My Favourite Things about Autumn and Winter


I love this time of year, it is definitely my favourite. I love it when the weather starts to get cooler and you can wrap up in coats and boots. I love the colours of the trees and hills as they start to change and I also love the food and making myself all cosy. So I thought I would write a quick homage if you will to my favourite season and talk about what it is that I do just love about this time of this year!

  1. Hot Drinks

Yes hot drinks as basic as that sounds. I get so excited when I see the Christmas cups come out at Costa and Starbucks and the Christmas flavours of drinks. I had a delightful Salted Caramel Cappucino yesterday and it made me feel all warm inside. Hot Chocolate as well makes a big come back this time of year for me. I love indulging in them in cafes and having wipped cream and marshmallows and one of my favourite things to do is to get a winter inspired hot drink from a little cafe or coffee shop and take it on a walk round some crunchy leaf strewn park or Craft Market. I love them so much that this year I am making my own at home and I even bought mini marshmallows. It is just the epitome of Autumn/Winter for me.

2. Walks

Speaking of walks I absolutely love being out in the fresh cool air at this time of year, not particularly when it is raining but when it is one of those days that is crisp and fresh and sunny it just makes me feel relaxed and happy. I love to go for long walks with my husband admiring the scenery, talking through our plans and putting things right, it really does blow the cobwebs away.

3. Christmas Planning

Is there anything better at this time of year than the run up to Christmas? I enjoy making my Christmas List and planning the presents I will buy my family and purchasing the odd thing stockpiled for Christmas treats like for example Swedish Ginger Biscuits (My husband’s favourite!) or Snowman Handwash (yes it’s a thing in Dunelm Mill). I like to wander around Christmas displays in Manchester and in the big department stores or in local garden centres seeing all the twinkly lights and decorations. Looking at Christmas cards and wrapping paper. I really enjoy getting the house ready for Christmas and putting up the fairy lights and decorations but it is still a little too early to get too excited over this. (But I will point out that I am super organised this year and I have completed all of my Christmas shopping already!)

4) Cosy Candles and Oil Burners

Candles. I am a candle person and if it smells slightly vanillary, cinnamony or biscuity I will buy it and I will light them all. My living room is full of candles and I love to light them, turn out the bigger harsher lights and enjoy the cosy atmosphere they make. I also have a Yankee Candle oil burner which just fills your room with scent and a glowy light. I love nights in with my husband or even by myself curled up watching a movie or reading a book and just taking some time to relax and candles are a big part of that.

5) Knitting

I am a knitter so you must have known that knit wear or the act of knitting would creep into this post. I find knitting the most rewarding and relaxing thing you can do and at this time of year when the nights draw in I find myself knitting more and more often. I make things for Christmas and with the baby on his way I have been knitting up a storm for him. If I can knit something rather than buy it I will so I usually make all my own cosy hats and scarves and even slipper socks. Because the fashion in winter for jumpers and scarves is just right up my street and always has been.

So there is my homage to this time of year, what are your favourite things about Autumn and Winter?


Baby Birth Story

Baby Birth Story

So finally the wait is over and Baby Bomo has arrived! He was born on the 4th November at 2:33 PM and weighed 8 pound and 1 oz. He arrived on his actual due date which was amazing as it meant that the wait wasn’t too bad in the end. The last few weeks of pregnancy were hard but it’s all been worth it to see this beautiful boy.

So The story behind with me seeing the midwife on the Friday and she told me that we were pretty close to labour and to go home and prepare. Her prediction was that night or by the Saturday night. So we spent the Friday tidying the house, going to the Supermarket and then cosying up watching Lord of the Rings together and it was perfect.

Saturday morning was like any other we got up about 9am made coffee and breakfast but I felt a bit fidgety and couldn’t sit down for very long. At 11am I was in the shower and my waters suddenly broke. It was a funny moment because we were both freaking out whilst trying to dressed and I couldn’t stop the waters. I called the hospital because my contractions started pretty much straight away and by the time I had got in the car they were coming every 4 minutes. The car journey was hard because of speed bumps and traffic lights I also could not sit down and felt like the baby was right there.

We got into the hospital holding room at 11:45ish and I immediately needed gas and air to breathe through the contractions. I have completed a class on positive mindfulness with labour and it really helped me on my labour as I could breathe with the gas whilst counting but visualising a calming picture in my mind which lessened the pain for me and helped me to focus on the birth.

My midwife checked me then and I was 4cm. She put a trace on the baby and myself and we carried on but the contractions were coming every minute by that point and by the time we walked to the delivery suite at about 1:30ish I just felt ready to go but I definitely needed the pethadine at that point to get through that last bit.

I had to push. We reckon it was about 40 minutes later of pushing and breathing our baby came out in all his lovely glory and the labour was done. I was very lucky it was so quick as it is painful. But the pain is absolutely worth it to see the baby at the end.

I did have to have some stitches which I will not go into and then we were left for a good hour and a half with our baby having skin to skin time. It was a beautiful time just me, my husband and our boy we couldn’t stop staring at each other and him. So happy. One of the most happy moments of my life.

I went up to the ward and my Mum and Dad came to visit us at 6:30pm for Grandparent hour and my sister came at 7:30pm. It was lovely to see them and to show them my boy. I had to stay in over night and my husband had to go home which was the worst bit and I got a bit emotional as I really wanted us to stay together.

The first night was tough. I was trying to feed him and breast feeding is so hard and it was a strange feeling suddenly being responsible for this baby. He threw up a few times because he had a lot of mucus from the birth canal and I was in a lot of pain so the nurses at the hospital were great looking after me and changing our sheets and making me tea. You really need a cup of tea after a birth. It’s a real need.

My husband came back the next morning and we hung around the hospital waiting to go home. He threw up and pooed all over the midwife in his final health check to get discharged. We got home the next day and that’s when the real life bit has begun.

It’s been amazing seeing our little boy and getting used to each other. I love being with him and we’ve already pushed him out in his pram and we’ve had a difficult but brilliant first week as a family.

5 Day Hair Challenge


This may sound disgusting to some of you, but I hate washing my hair. I love having hair on my head and for my hair to look nice, and sometimes I even enjoy styling it, but I absolutely hate washing and drying it. I have been letting my hair grow out again after last years drastic chop and dye as I want to be one of those natural Mother’s with long flowing locks. So in order to accomodate the baby and the lack of time available to me now to wash and style my hair every other day I have been training my hair to go longer in between washes and trying out new ways to wear it to accomodate this longevity. So I completed the 5 Day Hair Challenge whilst I was pregnant, wherein you wash your hair and then try and leave the hair to do it’s thing for 5 days without washing it and see what you can come up with. The idea of this is that by training your hair to go longer between washes will mean that it should get less greasy overtime and need to be washed less, hopefully!

There are health benefits for hair to be left longer in between washes, your hair creates it’s own natural oils which can help to condition the hair and make it healthier. Also using less heat and styling tools can assist with less breakage. It’s also so much quicker and freeing to be out of the door without having to wash and dry long hair. So here is my 5 Day Hair Challenge and what I have learnt.

Day 1:

So I washed my hair using my usual John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner for coloured hair. I also used the L’oreal Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Mask Balm as my hair is coloured it can get dry on the ends so I do regularly use a mask to condition the hair and this is a particularly good one. You also get a huge pot of it which is really useful. Once out of the shower I used my L’oreal Mythic Oil in the ends, this is one I get from my hairdressers and it is just very good at again moisturising and smoothing the ends. Due to the dryness I also smoothed a bit of the Lee Stafford Coco Loco Genius Lotion through the mid lengths and ends this is great for styling as it is a heat protectant and is also meant to keep your hair style locked in for longer. It seems like a lot of product but as I am growing my hair again it needs a lot of care and layering of products. So I dried and straightened my hair using my GHDs and that is my hair finished for Day 1. Ah nothing like freshly washed hair.

Day 2:

So on Day 2 I just brushed my hair through and re straightened the kinky bits and the ends to try and keep it smooth. I did get rained on this day so the picture shows what happens to my hair when it does get wet, it does go a bit wavy and wierd looking but I just went with it and this is pretty much it for Day 2. An easy day.

Day 3:

Now on Day 3 the grease started to creep in to the front of my hair where I have a side fringe. To combat this I used a spritz of my Batiste Dry Shampoo in my favourite scent which is the Floral and Flirty Blush, or the ‘pink’ one. I just spritzed this through the fringe and top of my head and combed it through. Then I styled my hair in my favourite hair style which is half up and half down. This is a very quick and easy style but it gives the illusion that you have tried a bit. I seperate my hair into two sections by taking the top section up from my ears and into a small hair bobble. This way the largest section of hair is at the bottom, I then quickly run a straightener through the bottom half to keep the ends smooth, (I know I am a hair straightening addict!) For the top pony tail I sort of fold this into itself to create a knot. It’s hard to explain but you lift the pony tail, make a little hole in the base and push the pony tail through that hole and it makes a nice pleat. I play a bit with this to make it more voluminous and less neat and comb through my fringe and front sections and had a tiny bit more Mythic Oil to the ends and we are good to go.

Day 4:

Day 4 is the ever classic high pony, we weren’t doing much this day and the ponytail is a classic. So for this I combed my hair through, as this is a good way to distribute the oils from the scalp through the ends of the hair and then lifted the hair into a high pony and ta-dah it is done. I think I am lucky that with a side fringe it looks like I have put more effort into my hair than I have done. Now this is the point where I would normally have either washed my hair or be washing it that night so to leave it like this for a further 24 hours became a bit of a challenge.

Day 5:

The last day. And I really wanted to wash the hair but I persevered and today I have plaited my hair into a French Braid. My sister taught me how to do this years ago and a braid can really make it look like you have gone to a lot of effort whilst also keeping hair out of your face. There a lots of tutorials online and on YouTube on how to French Braid, I can now do these braids without looking and from starting at the top of my head and working my way down. This is the perfect way to finish the 5 days as I didn’t need to use the straighteners on any parts and the hair can be left to be itself all day. I did have to spritz the front again with my Dry Shampoo just to take away the excess grease.

So there you go, that is my 5 Day Hair Challenge completed. You may think I am a bit lazy or a bit gross trying to train my hair, and I will continue to go longer between washes but after completing this challenge 5 days is a bit long for me, and I couldn’t imagine 7. I will stick to washing it every 3 to 4 days which is an improvement considering I used to wash it every other day. I think by training my hair I have definitely made it healthier, it has grown out a lot faster and feels more cared for since it’s last chop. Disclaimer: This is my opionion and I am not hair dresser so this may not work for everyone.

Pregnancy Diary October


Diary for Weeks 35 – 39

Week 35

This week I have been finishing off getting basics for the baby. I have been shopping and online shopping loads. My new purchases include a mattress with sheets for a Chicco Next to Me Crib I have been given (So lucky!) a gorgeous Peter Rabbit Sleeping Bag, a new red pram suit for his first journey home, scratch mitts, socks a plenty, bibs, towels and muslins. So if baby comes now I think we can cope. I also took a trip to Costco with one of my Mum Chums to buy nappies and wipes. They are so cheap there and I got loads of Pampers nappies to stockpile for an absolute bargain. We almost nearly flooded again this week as a lot of heavy rain resulted in water coming over the top of the gardens again. We were out with my neighbours and parents at 3AM stopping it getting in the house and luckily with sandbags and removal of fence posts by my amazing husband We managed to keep the house safe. I cannot explain to you the stress this is causing me. Luckily I have a very supportive network of family and friends and some of my friends bought me round a gorgeous hamper filled with little presents for the baby which really cheered me up the following day. I’ve just got to learn to focus on the baby more.

When I saw the Midwife this week she was very happy with the baby’s growth and movements. My blood pressure has stayed down which is a miracle and I’ve started planning the birth. It’s all getting a bit real!

Week 36

Oh my I have been struggling this week with stress from the flooding at our house the week before. Every time it rains I feel like my house will flood and I’m starting to feel like I am losing my mind slightly. I’ve been in the paper this week talking about the flooding and I’m planning on keeping the article for the baby’s keepsake box. I just want it all to be over now! I went out with my Mum for a break from the house only to come back 30 minutes later due to having an anxiety attack over the amount of rain. It was embarrassing and very disturbing for me and I am suffering a lot with stress. We also lost our last Guinea Pig this week, Gilbert. We have had him for 5 years and we absolutely adored him he was such a happy fat little pig but he had been poorly for a few days and was old for a Guinea Pig. I will miss having our Guinea Pigs as they are such loving and simple pets so I know we will get more in the future and even for when the baby gets bigger as they are great pets for children.

Positives this week, I successfully found a gorgeous little rocking chair from Emmaus for his room and I got him some more little things he needed ticked off his list like a Tommee Tippee Toiletry kit with thermometer, brush and nasal separator in a case, as well as a sleeping bag and some Christmas bibs! But I have had the blues this week. I’m hoping this weekend with my baby shower will take my mind off all of this. I can’t wait for the little man to be here and my life to stop focusing on the rain and the flooding.

Week 37 (Full term!)

So this week has been so much more positive! It started with my Baby Shower thrown by my Mum, sister and best friend. Oh my gosh me and the baby were so spoilt! I’m so grateful that sometimes its all a bit emotional! We played games, ate lots of cake and we got lots of amazing gifts! Including a Busted vest (yes you heard right!) And loads of bath stuff and clothes and lots of soft gorgeous toys. Loved every second. It was really nice for everyone to come too and bring their little babies, and my Mother and Sisters-in-law came too which was really lovely. Me and the baby are lucky to have lots of friends and family nearby.

This week I have been organising the nursery and my parents in Law bought us a Moses Basket from Mama and Papas which is lovely so we are now definitely ready for baby to come so I hope he does soon!

I saw the midwife this week as well. Baby is engaged and I’ve been getting a few twinges. Hoping that this is a sign he will soon want to be born! I’m done with being pregnant and I just want to be a Mummy now.

Week 38

This week has been a slow one, my husband has been off with me as he is a teacher and is on Half Term Holidays so it has been nice to have the company. I’m feeling fine not had many twinges or pains from the baby so have resigned myself to the fact that he is not coming this week! Even though I wish he would! My husband has described it as almost like living in a waiting room. I have been pretty tired this week it isn’t taking much to make me tired but I am trying to get out every day and do something.

I have been doing some jobs this week that I don’t feel like I would be able to do once the baby is here so we have bought a new laptop which is revolutionary as I have been writing my blog on my phone for so long I forgot what it was like to write on a laptop. We have also baked our Christmas Cake so it can now be fed and stored till Christmas time. We have fitted the Isofix into the car ready for the Car Seat and I have been busily finishing some little crafts I wanted to get done before he was born. So we are ready now and I am hoping that our little baby will arrive next week whilst my husband is still on holiday.

Floodwise we survived Storm Brian, we spent a very stressful night last Saturday watching the rain and the wind and fully expecting a deluge of flood water but the house is fine and work has begun now by the council the fix the issue. Hopefully we can survive the winter now.

Week 39- The last week?

So we have been sat in the waiting room all week waiting for Baby. No sign of him yet apart from some Braxton Hicks contractions and some tightening. This last bit has been so hard as we are ready for him to be born now and I just want to meet him! Some mum’s I know of who were due after me have had their baby and you cant help but be jealous. I’m trying to enjoy this time with my husband as he is on half term from school (he’s a teacher not a student!) And it has been so nice to have him at home with me for 2 weeks and spend this time together as he really is my best friend. Baby himself is fine he is very active and is definitely putting on some weight and getting big so I have been resting and going for long walks and it has been nice.

P.S. we went to see the Midwife the day before our due date and I’ve had a membrane sweep I was already 2 cms dilated. I’m writing this the morning of his due date and I think baby is coming very soon and I am very excited, scared, nervous, happy and strangely curious about what will happen next. Wish me luck!

Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake

Yes I am aware it is the 1st of November and Halloween is finally over and we have a few long weeks left to go till Christmas time, however around the end of October every year I bake our Christmas Cake with my husband. Christmas Cake has to be baked early as it has to be fed every week with brandy or an alcohol of your choice to keep it nice and moist and boozy and then just before Christmas you can marzipan and ice it ready to be eaten all the way through to the New Year. It has become our little family tradition to bake this together and make a wish for the year ahead as we stir the mixture, a bit odd I know but it is what we always did as a family with my Mum growing up so we have adopted it. We always use the same recipe so I thought that I would record our little tradition on here with the recipe in case you wanted to have a go, you still have time to make a Christmas Cake ready for Christmas Day. We have used the same BBC Good Food Recipe for the last three years i have linked the original recipe below, here is our recipe with some minor alterations. 20171026_114028.jpg Ingredients:

  • 225g plain flour
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp mixed spice
  • ½ tsp ground cinnamon
  • 200g butter
  • 200g dark brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp black treacle
  • 1 tbsp orange marmalade
  • ¼ tsp vanilla essence
  • 4 free-range eggs, lightly beaten
  • 800g mixed dried fruits
  • 100g chopped mixed peel
  • 150g glace cherries, halved
  • 100g mixed chopped nuts
  • 100g chopped dates (I added this to the original recipe as they make the cake more moist)
  • brandy


  1. Heat the oven to 150C/300F/Gas2. Grease a 20cm/8inch round or an 18cm/7inch square tin (we use a round one) and line the bottom and sides with baking parchment.
  2. Sieve the flour, salt, mixed spice and cinnamon into a bowl.
  3. Cream the butter and the sugar in a large mixing bowl and then mix in the sugar, treacle, marmalade and vanilla essence until light and fluffy.
  4. Mix the eggs a little at a time into the mixture adding a tablespoon of flour mixture with the last amount.
  5. Fold in the remaining flour mixture until well mixed and then mix in the dried fruit, mixed peel, glace cherries and the almonds.
  6. Turn the mixture into the tin and make a slight hollow in the centre.
  7. Bake in the oven for 3 hours and then test with a skewer. Remove from the oven and leave to cool in the tin for 15 minutes.
  8. Turn out on to a wire rack and leave to cool.
  9. Once cool, make a few holes in the cake with a skewer and pour over 3-4 tbspof brandy. Let the brandy soak into the cake.

Once the cake is baked place in a cake tin wrapped in tin foil and feed the cake once a week with table spoons of brandy. Over time the brandy will soak into the cake and make a gorgeous boozy Christmas Cake. You will then need to ice and decorate the cake before Christmas, I will do a further post on this later on. My top tip is to buy the icing, marzipan and decorations for the cake at the same time as the ingredients as there is nothing worse than scrabbling around in a supermarket just before Christmas looking for an icing pen or a ribbon! Also to keep the top from burning we made a little Tin Foil hat which kept the cake cooking but didn’t burn the top and we added this 2 hours into cooking. Please see below the original link for this Christmas Cake recipe as I have not written this myself, we think it is the absolute best! Traditional Christmas Cake Recipe BBC Good Food

My First Ever Cardigan for My First Ever Child

My First Ever Cardigan for My First Ever Child

I would describe myself as an intermediate knitter, I have tackled cable knitting, intarsia, most stitches, 3D structures, socks, animals, teddy bears, blankets and teeny tiny decorations. What I have failed at however has always been knitted garments, but I stumbled across some yarn that I had bought right at the beginning of my pregnancy, which was a gorgeous, Sirdar Snuggly Crofter in shade 145 Hattie. I absolutely love Sirdar’s snuggly baby yarns, they have a gorgeous amount of shades as well as the lovely Crofter yarn series which create a Fair Isle effect. I have previously made a knitted dog for my friend’s baby in the shade number 157 Dougal and it knits up so well and has a really soft but colourful effect. So when I rediscovered the yarn that i had purchased I decided to order a further 50g and just go for a cardigan. There is only so many booties and hats you can knit before boredom sets in. I chose a pattern for a pretty simple Sirdar cardigan from Hobbycraft. The pattern has two types of cardigan in it a Moss stitch and a Garter Stitch decorative cardigan. I went for the garter stitch type as Moss stitch, although lovely when completed, is a bit too tricky for my baby brain to remember right now. The pattern is knitted in sections of 8 rows with the first three rows being knit only to create a garter stitch stripe which runs through the cardigan and the rib edging is a 1×1 rib. The pattern itself was relatively simple the tricky bits came in when dividing the stitches into the back and the two sides, and then reconnecting these above the arm holes. Then the border itself posed a problem for me as you pick up stitches along the edge and then rib these as well to make the edge. I had just enough yarn to finish the cardigan and had the yellow buttons in my crafting supplies. I’m really happy with the final cardigan, I love the colours and the effect of the fair isle pattern alongside the garter edging. The cardigan is knitted in size 3 to 6 months and is not perfect and could be a bit boxy but it is my first ever cardigan for my first ever child so it is a small achievement. Even if it just gets covered in sick I will feel a touch of pride when I dress him in it in a few months time.

Nursery Makeover and Full Tour

Nursery Makeover and Full Tour

Before this room was the nursery it was our ‘spare’ room. Basically a room where we dumped stuff we didn’t want anyone to see and the occasional guest slept on our probably not very comfortable bed settee. We painted it white last year and that is about it. When our house flooded we had new Windows and a new carpet put in like the rest of the house so the room was a blank canvas ready for a baby.

The first thing my husband and my Dad did was to build a little closet in the room. This room is above the stairs so the top of the stairs had created a box which was a bit annoying. The previous owners had tiled this box and they used it as a baby change unit. We didn’t want to do that so to save space we built a little closet. It has a rack to hang his clothes and coats on (he already has 6 coats!) and lots of room for his nappies and changing things. To go on top and for more storage I bought some really cute fabric suitcase boxes from Ikea that I will use to store some of his extra bigger clothes, nappies and toiletries etc.

I asked my Dad to paint a mural for me as he is a very good artist. I asked for a woodland theme but with more rabbits as I feel that my family spirit animal is the rabbit. It’s a long story but is to do with my husband’s Grandad who is also the namesake of our baby so I thought it would be nice to include that within the baby’s room. I also wanted red and white toadstools. This is a bit odd but when I was a little girl at nursery it was my symbol on my milk and my coat hook and it’s just something I’m a bit sentimental about. Also there are two owls, a ladybird, a tiny mouse, a squirrel and a blue bird. My Dad sketched and painted the tree straight onto the wall and it looks great it’s really artistic and pretty.

My inspiration for the colours in his room came from the ‘Little Bird’ range at Mothercare designed by Jools Oliver. I loved the bright primary colours of red, yellow and blue. I bought the Cot Set for his room which also strangely has the toadstool image on it. I got this in the Mothercare sale for £60. It is now out of stock as of the date of this post but you can still get the accessories.

The cot is from Ikea. We liked it because it was simple and white but also because it has 3 drawers underneath that can store more of his things in. It has three coloured handles as well which tied in with the colour theme. The cot base can be lowered as baby grows and the front railings can be removed to make it into a toddler bed. Very practical. I bought the mattress and waterproof mattress protector for this as well and it was really good value for money.

I also bought our changing unit from Ikea it is the Lakstrom unit which is just one of their basic drawer units and I got a waterproof sturdy changing mat also from Ikea. I was going to buy one of the purpose built changing units from places like Mothercare but the cheapest I could find was £229 which is just above our budget. They were also very large so I wanted something a bit smaller so the room wasn’t overwhelmed. I also think that this chest of drawers can grow with the baby as it is not just a changing unit. I changed the handles to some plain pine ones I bought from Wilkos and painted them the red, blue and yellow of the Ikea Cot so they match. The changing mat at the top is secured with picture framing Velcro stickers so is very safe for baby and will not move. It has all his clothes in it up to 6 months and I have organised these into storage dividers also from Ikea. I think it looks awesome!

I bought a chair for the room from a local Emmaus charity shop. I have always wanted a traditional rocking chair and I saw this as I came in the entrance to the store. I got it for £40.00 and it fits perfectly in the corner of the room. I very made a little foam cushion for the base and covered that in some woodland inspired material that my Mum had from Ikea from a very long time ago. The patchwork cushion at the back is a handmade one that I made a few years ago at a class and the blue teddy is my husband’s teddy bear from when he was a baby. My Mum washed and restuffed him so he can sit in the babies room. I have also put my knitted Bagpuss there that I had when I was a child. My Grandma knitted this for me and I had to fix one of the front arms and clean it up. They are two very special toys to us and we wanted our baby to have them.

The wicker crate we are going to use as a toy box in his room. It used to house my yarn and craft supplies but now it is full of his toys and bits and bobs which I’m sure will fill up pretty soon. We will also be having a smaller toy box downstairs as I want to keep things as tidy as possible.

The Shelves at the back are also from Ikea. They house his soft toys that he got at his Baby Shower. We have also got his little collection of books and albums, his keepsake box and some other decorative things. I’ve also got a grow egg here which measures the temperature of the room.

He has a framed print in his room of the alphabet that I got from Paperchase. I liked this because of the colours and the vintage fifties vibe. I have also hung up his crayola E picture that I made for him. The window sill has some more crafts that I have made for him and a lamp also from Ikea which has a lovely glow to it.

So the room is now finally ready and I am really happy with it I’ve really enjoyed planning for it and shopping around to get the best deal. I also really enjoyed making crafts and love the mural my Dad painted. Although he won’t sleep on it for the first few months I can’t wait to use the room everyday with our new little baby and it finally being used as a proper bedroom. So exciting.