he was born. So we are ready now and I am hoping that our little baby will arrive next week whilst my husband is still on holiday.

Floodwise we survived Storm Brian, we spent a very stressful night last Saturday watching the rain and the wind and fully expecting a deluge of flood water but the house is fine and work has begun now by the council the fix the issue. Hopefully we can survive the winter now.

Week 39- The last week?

So we have been sat in the waiting room all week waiting for Baby. No sign of him yet apart from some Braxton Hicks contractions and some tightening. This last bit has been so hard as we are ready for him to be born now and I just want to meet him! Some mum’s I know of who were due after me have had their baby and you cant help but be jealous. I’m trying to enjoy this time with my husband as he is on half term from school (he’s a teacher not a student!) And it has been so nice to have him at home with me for 2 weeks and spend this time together as he really is my best friend. Baby himself is fine he is very active and is definitely putting on some weight and getting big so I have been resting and going for long walks and it has been nice.

P.S. we went to see the Midwife the day before our due date and I’ve had a membrane sweep I was already 2 cms dilated. I’m writing this the morning of his due date and I think baby is coming very soon and I am very excited, scared, nervous, happy and strangely curious about what will happen next. Wish me luck!


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