Sentimental Christmas

Sentimental Christmas

I am a very sentimental person and even more so at Christmas time. I believe one of the nicest parts of Christmas is the memories and traditions that we come back to each year. Even more so when I get out the decorations for our Christmas Tree. I’m not one for a Christmas tree theme, even though I do agree they look very nice, our tree has a mix of decorations that tell our story and are all different colours and types. I thought I would make a very sentimental list of some of the important decorations on our tree and what they mean to me.

The Sleigh

This is a very old decoration that used to hang on my parent’s Christmas tree when I was a child. When my Mum was putting away some of her older decorations from her tree and buying new ones she was going to throw this away but I couldn’t bear to see the sleigh thrown away as it is one of the d

ecorations I most remember. My love of Christmas comes from the amazing memories I have of being a child. My parents worked really hard every year to make it a special time for me and my sister and this sleigh reminds me of that and the excitement I felt as a little girl.

The Snowman and The Angel

These wooden decorations I bought for my husband and I for our first Christmas together in our first little flat in Salford. We had both finished university and set up home together in a little one bedroom flat and we absolutely loved it. Even though we didn’t have much money we bought a small artificial tree and some sets of baubles to make our own little Christmas. That year on the Manchester Christmas Markets I bought these two little wooden figures and had our names carved into them and they mean a lot to me as they remind me of my love for my husband. He proposed to me that year just before Christmas so it is always special to think of that time.

Pink Liberty Bauble

Oh I love this bauble. I bought it one October w


hen I was in London with my best friends from school. I made them trudge all the way to the Liberty of London store just to look at the Christmas floor. I bought this bauble because I believe that it was my kind of bauble, pink, gold and glittery and slightly trashy! But also the wording on the front ‘Liberty’, for Liberty of London and a memento of that day, but also at this point I had quit a job I was very unhappy in and decided to change my life for the better. I felt like I was finally free of the terrible position I had been in, Liberty at last and I like to remind myself of how far I have come each year.

Handmade Wonders

There are a few decorations on the tree that I have made myself and the two I like best are the Santa’s beard and the green Christmas stocking. I love knitting and I always try and make a knitted Christmas decoration each year. These are ones I made previously and I just like the way they look and I remember making them and making more of gifts. I love yarn and the way it looks so I need them on my tree and it’s important to see how much you have improved each year with a craft.

Glass Nativity

This is another decoration I bought a long time ago. I am Roman Catholic and my faith is important to me especially at Christmas and it plays a big part in my celebration of Christmas. I have our larger Nativity scene that I put out each year and this little glass ornament is the only religious decoration I hang on our tree as a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas and my faith. It’s also rather beautiful with the lights shining through it.

Baby’s First Christmas


There are two new baubles on the tree this year that are for my beautiful baby boy. He arrived this November and we are very happy little family. We had wanted a baby for so long and Edwin means the absolute world to us as he is a little miracle. The wooden red bauble with a reindeer I had made this year which has the year of his birth and his name and goes with our wooden ones with mine and my husband’s name. The other is a present from my sister in law and is a Peter Rabbit Bauble which is absolutely beautiful. Peter Rabbit has been a big part of Edwin’s life so far and this beautiful bauble is a lovely reminder of that. I will hang these up each year and remember Edwin’s first Christmas and our first Christmas as a family. 




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