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7 Freaky Pregnancy Issues


Pregnancy is a wierd and wonderful thing. I have experienced some pretty freaky things to happen to me socially and physically since being pregnant. Here is my list of freaky pregnancy issues that nobody told me about!

1) Stranger Danger

All social norms of interaction with strangers, work colleagues and others get forgotten when you are pregnant. You will be told at times that you look big, or huge or ‘absolutely massive’. The hilarious jokers will ask ‘Are you sure it’s not twins?!’ (Yeah i’m pretty sure mate). You will also be touched a lot which is odd for me as I am cuddly person but very much on my own terms. People don’t usually touch each other’s tummies in public. I do find it odd that strangers like to pat my tummy like I’m a big teddy bear. There is no personal space boundaries anymore. Some people are lovely and wish you well but most just want to tell you you are big and you will be bigger yet. Thanks.

2) Hairy Tum

Yes I have got extra hair on my belly. I told you this list was going to be freaky. I did not expect this and I was not warned this may happen. I’m not talking huge amounts of hair, I have not morphed into a yeti, but I have a definite fuzzy down which just isn’t very nice. I’m not sure why I am fuzzy it could be because baby is a boy and there is testosterone concentrated on my tum or it could be because my belly is growing and needs warmth for winter. Or it could be that I am literally turning into a teddy bear. I don’t know, but it is a furry bump that I did not sign on for!

3) Skin Issue overkill

If you have any skin condition no matter how slight before you are pregnant it will be made worse by ten fold. I had a bit of eczema and sensitive skin. Whilst I have been pregnant I developed an allergy to eyeshadows and certain eyeliners which resulted in eczema developing on my eyelids and eyebrows. I also developed a red sore rash around my nose and a patch on my neck. At the same time I have got eczema really badly on my hands and to top it off hormonal spots around my chin. So I have been enjoying the beauty of my ‘pregnancy glow’ no end.

4) The Joy of Peeing

Oh the peeing! When they joke on films and tv that pregnant women need to pee it is not an exaggeration. In my first trimester I peed probably every hour and now I’m in my final trimester it hasn’t really stopped. I need to pee at all times and I can always go. I have to suss out the loo wherever I am just like on a plane, I need to know where all the exits are. I haven’t been caught short too many times but the new development is peeing whilst I laugh like a little old woman. Delightful.

5) Baby Brain

Yes baby brain is real and I really am losing it. Recently I went to a supermarket to buy ingredients for Shepherds Pie. I came out with mince beef, a new nightie, some candles, Hot Chocolate sachets and rhubarb crumble. Yes I did. It wasn’t till later I realised as I thought I had completed a good shop. I also knitted a hat and boot set in what I thought was white but was actually cream. I lose complete track of sentences and at work I have number blindness and to be honest sometimes have no idea who I’m speaking to on the phone or why. I’m a danger to the public which is why my maternity leave should start now!

6) Nana Naps

I could have a Nana Nap at any point in the day. Period. Work is the hardest as I am tempted to crawl under my desk and sleep for a long time and I could do this at any point but especially at 4pm. I yawn all the time during the day and fall asleep in front of the telly like a full on Nana. But the really annoying thing is I can sleep very heavily when I first go to sleep but after the first pee of the night I can then lie awake for hours thinking about everything in the world and how I can solve the issue and not actually be sleeping at all. Even though I am absolutely knackered. It’s a conundrum a real conundrum.

7) Food Glorious Food

As well as sleep at any point I can eat at any point. I could eat a lot before and I have joked that I have a bottomless pit for a stomach as I am hungry all the time but now I am extremely hungry. I am so hungry I can eat a three course meal at any point. I am also in love with all condiments and vinegar. I have a deep love for Tartar Sauce on most things. As well as ketchup and vinegar. I had a chippy tea with my family recently and I had fish, chips, mushy peas, curry sauce, tartar sauce, ketchup, and vinegar and I have to say it was an utter delight.

So these are my freaky facts. Please don’t get me wrong I am overjoyed to be expecting and love my little baby so much but when your body goes through so many changes it’s hard to not appreciate the utter weirdness of this situation.

Bomo Bump: Baby Diary


Diary for Weeks 22 – 25 (July 2017)

Week 22:

Eugh! This week has been so hard at work. We have so much going on and its so busy. It’s also been so warm I’ve really felt tired. I had to have Monday off work this week as I had an unbelievable migraine. I have had these before the pregnancy and they come when I am over stressed as a sign to slow down. I don’t like to take medicines whilst pregnant so I suffered through with lots of naps and water.

I had a nice weekend though catching up with friends and cuddling my Godson (he is so cute!), visiting family and going to my friend’s baby shower. My Cousin was over from America with his family for my Aunty’s 70th birthday and he gave me a present of some clothes from Burt’s Bees in the US. They are so nice and pure cotton, I love the little knitted stripy jogger bottoms and can’t wait to dress my baby up! He also got me a bumble bee snuggler or comforter, he called it a ‘wubbie’ which is perfect for my worker bee Manchester baby boy. I’ve been buying some clothes and things that take my fancy I know we have to start buying serious stuff soon but I love collecting little things for him.

Burt's BeesWeek 23

Yay I’m on holiday this week so spending relaxing times at home, lots of time with my husband and seeing friends. One of my friends has two little boys and I love spending time with them. I just love being at home and it gave me a taste of Maternity Leave. Cannot wait for that. On Tuesday this week we went for a walk in the rain hunting Stanza Stones. They are poems carved into rocks hidden over Yorkshire in some beautiful places. So it was a gentle walk for each stone apart from a scary moment in a field of cows! It was lovely to be outside and I was so happy. But when I came home I had a panic as I couldn’t remember if I’d felt my boy kick all day. I was watching a bit of Wimbledon and as I couldn’t remember I just broke down and cried on the sofa. We went for the cold water trick as the cold water can make babies move as it hits your digestion. Thankfully it did make him move and he spent the rest of the night kicking me and I was so grateful. I woke up the next day and he was kicking me all over again and I just can’t explain how grateful I am to feel him move.

Week 24

Yay we have hit 6 months and we’ve been to see the Midwife for my 4 weekly checkup and it’s lovely today as she is happy with all the results he has had so far and he is a healthy little baby. He has been kicking so much, and at the clinic when the midwife was listening to his heartbeat he kept kicking the doppler wherever she put it on my tummy. I’ve been told I have a neat bump which is nice I just feel rather large.

It’s been nice whilst we’ve been away on holiday to feel him moving everyday. He’s been kicking me a lot and I love it I think he is getting more of a pattern now and I know when to start listening for him. I get what my husband calls ‘The Swell’ in the evening where my bump expands and gets very hard it goes away by the morning. But I’ve been finding it hard to put shoes on at the moment and my husband is having to help me which I’m sure is annoying for him as I keep taking them off when I’m on the beach. We had a beautiful Babymoon together in Wales talking about the baby and we are so excited for the next part of our lives. I also finally finished the baby blanket I’ve been knitting. I’m really pleased with it and I even managed to embroider baby’s initials on it. See blog posts on the Babymoon here and the Baby Blanket.


Week 25

I had my first sober wedding this weekend. We went to the evening reception and it was lovely. It was hard as I couldn’t find anything to wear but I managed to fit in a size 8 dress that I bought last year. It’s a gorgeous dress really bright and summery and it’s very very stretchy which is why I wore it. It was nice to be pregnant and at a function everyone was so nice to us but I really enjoyed dancing and seeing everyone it’s nice to get out and about even if I can’t do it every weekend.

With The Bride

I’ve been having trouble sleeping as I can’t get comfy and my lower back hurts. I’m paranoid about sleeping on my back and it cutting off baby’s blood supply! So my Mum bought me a Dream Genii cushion and it is so comfy it has a back support and it helps support my hips as well. I’ve had some good night’s sleep with this it will come in after as well for the baby as it will help support him whilst I feed him. Great present Mum.

My Baby Genii

This week I also went to my first Antenatal class. It’s called Mummynurture and yes it is very ‘hippy’ but I really enjoyed it. It was all about mindfulness and taking time out to be a Mum for a bit. We did some stretches, practised relaxation techniques, used Birthing Balls and discussed managing labour. The ladies there were lovely especially the course leader Jenni I’ve signed up for the 6 week course to start at the end of August. I’ve also signed up for AquaNatal classes at the same place as it’s a lovely little pool in Hyde. They start in September so looking forward to those. Once baby is born he can come to Puddleducks too and start swimming lessons so it’s great to start him now. I need to find some more classes as I plan to do more once baby is here as I’d like to make some mummy and baby friends in the local area.

Baby’s Bunny Blanket

Baby’s Bunny Blanket

I have been knitting this blanket it feels like for for 100 years. Ever since we started trying for a baby I knew that when we were pregnant I wanted to make an heirloom item in the form of a blanket for the baby. Something personal that I can bring the baby home in from the hospital and the baby can keep. So when we discovered this baby was going to stay I hunted down a pattern.

I saw this on Love Knitting and it was perfect for this project. I wanted to do something with rabbits as my husbands family are slightly obsessed with rabbits due to their Grandfather, who is a big influence on my husband, being a very successful rabbit farmer. The family collect rabbit items like ornaments and things and I’ve started doing it too. Its like our spirit animal so I wanted to link that in.

The pattern was designed by Suzanne Strachan and is called The Four Bunnies. It is a blanket knitted in knit and purl with embossed rabbits in 4 different positions. For the pattern she used Rowan Baby Merino Silk in a grey. I chose a beautiful pale green colour callef ‘Little Duck Egg’ by Sublime in Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK. I know it’s different to the pattern but I found this in my local shop and I just loved it. According to the Sublime website the yarns in this type are designed for babies as they are ‘reassuringly delicate, soft and smooth yarn’ in the ‘gentlest natural blend next to baby’s skin’. I loved the gorgeous green colour and the feel of the yarn.

The pattern itself is pretty simple it is a garter stitch edge with the embossed rabbits made by purling on the knit side following a guide. The instructions however were not clear to me. I couldn’t figure out how to emboss the bunnies at first and it took my knitting extraordinaire Mother-in-law to take a look at the pattern and discover the key on the very last page. It just shows you what an extra pair of eyes can do to help a project. She also gave me some 4mm circle kneedles on a loop which made it a lot easier as it is a lot of stitches! It can be a difficult pattern if you are not concentrating as you must follow the guide at all times to get the bunny shape but once I was in a rhythm it became a lot easier. I have been knitting this bunny Blanket all over the place taking it with me. To my Mums house, out to the garden and in the car on longer journeys I’ve been trying to squeeze rows in here and there. I finally finished the main blanket whilst we were on our Babymoon in Wales.

This is the final finished main blanket. You can see the four bunnies; successfully embossed and I’m really happy with it. It’s just what I wanted.

To finish the blanket the pattern has images on how to overstitch the bunny tails to make them stand out so I tried this and failed at it. I can’t follow diagrams I need written instructions or to be actually shown. So I watched some YouTube on Duplicate stitch and did this over the tails instead. As it’s a different stitch it made them stand out more so I am happy with it. My final touch was to use duplicate stitch further in the corner of one of the bunnies and put in our baby’s initials. We have already chosen his name and had it ready for so long before he was even conceived. This really made the blanket special for me. I’m 24 and a half weeks when writing this and I’m really pleased I could knit something like this for him to keep we will use this blanket to bring him home from the hospital and its just really special.

Babymoon in Wales

Babymoon in Wales

So this year’s summer holiday and our last holiday together before our little baby boy arrives, we are staying in the UK. So I booked us a 5* apartment in Saundersfoot in Wales using Holiday Cottages. I wanted to go to Saundersfoot as I had heard good things about it and nearby Tenby. This holiday diary is a long one about food, history and relaxing in Wales. So I understand if you skip ahead to look at the pictures!

So we set off on what we thought was a 4 hour drive but it ended up being pretty much a 6 hour drive. We stopped a couple of times on the way and got stuck behind every kind of slow vehicle there was going; army trucks, lorries, old biddy drivers, tractors etc. But it was a gorgeous drive through the valleys. We arrived at the St Brides Spa Hotel 5:30ish to pick up our keys for the apartment owned by St Brides. The apartment is lovely and we were so happy with it. It is a one bedroom with an open plan kitchen/dining/living room, with a balcony. It has a huge king-size bed and a view to the sea!

After we had settled in and unpacked (I actually do love to unpack!) We wandered down to Saundersfoot town to look around. It was so sunny and warm. The beach is beautiful and it has loads of little shops, pubs and restaurants. We had some delicious fish and chips at The Marina nothing like freshly caught fish deep fried in beef dripping. Such a lovely first evening on our babymoon.

Day 1 was a rainy and colder day (boo!) So we drove 5 minutes up the road to Tenby. Tenby is a Victorian holiday retreat and is a walled town with lots of little shops and colourful houses on the cliffs. The beach and harbour are beautiful and it has a castle ruin and some Museums. We wandered round the town looking at the castle and exploring the history of the place stopping at The Mooring for lunch. We each had our first Welsh Rarebit for lunch which is a cheese and mystard concoction similsr to a Croque Monsieur and I also had the pinkest hot chocolate. After lunch we drove down the coast stopping at Manorbier and Freshwater East. Each has it’s own gorgeous little beach and Manorbier has a huge castle that looks pretty intact. It is privately owned but was unfortunately shut the day we visited.

After a long nap for me, it’s hard work being on holiday, we wandered into Saundersfoot and had dinner at a local Seafood restaurant, The Stone Crab, the food was amazing and freshly caught that day! I had calamari and Fruits de Mer linguine with monkfish, salmon, cod and prawns, and he had devilled mackerel and a whole turbot. It was another perfect if cloudy evening.

Day 2 we had such a lazy morning. With us both having such stressful jobs and busy lives when we can we like to do nothing and this is what we did. We ate breakfast and chilled in our apartment. In the afternoon we went and sat on the Beach in Saundersfoot and had a picnic. It was cloudy but warm and a lovely place to be as it’s so sandy and the sea was calm. My husband actually went into the sea and swam but it is far too cold for me so I made do with paddling.

After a few hours snoozing, reading and eating ice cream on the Beach we had a wander. There is a coastal path that follows all of the coast in Pembrokeshire so we set off from Saundersfoot and walked to the next town Wisemans Bridge, following the path. For the walk you had to go through the cliffs into a tunnel and you come out the other side to a more rocky beach with rock pools. It’s lovely just to be together, walking and talking and putting the world to rights. That night it was sunny so we sat out on our balcony reading and enjoying the sun and made dinner at home. Such a lovely and peaceful day I’m very happy and calm here.

Day 3 today we drove to St Davids it’s the smallest city in the UK and to be honest doesn’t really feel like a city. We wandered round the huge St Davids Cathedral and had lunch actually at the Tourist Information Centre (because we’re cool and it was actually really nice). After lunch we discovered that you could walk along the coastal path out of St Davids to a little shrine for St Non, St David’s mother, which is still Catholic. I do like a chapel. The walk was beautiful right over the top overflow Caerfai Bay which is gorgeous and a clear blue in the sunshine. The walk was a little tough but I enjoyed it so much. The chapel itself was lovely and peaceful and I lit and candle in there. The ruined chapel is still there where St Non is supposed to have given birth to St David in a storm. After St Davids we stopped at an absolutely gorgeous beach we’d discovered on the way Newgale Sands for a while to make the most of the sunshine. It was a beautiful sunny day.

Day 4 today after another lazy morning eating chocolate croissants in bed (I could get used to this) we drove to Pembroke. Pembroke is home to provably the main castle in Pembrokeshire, aptly named Pembroke Castle. This castle is stocked full of history and their main famous part is that Henry VII was born there it’s a great place to take kids for the day. It’s a big castle and you can climb up the walls and see for miles. There is a huge round tower to climb up too. My husband loved it. We had a picnic by the river next to the castle and a little wander round Pembroke itself which has some lovely little shops. It was a very lovely and warm afternoon together. That evening we went down to the beach front in Saundersfoot for dinner at Beachside BBQ which serves bbq meat and fish and has a really chilled out atmosphere.

Day 5 today we went castle hunting. My husband loves castles and the history around each one. So today we went to Narbeth, Llandhaw and Wiston castle. The thing with these castles is they are all very ruined but free to go in. Narbeth is a little market town with great shops and cafes and the castle is at the bottom of the town overlooking the valley. Llandhaw is a Bishops Palace that has been left to ruin in a tiny hamlet it would have been absolutely huge and grand in its day. There were some people there Ghost hunting but I ain’t afraid of no ghost. Wiston is a traditional Motte and Bailey castle with just the Motte left and the outline of the Bailey shown in the ditches. It was a rainy day today but perfect weather for Castle hunting. We also visited a local manor house called Scolton Manor and had lunch in their café I wasn’t that keen on the manor house it is set up like it would have been in Victorian times when it was lived in by the Higgon family but it was very quiet and we didn’t stay very long. I’m sure its great in the main tourist season. After our hunting I was very tired so we came back to the apartment and had a chilled evening watching movies and eating spaghetti.

Day 6 our last day! I don’t want this holiday to end. On our last day my husband had been reading about all the beaches in Pembrokeshire. It apparently has the best beach in the UK, Barafundle Bay. It was another sunny morning so we drove down. This is a National Trust beach and is part of a place called Stackpole which has a little town and a quay. It has lots of parking and facilities. There is a walk up to it but this is over another coastal path that my husband loves and it wasn’t strenuous, once over the crest of the hill and you look down the beach is there and it’s beautiful. Truly beautiful and worth the visit. We sat on this beautiful beach in the sun all day just talking and reading and sleeping it was a perfect day to end the holiday. There were a few instances when the rain suddenly poured down whilst it was sunny but that’s a peril of being at the coast and were very funny. We had a quick brew at the National Trust cafe before we set off home again. For our last night we went back to the Stone Crab. I know We went earlier in the week but it’s so good there we didn’t fancy anywhere else. I had a huge bowl of mussels followed by a seafood paella and he had calimari followed by a mega surf and turf of a steak with half a lobster. Delicious. What I loved about this restaurant is it’s tiny and full the whole time and that there is one chef who changes the menu everyday to suit the catch of the day. We loved it the best seafood. Now however it’s back to reality and home to Mossley.

I have had a great Babymoon holiday with my husband. It’s been wonderful to get away just us two and spend loads of time together talking, exploring, laughing and relaxing. It’s been wonderful to be pregnant as well and be able to plan together what we will do when the baby comes. I can’t recommend this part of Wales enough and I know we will be back with our little boy one day.

Bomo Bump: Baby Diary


Diary for weeks 18-21 (June 2017)

Ooh I have grown this month I am getting a proper bump now and in the UK heatwave it has become slightly uncomfortable. I am not complaining as I love my bump but it is amazing how a bit of extra weight can make such a difference! I have been using my stretchmarks creams to help my stretching skin and I thought I had one stretchmark but so far I have none. I think because I have been slightly bigger in the past my skin has some stretch to it. My main food love at the moment is Tartar Sauce. I could literally have it with everything fish finger sandwiches especially!

20 weeks (Baby Center App)

So I am now 21 weeks over the hump of the bump so to speak 19 weeks to go and 14 weeks left in work! Haha! I never expected to get this far which I know sounds funny but I never did think I would be pregnant or carry my own baby so it is a small miracle.

Last weekend I felt the baby kick for the first time which is an amazing feeling! We were at the Manchester Day Parade in the 30 degree heat (crazy) to see my Dad in the parade and there was so much drumming when the drummers stopped in front of me the baby just started moving and kicking and I felt it properly for the first time. I haven’t felt any of the usual delicate ‘flutters’ the movements I have felt are full on prods and I love them all!

Daddy the Magician in the Manchester Day Parade

Also in other news we have bought a pram! Nobody tells you how expensive the pram is going to be! It cost more then my wedding dress which up until now apart from the kitchen is the most expensive thing I’ve owned. Oh the pram though is so clever. We have bought a Silver Cross Pioneer in the Henley colour pack. It is a blue grey colour with brown handles. (Neutral for boys and girls). I was recommended the Silver Cross prams by my friend who already has two beautiful boys. They are very sturdy but very nice looking and are so flexible.

You buy the main ‘chassis’ (I think that is how you spell it) and then that fits the main seat which can move position from lying down to sitting up as baby grows and it fits the car seat as well so you can pop from the car straight out for smaller journeys. I like that they come with all the accessories like the matching nappy bag, rain cover and colour pack and they also have a cup holder for your Costa. Because yes I will be one of those Mums. We also liked the pioneer for its multi terrain wheels as we like to get out and about and will be doing with the baby. It’s so exciting it really is. When we bought the pram however we quickly realised our beloved Citreon C1 is too small for the baby so we need a nice sensible family car at some point before November.

Silver Cross Pioneer in Henley

The other items I have for the baby is a Christening gown from my husbands side of the family. It is a handmade Brussels lace gown that we think dates from 1900. I wanted it as I will be baptising my baby as I am Catholic (shock horror) and my husbands Grandfather and we think his Great Grandma were christened in this gown so it is a proper family dress. The initials of the babies christened in the dress are embroidered in the collar of the gown which I think is so special and we will be adding our baby’s initials to the dress. My Mum has managed to clean up the dress and fix it and it’s really beautiful. I have a shawl that I was given on my wedding day made by my Aunty which we will also use. I just need bootees and and a bonnet. And obviously a bib!

The dress all cleaned up!

Ah 26th June we have had our anomaly scan today. Baby is happy and healthy and is all the right measurements. Baby was a bit awakward as it was lying on its front. We also found out that baby is a…….Boy! So excited we have his name all picked out and it feels so nice to know how to refer to him! Can’t wait to meet our little boy. Love him so much.

Bomo Bump: Maternity Capsule Wardrobe 


So I am over the moon to be having a baby in November. It’s been a long 4 years whilst we tried to get pregnant and its finally happened. Being pregnant is a wonderful thing but it changes so much in your body so quickly that it’s been a bit overwhelming at times. At the time we went away I was 17 weeks and I’d started to show and I needed to rethink my wardrobe to dress the bump.

 I love clothes and I like to feel good in clothes so just because I am pregnant does not mean I will now give up on wearing nice stylish clothes that make me feel good. A few people have now told me that I shouldnt spend/waste money on maternity clothes. But 9 months is a long time to wear the same jeans and 3 tops that fit over and over again. So I have bought some new stuff. Not all of it is maternity some of it is just oversized as that trend is on fire right now so it will last a very long time after Baby Bomo is born. 

Here is my capsule wardrobe for a weekend away visiting family. 

Day 1:

Today we travelled so I knew we were going to be in a car a lot of the day. I chose my really comfy and soft H&M skinny Mama jeans in grey. They have a soft over the bump sock that keeps everything in place but the look of a good skinny jean. On the top I wore a white vest also from H&M these are long line vests which you need whilst pregnant to cover the bump and they are so useful. Over the top I wore a blue and white striped shirt. This is also from H&M (sorry I had a H&M haul recently!) I like it because it reminds me of men’s pyjamas from the fifties which is wierd but I like it. It’s a very light shirt and its oversized. Today I tied it in the middle at my waist but you could leave it open and as bump gets bigger it will give the extra space I need. On my feet I wore my Kurt Geiger sparkly diamanté sandals because I felt like I needed a touch of glamour. Bag wise I used my new Cath Kidston over the body bag. This was a present for my birthday it’s pink which I love and it encourages me to pack less stuff which is what I need! Jacket wise I have a cropped denim jacket which I am wearing with everything at the moment also from H&M.  

Day 2:

Day 2 was so sunny and warm. So luckily I had packed for different weather conditions. I chose a Maternity dress also from H&M it has a navy blue background with pink flowers in a ditzy print. It’s so feminine and pretty but also incredibly comfortable and breathable. On top of this I wore a bright Raspberry pink Cardigan from M&S. I love the thin knit cardigans from M&S I have a few different colours and I wear them with everything as they are so versatile. On my feet I wore some grey suede pumps from New Look as we were going to be walking about that day and I took my Cath Kidston over the body bag and some fifties inspired cool sunnies from Next. I felt very pretty and floaty all day. 

Day 2: evening

In the evening it had cooled and begun to rain. We were popping out for some tea at the pub. I wore my grey skinny Mama jeans as mentioned earlier with a navy and white striped breton style tshirt again with the bright pink cardigan. Underneath I wore the same white vest to make sure my bump was covered. I wore my sparkly Kurt Geiger  sandals to keep the look pretty and my Cath Kidston bag. So it was a good recycled outfit of the previous two, good capsuling.

Day 3:

Day 3 is Bank Holiday Monday. It was a casual day and although it was warm it was not sunny. We were travelling home in the afternoon as well so I needed something comfy again. I wore a cream and blue tunic dress from H&M this is a very flexible item and can be worn lots of different ways. The fabric is really soft and it drapes really well. Today I wore it over leggings from Sainsburys with my grey suede pumps. I wore my denim jacket and took my pink Cath Kidston bag of course.


Because I was packing for a chilled weekend away but with changing weather there was a spare item left over that I brought to go with my other Outfits just in case. A blue and white spotty dress that can be dressed up or down as it can be worn bardot style. This would be nice with the pink Cardigan or the jacket. 

For weekends away it is always good to be clever with your packing and pack enough variety of clothes for weather changes in the UK as well as enough variety to keep you feeling good. But the smart bit is to pack clothes with a similar colour pallette so that you can be flexible with the combinations. My colour pallette this weekend was blue, white and grey with pink key pieces that can be mixed and matched for different occasions. Whilst being pregnant I think this is even more important as I don’t want to be lugging too much stuff around. I really enjoyed my new clothes and feeling pregnant but also still feeling and dressing like myself.