Pregnancy Diary

Pregnancy Diary

Diary for Weeks 26 – 30 (August 2017)

Week 26

Gestational Diabetes. I had never even heard of this till recently but due to my rubbish ovaries the doctors confirmed that I was at risk and I had to be checked. Gestational Diabetes can mean that your blood sugar levels as a pregnant woman can be too high and can result in a higher birth weight for the baby, a premature baby and pre eclampsia. I had the test on Monday. You have to fast from 10pm the night before so no water or food and then off to the hospital for a blood test at 8:45am. After you have had the blood test they give you a sugary drink and then you have to sit for 2 hours in the hospital. This was very dull after 2 hours, its time for another blood test and then you are excused. The nurses were lovely but it is a tedious test. The nurse told me that someone would call by the Thursday if I had diabetes and luckily for me nobody has called me so no news is good news!

Baby Brain is a very real thing. I get tired and when I am tired my words are lost and I lose my train of thought. Example I went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for Shepherds Pie. I came out with a new nightie, some candles, mince beef, peppers, rhubarb crumble, Hot Chocolate sachets and a flapjack. Brain not really working that day! I visited friends this weekend in Birmingham. This was my last trip before baby as I want to be resting more at weekends. It was lovely to see them and we had a great time. Next time we drive down there as we do 2 to 3 times a year I will have baby in tow!

Week 27

Third trimester time and I do really feel the difference from the second honeymoon trimester. I have come to the acceptance that I need to start slowing down and looking after myself. I have been getting very stressed, getting bad headaches and I’ve been so tired which means I come home and go to sleep and I don’t have any life outside work. I decided to reduce my hours at work by 1 hour to finish earlier and get the earlier train home. 1 week of this and my life is so much better. I am home by 5:15pm so I can do simple things like see my husband and family more, see friends, be home to cook and just be at home, go to my Mummy Natal classes easily, it has just taken away a lot of stress and my weekends are better as I am not so tired. So I’m pretty happy with this. It is a paycut but the baby and my health come first at the moment. I refuse to be stressed.

I’ve been to the Midwife as well and she is very happy with me and the baby. He is growing and is a good size. I like going to the midwife it makes me feel so much better about things and I can ask her stuff that I’m a bit embarrassed to ask my friends. Baby has had a growth spurt since last time and he is on the higher growth line but I want him to grow I want him to be healthy and strong. We also heard his heartbeat again and I recorded it to play to my family. I can’t stop listening to it. I have another appointment in 3 weeks and then they speed up even more. He’s nearly here and I can’t wait.

Week 28

Exciting times this week, we have started work on the nursery! Firstly my husband and Dad have built a new closet to hang the babies clothes in and for some much needed storage. We built it over the stair space so it’s a real space saver. My Dad is also painting a mural on the wall and it’s been sketched out ready to be painted. It’s going to be a woodland tree with rabbits and little mushrooms and other little things. I love it. I can’t wait to see it finished. I took a trip to Ikea and bought his cot. I know baby won’t be using the cot for the first few months but I want everything ready. The cot is white and has three drawers underneath for more storage solutions. My colour theme for the nursery is white walls with bright splashes of primary colours. I also picked up some suitcase style storage boxes, sheets and little hooks for the back of his door. I’m so excited to actually be getting the nursery ready. It means he’s actually coming soon!

I got some more presents this week as well from my Aunty and Uncle. We got some lovely clothes including a babygrow with a history theme. Perfect for us. As well as some little teddies for him. My friend also bought a gorgeous set from M&S in the first size which I think would be perfect to bring him home in. It’s in my woodland theme too. Spoilt rotten. I’m running out of room in my wardrobe his will have to be finished soon. I also went to meet my friends new little baby boy born on the 8th August. He is lovely and so tiny. Although I didn’t enjoy her labour story the end product is definitely worth it.

Week 29

So this week I picked up two exciting large items for baby! The first is a car. Now we did not go and purchase a car outright we were looking at doing this but after my husband and Dad (the dream team) visited the showroom they got offered a very good deal. So we were able to trade in our old small cute rollerskate car for a much larger, and more practical, Dad-mobile. We have got a Citreon C4 Cactus. It’s very nice and most importantly it is big enough for the baby and all his stuff which was concerning me. I have written a post on The Dad-Mobile here.

The next large purchase was his pram! I have bought a Silver Cross Pioneer pram in the Henley colour way. Its described as graphite and is a blue grey colour with brown and chrome hardware. We loved this pram because of the large multi terrain wheels we live in quite a rural place with lots of hills so we wanted to make sure it would be able to get about. The Silver Cross prams are great because they are modern with the way they change as baby grows and the way they support the baby but they are also traditional in the way they look and I really like it. The only downside was that the shop messed up my pick up and we had to build it ourselves but with the help of my Mum we built this in no time and I love it! I will be writing a proper post on the new wheels once I’ve had more time to play with it.

Week 30

This week was Bank Holiday and on Monday I went on a gorgeous walk around the hills where I live. This is a walk I have done before a number of times but this time at 30 weeks it was tough. I then paid for it on Tuesday as I had pulled a ligament in my tummy and I was so tired I could hardly move. I took Tuesday off work and did nothing all day. I’ve spoken to my Midwife since and she said that as your tummy grows the ligaments do soften and stretch so it is easy to pull them. I need to learn to take it easy.

This week I also went to a Mummy class with MummyNatal. My friend recommended this place to me as it has a gorgeous little pool built purposely for babies and Mums. It’s called Aqua Nurture and is in Hyde. Link is here. They do pre-natal classes for Mums to be and then swimming classes and post natal for babies. The class I went to is all about mindfulness, relaxation and connecting with baby for a positive birth. This is just what I needed and it really helps me relax as well as teach me skills for birth. I loved it. I have 5 more weeks paid up. August has been a long long month now I’ve hit September I only have 9 weeks left till the birth!




This woman is literally saving my life right now! I had a really bad night’s sleep with all the anxieties about the baby running through my mind but this video has just mentioned a lot of the things I am worried about and made them a bit better. I can do this.

Loving Mummy videos on YouTube right now. Thanks Mrs Emily Norris

The Dad-Mobile


So a time comes in every man’s life that they must give up their previous smaller and zippier car for a sensible family wagon that carry the family plus all of their belongings wherever they go.

My husband has never been a petrol head. He has never had a huge interest in splashing out a fortune on sports cars and noisy engines but we have enjoyed our little Citreon C1s over the years. The thing about the C1 is that it is small but it can be quite fast and because it is so small it can be parked in the tiniest spaces and easily squeeze in and out of traffic. It also looks cool (in our opinion) and they are very easy cars to drive and cheap to refuel.

However what C1s are not good at is fitting in babies plus all of their stuff. On purchasing the pram we quickly realised that we could only fit the pram or the car seat and the baby in the car. Not both. Which is just not an option so changes had to be made.

After lots of deliberation my husband and my Dad went back to Citreon. (We have a wierd trust thing with Citreon ever since our beat up Saxo once we like a brand it’s hard to look at others.) And we are now the proud owners of a Citreon C4 Cactus. Now here is a car that was built to fit babies, prams, car seats and everything else in between. As well as looking like a man’s car and kind of cool.

When we first got it it felt huge!! Almost as huge as me! But seriously it is bigger and I think although it definitely looks pretty masculine it’s a lovely car. It has a massive boot to fit all the babies stuff in and the back seat is roomy enough to fit the car seat and whatever else or whoever else we can. It has a touch screen that controls the music and the temperature of the car as well as everything else. There are no dials in this car. Because it is a Citreon it is easy to drive and it’s a very sturdy feeling automobile.

I’m not very good at reviewing cars most of the time I just know a car by it’s colour. Ours is silver and black and the inside is grey and black. I like the seats, the touch screen and the storage box on the passenger side. My only bug bear is that the mirror is on the drivers sun shield and not on the passenger side. I do like to do my makeup in the car especially if we are running late which would now be Impossible. Why put a mirror on the drivers side? Aren’t they a bit busy driving to use a mirror?

It is just a great feeling and a weight off my mind to have a new car and to know that this car is big enough for the baby it’s just one less thing to worry about. I am yet to drive the beast mainly becauee my huaband loves it but I woll have a go as this is a shared family car. All we need now is the car seat and baby has it’s transportation sorted!



I have been knitting for my little boy over the last few weeks and I have become slightly obsessed with knitting booties and hats.

I found a pattern I liked in John Lewis and I picked up one of their books it has simple to make hats and booties as well as some clothese. I wanted to make a few sets for him in newborn size as he is a winter baby and I would like him to be snug as a bug when he is born. I also love the look of handknitted hats and booties on newborn babies. My favourite yarn to use for this is Sirdar Snuggly. It so soft and gentle and I think it is lovely to work with so I have bought a few different skeins of this.

So far I have knitted a blue set with a pom-pom hat and most confusingly a cream set with a plain hat which I think will be perfect for him to come home from the hospital in. I say confusingly as I was having a baby brain melt down that day and started knitting with what I thought was white and was actually cream. Hey ho waste not want not and fortunately I had just enough to finish the matching booties.

I really like this pattern for the boots they are knitted mainly in rib with a stocking stitch panel on the front of the boot which is cosy for the little tiny foot. The hat has a rib bottom and is knitted in stocking and they look lovely together. To be honest I wish they did scratch mits in the same design but I suppose these could be quite hot for little baby hands.

I am planning a white set as well for baby’s Christening and possibly some in a Sirdar Crofter self striping yarn but for now booties to one side whilst I finish some other projects. I’m looking forward to Maternity Leave as I just plan to surround myself with yarn. But these are so simple I am hoping I can carry on making these even when he is born as I can knit whilst he is asleep…or I may be kidding myself there!

7 Freaky Pregnancy Issues


Pregnancy is a wierd and wonderful thing. I have experienced some pretty freaky things to happen to me socially and physically since being pregnant. Here is my list of freaky pregnancy issues that nobody told me about!

1) Stranger Danger

All social norms of interaction with strangers, work colleagues and others get forgotten when you are pregnant. You will be told at times that you look big, or huge or ‘absolutely massive’. The hilarious jokers will ask ‘Are you sure it’s not twins?!’ (Yeah i’m pretty sure mate). You will also be touched a lot which is odd for me as I am cuddly person but very much on my own terms. People don’t usually touch each other’s tummies in public. I do find it odd that strangers like to pat my tummy like I’m a big teddy bear. There is no personal space boundaries anymore. Some people are lovely and wish you well but most just want to tell you you are big and you will be bigger yet. Thanks.

2) Hairy Tum

Yes I have got extra hair on my belly. I told you this list was going to be freaky. I did not expect this and I was not warned this may happen. I’m not talking huge amounts of hair, I have not morphed into a yeti, but I have a definite fuzzy down which just isn’t very nice. I’m not sure why I am fuzzy it could be because baby is a boy and there is testosterone concentrated on my tum or it could be because my belly is growing and needs warmth for winter. Or it could be that I am literally turning into a teddy bear. I don’t know, but it is a furry bump that I did not sign on for!

3) Skin Issue overkill

If you have any skin condition no matter how slight before you are pregnant it will be made worse by ten fold. I had a bit of eczema and sensitive skin. Whilst I have been pregnant I developed an allergy to eyeshadows and certain eyeliners which resulted in eczema developing on my eyelids and eyebrows. I also developed a red sore rash around my nose and a patch on my neck. At the same time I have got eczema really badly on my hands and to top it off hormonal spots around my chin. So I have been enjoying the beauty of my ‘pregnancy glow’ no end.

4) The Joy of Peeing

Oh the peeing! When they joke on films and tv that pregnant women need to pee it is not an exaggeration. In my first trimester I peed probably every hour and now I’m in my final trimester it hasn’t really stopped. I need to pee at all times and I can always go. I have to suss out the loo wherever I am just like on a plane, I need to know where all the exits are. I haven’t been caught short too many times but the new development is peeing whilst I laugh like a little old woman. Delightful.

5) Baby Brain

Yes baby brain is real and I really am losing it. Recently I went to a supermarket to buy ingredients for Shepherds Pie. I came out with mince beef, a new nightie, some candles, Hot Chocolate sachets and rhubarb crumble. Yes I did. It wasn’t till later I realised as I thought I had completed a good shop. I also knitted a hat and boot set in what I thought was white but was actually cream. I lose complete track of sentences and at work I have number blindness and to be honest sometimes have no idea who I’m speaking to on the phone or why. I’m a danger to the public which is why my maternity leave should start now!

6) Nana Naps

I could have a Nana Nap at any point in the day. Period. Work is the hardest as I am tempted to crawl under my desk and sleep for a long time and I could do this at any point but especially at 4pm. I yawn all the time during the day and fall asleep in front of the telly like a full on Nana. But the really annoying thing is I can sleep very heavily when I first go to sleep but after the first pee of the night I can then lie awake for hours thinking about everything in the world and how I can solve the issue and not actually be sleeping at all. Even though I am absolutely knackered. It’s a conundrum a real conundrum.

7) Food Glorious Food

As well as sleep at any point I can eat at any point. I could eat a lot before and I have joked that I have a bottomless pit for a stomach as I am hungry all the time but now I am extremely hungry. I am so hungry I can eat a three course meal at any point. I am also in love with all condiments and vinegar. I have a deep love for Tartar Sauce on most things. As well as ketchup and vinegar. I had a chippy tea with my family recently and I had fish, chips, mushy peas, curry sauce, tartar sauce, ketchup, and vinegar and I have to say it was an utter delight.

So these are my freaky facts. Please don’t get me wrong I am overjoyed to be expecting and love my little baby so much but when your body goes through so many changes it’s hard to not appreciate the utter weirdness of this situation.

July Favourites


I had such a lovely July. Possibly because I was on holiday for 2 weeks of it but it was such a nice month. I’ve really settled into my pregnancy now and I’ve just been enjoying doing things I like to do and exploring new places.

1) Wearing my Primark Pocket Parker

I bought this on a whim as it was raining and I didn’t have an umbrella or a proper coat. I bought this for about £10 I think and I’ve used it so much with the Great British Summer it’s so useful and it folds down into a little pocket that you can put in your bag. Just a really useful item that I was really surprised at.

2) Reading The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances

I had read some good reviews about this book as a Summer read and I really enjoy a nice psychological creepy thriller and this didn’t disappoint. (It was also 98p on Kindle so that’s a bargain.) It follows Laura who is a successful TV executive with a seemingly pretty perfect life and a good relationship with her son. Her son meets Cherry who is desperately trying to be someone she is not and the book follows these two women as they try their best to destroy each other. It’s really clever and really thrilling. The Cherry character is very cold and calculating and I loved it.

3) Drinking Hot Chocolate

Yes I know this is a wierd one for July but I have been enjoying me some hot chocolate. With the baby on the way I’ve been cutting down on caffeine and trying to not eat all the bad things I desperately want to. So I’ve been going for Hot Chocolates and they are just right for hitting the spot in the afternoon. I especially love some with marshmallow which I know is not great for baby but I just love it.

4) Using Red Ginger Nail Varnish

I love doing my nails and the whole routine of it. I found this colour from Rimmel called Red Ginger and it is my go to nail varnish of July. I like the bright pink colour, as ‘pink is my signature colour’ but it’s also a great formula it lasts really well and it’s so shiny. It’s part of the Super Gel colour range so I use the Gel Top Coat as well which helps to harden and protect them from chipping.

5) Watching Stranger Things by Netflix

When we were away we had Netflix in our apartment. We don’t have Netflix at home we have Sky and to be honest I prefer Sky but whilst we had it we wanted to watch one of the Netflix original drama series that we’d missed, Stranger Things. And it is definitely strange. It’s set in the eighties so it reminds me of the eighties movies I love so much like Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles. It follows a town in America and a group of kids who are affected by another dimension. It’s brilliantly acted with Winona Ryder putting in an amazing performance and it’s actually a bit scary and creepy at times. We really enjoyed it and watched the whole series over the week. I don’t know how we will watch Series 2 but I do love Box Set watching.

Pregnancy Diary July


Diary for Weeks 22 – 25 (July 2017)

Week 22:

Eugh! This week has been so hard at work. We have so much going on and its so busy. It’s also been so warm I’ve really felt tired. I had to have Monday off work this week as I had an unbelievable migraine. I have had these before the pregnancy and they come when I am over stressed as a sign to slow down. I don’t like to take medicines whilst pregnant so I suffered through with lots of naps and water.

I had a nice weekend though catching up with friends and cuddling my Godson (he is so cute!), visiting family and going to my friend’s baby shower. My Cousin was over from America with his family for my Aunty’s 70th birthday and he gave me a present of some clothes from Burt’s Bees in the US. They are so nice and pure cotton, I love the little knitted stripy jogger bottoms and can’t wait to dress my baby up! He also got me a bumble bee snuggler or comforter, he called it a ‘wubbie’ which is perfect for my worker bee Manchester baby boy. I’ve been buying some clothes and things that take my fancy I know we have to start buying serious stuff soon but I love collecting little things for him.

Burt's BeesWeek 23

Yay I’m on holiday this week so spending relaxing times at home, lots of time with my husband and seeing friends. One of my friends has two little boys and I love spending time with them. I just love being at home and it gave me a taste of Maternity Leave. Cannot wait for that. On Tuesday this week we went for a walk in the rain hunting Stanza Stones. They are poems carved into rocks hidden over Yorkshire in some beautiful places. So it was a gentle walk for each stone apart from a scary moment in a field of cows! It was lovely to be outside and I was so happy. But when I came home I had a panic as I couldn’t remember if I’d felt my boy kick all day. I was watching a bit of Wimbledon and as I couldn’t remember I just broke down and cried on the sofa. We went for the cold water trick as the cold water can make babies move as it hits your digestion. Thankfully it did make him move and he spent the rest of the night kicking me and I was so grateful. I woke up the next day and he was kicking me all over again and I just can’t explain how grateful I am to feel him move.

Week 24

Yay we have hit 6 months and we’ve been to see the Midwife for my 4 weekly checkup and it’s lovely today as she is happy with all the results he has had so far and he is a healthy little baby. He has been kicking so much, and at the clinic when the midwife was listening to his heartbeat he kept kicking the doppler wherever she put it on my tummy. I’ve been told I have a neat bump which is nice I just feel rather large.

It’s been nice whilst we’ve been away on holiday to feel him moving everyday. He’s been kicking me a lot and I love it I think he is getting more of a pattern now and I know when to start listening for him. I get what my husband calls ‘The Swell’ in the evening where my bump expands and gets very hard it goes away by the morning. But I’ve been finding it hard to put shoes on at the moment and my husband is having to help me which I’m sure is annoying for him as I keep taking them off when I’m on the beach. We had a beautiful Babymoon together in Wales talking about the baby and we are so excited for the next part of our lives. I also finally finished the baby blanket I’ve been knitting. I’m really pleased with it and I even managed to embroider baby’s initials on it. See blog posts on the Babymoon here and the Baby Blanket.


Week 25

I had my first sober wedding this weekend. We went to the evening reception and it was lovely. It was hard as I couldn’t find anything to wear but I managed to fit in a size 8 dress that I bought last year. It’s a gorgeous dress really bright and summery and it’s very very stretchy which is why I wore it. It was nice to be pregnant and at a function everyone was so nice to us but I really enjoyed dancing and seeing everyone it’s nice to get out and about even if I can’t do it every weekend.

With The Bride

I’ve been having trouble sleeping as I can’t get comfy and my lower back hurts. I’m paranoid about sleeping on my back and it cutting off baby’s blood supply! So my Mum bought me a Dream Genii cushion and it is so comfy it has a back support and it helps support my hips as well. I’ve had some good night’s sleep with this it will come in after as well for the baby as it will help support him whilst I feed him. Great present Mum.

My Baby Genii

This week I also went to my first Antenatal class. It’s called Mummynurture and yes it is very ‘hippy’ but I really enjoyed it. It was all about mindfulness and taking time out to be a Mum for a bit. We did some stretches, practised relaxation techniques, used Birthing Balls and discussed managing labour. The ladies there were lovely especially the course leader Jenni I’ve signed up for the 6 week course to start at the end of August. I’ve also signed up for AquaNatal classes at the same place as it’s a lovely little pool in Hyde. They start in September so looking forward to those. Once baby is born he can come to Puddleducks too and start swimming lessons so it’s great to start him now. I need to find some more classes as I plan to do more once baby is here as I’d like to make some mummy and baby friends in the local area.