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What Edwin and I got for Christmas (Our Faves!)

What Edwin and I got for Christmas (Our Faves!)

So I’m not one for showing off and sometimes when I see these blog posts or videos on YouTube of what people got for Christmas I worry that they can come across as a bit ‘showy -offy’ which is not a word but you know what I mean. However this is Edwin’s First Christmas and we both got some really nice presents. So I thought I would share this ‘What I got for Christmas’ post with him. I will not list everything however as we would be here a long time but I will list a few favourite bits.


1) Edwin’s Play Mat

I asked my parents for a play mat for Edwin as he is nearly 8 weeks and he has just started discovering his hands and how to reach and grab. They bought him this amazing Fisher Price Jungle mat with battery powered singing and light up toucan. Edwin loves his mat and has already started reaching out to grab the animals and it keeps him entertained for 20 minutes at a time.

2) Books

Edwin has got so many books this year. His Grandparents bought him a gorgeous pet animal sound book which has guinea pigs in. (A must!) And one I love to read to him which is Ten Little Fingers it’s such a gorgeous book and perfect for bed time. We bought him The Jolly Christmas Postman as that was my favourite when I was little and his Godparents bought him a bag of Gruffalo books which are also lovely. He likes books already and we both love reading to him.

3) Disco Light

One of his Aunty’s bought him this disco light. It’s like a kaleidoscope and it shines colours and patterns on the ceiling and Edwin loves lights and he just stares and stares at them.

4) Ollie the Owl

We were bought Ollie the Owl by the Gro Company. This is a night owl that plays sounds like white noise, heartbeat, lullaby and rain sounds. Its tummy also lights up. It also has a cry sensor and you can activate this for 3 hours so it will hear when he is crying and play the sound again to sooth him to sleep. Hopefully this may work and he may be sleeping for longer in the New Year.

5) Paddington

This is a special gift. My Grandma made this bear for me when I was a child. It was Paddington even though it’s a white bear and he had been a bit forgottrn so my parents gave him a makeover. My Dad managed to make him a new felt red hat and find him some new wellies. He also made him a label and a suitcase complete with Marmalade sandwich. It’s gorgeous and very special as I miss my Grandma very much.


1) Topaz necklace

I got a very special gift from my husband. It’s a blue topaz necklace. This is because Edwin was born in November and topaz is a November birth stone. My husband was also born in November so it is a very important month to me. I love the necklace so much and it such a thoughtful gift to mark the birth of Edwin.

2) Gabrielle Chanel Perfume

As my name is Gabrielle it is inevitable that I would want this perfume. I normally get Chanel No5 at Christmas but this year I got this instead. It is not as strong and as floral as Chanel No5 and is a bit lighter and more like Chance but it’s a really lovely fresh and floral smell and I love it. The bottle is gorgeous and it’s also called Gabrielle of course I was going to like it.

3) Jumpers

My Mum and my sister bought me a jumper each as I have been really short on clothes since I had Edwin and put my maternity stuff away. My mum bought me a jumper dress from Fat Face with a Nordic sort of design on the top which is lovely. And my sister bought me a maroon cable jumper by Pull and Bear and it’s so cosy and soft.

4) Lush!

Now I love Lush. And for Christmas I got a lot of Lush. I got the Snow Fairy Gift set (which is my fave Christmas scent!) From my Mum. A huge bottle of Snow Fairy Shower gel, the Magic Wand and the Butterbear lush bath bomb from my husband. I then also got the Night Sky bath bomb, another Magic Wand, the Maypole soap and a jelly face mask! Very spoilt. The jelly face mask is new as I have never tried this before so I’m excited to try this out.

5) Books

I have got two gorgeous books this year that I have picked up and put down numerous times in Waterstones. We got Nigel Slater’s The Christmas Chronicles which has a gorgeous cover and is full of lovely wintry recipes for each part of the Christmas holidays and anecdotes. My husband also bought me a book about Marilyn Monroe’s Costumes. I love Marilyn Monroe and her costumes and looks are beautiful.

So that is our Christmas pressies for me and my son in his first Christmas. It’s been a hectic but wonderful Christmas and I’m looking forward to what 2018 will bring my little family.


Edwin’s Christmas Wardrobe

Edwin’s Christmas Wardrobe

Edwin has been very lucky on his very first Christmas to have a few Christmas festive outfits to see the season through and I think they are so Cute!

He has a Snowman Fair isle Twozie set of a jumper with matching leggings. I love the navy blue base colour and the snowman on the bottom of his leggings as well as the fair isle effect. It’s super cosy and really festive perfect for Christmas Day.

He also has a white fluffy reindeer jumper with matching leggings. It’s so soft and I like the white and grey colour. A bit more subtle but still festive he is wearing this on Christmas Eve!

For Christmas Eve night I have bought him new pyjamas in the form of a gorgeous red and white onesie with fluffy Rudolph on it from Jojo Maman Bebe. So cute and just like a little candy cane.

One of his Aunties has sent him a Disney Micky Mouse set in green, red and white stripe. I love the leggings on this and the Micky Character. These are the most festive things he has and they are gorgeous for him to wear.

He has also been bought some Christmas Vests from John Lewis by friends. They are in red saying My First Christmas, a red and white stripe and a grey penguin one. Unfortunately it didn’t fit at all as they are in newborn size and he is definitely in 0-3 months right now.

He did however need bibs so I picked him some up from M&S I got a pack of three. A red green and white stripe, a red Rudolph and a patterned bib with Santa polar bears and trees.

To finish his Christmas look he has a red and grey pram suit. This is from ASDA it’s not technically a Christmas item but it’s very Christmassy and the red colour finishes his outfits.

I know that he may not get a lot of wear out of the Christmas stuff but I just couldn’t resist dressing him up for the season.

Christmas Cake Icing

Christmas Cake Icing

So you may have seen my earlier post from October of baking our Christmas Cake and after a few months of feeding with brandy every week it is ready to ice. And in true Christmas Eve tradition today we iced it!

Now I am a lazy baker so I always buy the ready rolled marzipan and royal icing by Dr Oetker. So after spreading some apricot jam on the fruit cake to act as glue it was covered in a nice thin layer of marzipan. It’s so easy with the ready rolled stuff.

The icing this time was very tricky as it was stuck to the inner roller and the plastic so it got stuck halfway. But we managed to get it onto the cake and finished if with an ice blue ribbon.

For decoration I bought some icing snowflake discs, loose snowflake sprinkles and an icing penguin and polar bear all from sainsburys. At last our cake is finished and ready for Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Knitted Baby’s First Christmas Stocking


So you will know if you read my blog that I had a baby this year. So for his First Christmas I wanted to knit him a stocking. My husband and I have stockings that we bought for each other a long time ago. Every year we fill these stockings with presents and it’s a lovely Christmas tradition for us. So Edwin also needed a stocking and as I love to knit I decided to knit him one.

This knit started whilst I was still pregnant and I only finished it this week! I definitely dont have as much time to knit as I did before. I’m hoping I can squeeze more in in the New Year. Anyway to make this stocking I found a free pattern from Hobbycraft that was relatively simple on their blog. Hobbycraft: How to knit a Christmas Stocking

I bought yarns in red, green and white pretty similar to the Pom Pom Wreath I made earlier in the month and it looks so festive. It was so fun to knit, I love knitting in the round and this was so relaxing. I changed colours every 6 rows to get even stripes and the pattern was written really well. The only changes I made to the pattern is that I ribbed the top of the stocking to make it sturdier.

I’m so pleased with the heel and toe on this giant sock too. It’s the best I’ve made on any socks I’ve knitted and my kitchener stitch on the toe was very neat for once. To finish I made an i-cord to hang it from the fireplace. It’s really nice to make something for the baby he can use every year.

I’m glad to have finally finished the stocking in time for Edwin’s First Christmas and I can’t wait to hang all our stockings out for Santa on Christmas Eve!

Sentimental Christmas

Sentimental Christmas

I am a very sentimental person and even more so at Christmas time. I believe one of the nicest parts of Christmas is the memories and traditions that we come back to each year. Even more so when I get out the decorations for our Christmas Tree. I’m not one for a Christmas tree theme, even though I do agree they look very nice, our tree has a mix of decorations that tell our story and are all different colours and types. I thought I would make a very sentimental list of some of the important decorations on our tree and what they mean to me.

The Sleigh

This is a very old decoration that used to hang on my parent’s Christmas tree when I was a child. When my Mum was putting away some of her older decorations from her tree and buying new ones she was going to throw this away but I couldn’t bear to see the sleigh thrown away as it is one of the d

ecorations I most remember. My love of Christmas comes from the amazing memories I have of being a child. My parents worked really hard every year to make it a special time for me and my sister and this sleigh reminds me of that and the excitement I felt as a little girl.

The Snowman and The Angel

These wooden decorations I bought for my husband and I for our first Christmas together in our first little flat in Salford. We had both finished university and set up home together in a little one bedroom flat and we absolutely loved it. Even though we didn’t have much money we bought a small artificial tree and some sets of baubles to make our own little Christmas. That year on the Manchester Christmas Markets I bought these two little wooden figures and had our names carved into them and they mean a lot to me as they remind me of my love for my husband. He proposed to me that year just before Christmas so it is always special to think of that time.

Pink Liberty Bauble

Oh I love this bauble. I bought it one October w


hen I was in London with my best friends from school. I made them trudge all the way to the Liberty of London store just to look at the Christmas floor. I bought this bauble because I believe that it was my kind of bauble, pink, gold and glittery and slightly trashy! But also the wording on the front ‘Liberty’, for Liberty of London and a memento of that day, but also at this point I had quit a job I was very unhappy in and decided to change my life for the better. I felt like I was finally free of the terrible position I had been in, Liberty at last and I like to remind myself of how far I have come each year.

Handmade Wonders

There are a few decorations on the tree that I have made myself and the two I like best are the Santa’s beard and the green Christmas stocking. I love knitting and I always try and make a knitted Christmas decoration each year. These are ones I made previously and I just like the way they look and I remember making them and making more of gifts. I love yarn and the way it looks so I need them on my tree and it’s important to see how much you have improved each year with a craft.

Glass Nativity

This is another decoration I bought a long time ago. I am Roman Catholic and my faith is important to me especially at Christmas and it plays a big part in my celebration of Christmas. I have our larger Nativity scene that I put out each year and this little glass ornament is the only religious decoration I hang on our tree as a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas and my faith. It’s also rather beautiful with the lights shining through it.

Baby’s First Christmas


There are two new baubles on the tree this year that are for my beautiful baby boy. He arrived this November and we are very happy little family. We had wanted a baby for so long and Edwin means the absolute world to us as he is a little miracle. The wooden red bauble with a reindeer I had made this year which has the year of his birth and his name and goes with our wooden ones with mine and my husband’s name. The other is a present from my sister in law and is a Peter Rabbit Bauble which is absolutely beautiful. Peter Rabbit has been a big part of Edwin’s life so far and this beautiful bauble is a lovely reminder of that. I will hang these up each year and remember Edwin’s first Christmas and our first Christmas as a family. 



Christmas Q&A

Christmas Q&A

Christmas is nearly here and to get into the spirit of things I’ve decided to do a Christmas Q&A. I found these questions from watching a YouTube video from BrummyMummyof2 and I will link her video below. I love a bit of festive youtubing!

1) What is your Favourite Christmas Movie?

Ah there are so many amazing Christmas films that I love for all different reasons! I like The Grinch because it reminds me of being a kid and having a laugh with my best friend. I like Love Actually because ‘Love is actually all around’. I also like Arthur Christmas because it is so funny and The Nativity which reminds me of my husband. And then I always watch A Christmas Carol with my Dad at Christmas. The ultimate Christmas story!

2) Favourite Christmas Song?

Again there is so many but I really like White Christmas this year as this is the song that my baby likes. It sounds odd but he settles a lot easier when I sing this to him. I like the Michael Buble and Shania Twain version from his Christmas album.

3) When do you put up your Christmas Tree?

I always like to try and put it up on the first weekend in December I love the house to look as festive as possible as quickly as possible.

4) Do you peek at gifts or do you like a surprise?

I used to always peek at presents and open them straight away but now I’m older I like to save them for Christmas day and open them all together. I have also never had a true surprise, like a party or anything, nobody can hide things from me as I know all, so I like to try and keep gifts a surprise.

4) Who would you like to kiss under the mistletoe?

Tom Hardy! Haha. No I would like to kiss my husband he really is the love of my life and the only person I want to be with at Christmas.

5) Do you have any Christmas Traditions?

We always go to mass on Christmas Eve which is just lovely and we have a buffet at my parents house with a big ham my Dad makes. On Christmas Eve my husband and I buy each other Christmas pyjamas and we watch Die Hard together. Christmas Day morning after opening presents together we have bagels with cream cheese and salmon and bucks fizz for breakfast. Christmas just isn’t Christmas without these traditions.

6) What will you be wearing on Christmas Day?

I like to dress up a bit on Christmas day and usually have a new dress. I haven’t had chance to find a dress for Christmas day just yet but I’m hoping I find something soon. Otherwise as I now fit into my pre pregnancy clothes I will squeeze into a dress I haven’t worn for a while and it will feel new.

7) What does Christmas Day look like for you?

Christmas morning we will wake up at home with our beautiful baby boy. Drink copious amounts of coffee and open our stockings and presents for each other. Then we will get dressed up and walk up to my parents house which is such a nice walk. There we will have salmon and cream cheese bagels and bucks fizz! Then there will be more drinks and presents and my Dad will make the best Christmas feast ever. After dinner we will play games and all fall asleep in front of the tv. Eventually my husband and I will peel ourselves off the sofa and wander back to our house and cosy up with our boy and watch a film before bed. I love Christmas Day.

8) Have you had any Christmas Day disasters?

Last year we were out of our house due to flooding and Christmas was a bit miserable because we missed our home. Also before I had Edwin and we were struggling to get pregnant there was always a bitter sweet feeling that we didn’t have our little baby. Luckily we have him now and this Christmas will be magical!

9) What would you like for Christmas?

I would like the baby to sleep well Christmas Eve! Ha! And I would like a new perfume and some nice make up and clothese. But to be honest, it sounds very cheesy, but we have already got our best present ever to have Christmas with our little boy and I can’t wait to wake up Christmas morning and dress him in his Christmas outfit!

10) What has been your highlight of 2017?

Edwin of course! But also moving back home after the flooding. So nice to be home.

11) Will you be making any New Years Resolutions for 2018?

I liks to make myself a few goals for the year ahead. This year my goals are:

1) To be kinder and less critical of myself and others

2) To lose the rest of my baby weight! Slimming World here I come!

3) To go to groups and classes for the baby and meet some new Mums even though I get so nervous meeting new people

4) To enjoy and make the most of my time with my little family

Christmas Pom Pom Wreath


I have always wanted to make a Pom Pom Wreath to decorate the house with for Christmas. This year I finally decided to take the plunge and make the wreath! I went to Hobbycraft to buy everything and I’m pretty pleased with the final result and it was a lovely easy craft to make for Christmas just don’t underestimate the amount of pom poms you will need!

You will need:

  1. A polystyrene wreath
  2. A glue gun and glue sticks
  3. Yarn in a choice of colours I bought red, green and white and needed just over 100g of each
  4. A pom pom maker
  5. Smaller pom poms for decoration
  6. A ribbon/decoration
  7. Some free time to enjoy making pom poms


  1. Start by making the pom poms I chose red, green and white and I ended up making 70 of these in large, and medium sizes using the Hobbycraft pom pom maker. The machine is a really fun way to make pom poms. What you do is you wind the yarn around the U shaped parts of the machine on both sides, clip both sides together, cut a piece of string and tie this round the middle of the pom pom, then cut the edges and fluff out the finished spherical pom pom. Love it! 70 was a lot but I had bought a large wreath!

2. Next position the pom poms, you can tie these on using the string used to tie around the middle. I went for a bit of an organic style Just placing them where it needed volume and colour but you could be very neat and arrange the pom poms in size order. Once tied into position I secured them with the hot glue

3. To fill any gaps I bought a bag of tiny pom poms already made from Hobbycraft, I liked these as they had my colours of red, green and white but also some sparkly ones that will catch the light.

4. To finish I made a bow out of Green ribbon and attached a large silver jingle bell that I had kept from a present last Christmas because I am wierd hoarder, but you could put an extra decoration you like on at this stage.

5. I then attached some more of the ribbon to the back so that it can be hung on the door.

I love the overall pom pom wreath effect its so colourful and voluminous and it looks so festive. It would make a great Christmas present for someone or you could make them in different colours for different occasions such as Easter or for a Baby Shower. I really enjoyed making this so I will be coming up with further pom pom crafts just so I can keep using my new little machine and so I can write posts with the word pom pom in them 100 times like this one.