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First day as Mummy


So the time has arrived and my husband has gone back to work. It’s so sad that men don’t get more time at home with their babies. Anyway when I am writing this it is Monday 20th November and today is my first day looking after Edwin on my own so I thought I would record a diary of our first day together. It starts very early!


Edwin has woken for his second bottle of the night. He is doing so well at waking up without crying, having his bottle and then going back to sleep.


Edwin is awake again for a feed and nappy change. Unfortunately this time he has peed himself and it has leaked onto the babygrow so we need an outfit change stat. Don’t know how he manages to pee himself when he has a nappy on!


Daddy goes to work 😦


Nappy change and breakfast time for Edwin. He only manages 2 ounces this time but he has eaten 3-4 ounces at the previous two feeds so I’m not too worried. We have lots of cuddles and he falls asleep on me which is really nice. I can put the light on and make a fuss of him now it’s daylight as we are trying to get him used to day and night so the earlier feeds and nappy changes are all done in the dark.

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Mummy is up and dressed and I’ve quickly eaten some cereal and had a much needed coffee. I can now de-camp downstairs with his Moses Basket and changing things. I have got him changed into his outfit for the day which is a rather nice blue and white striped John Lewis number. He has been wide awake for the last hour so we’ve been playing on his prop mat. When writing this now he’s having cuddles and a little doze. I’ve put a wash on of all his things as he is going through his newborn baby grows and is already getting slightly too big for some of them.


Bottle time and then he’s down for a nap for an hour giving me chance to do some jobs. Hang some of his washing, tumble dry the rest, load and turn on the dishwasher and sterilise all his bottles. As well as quickly eat some soup for lunch. Fun for the whole family.


So I went to a Mum and Baby group. It was so nerve wracking I nearly didn’t go it felt like the first day of school. When I got there I had to collapse the pram and I completely forgot how to do it and one of the Mums had to come help me which was kin of embarrassing. It was nice to be at a group and to chat to some other mum’s about babies and all kinds of things but I did worry that Edwin was a bit young for the group. There is another one for babies birth to 6 months in another town I can go to but it would be kind of awkward to get to. But this group does say it is from birth to 1 year so I probably will still go back. Next week is Christmas craft!


Home from class and Edwin has peed himself so needs a change of clothes luckily there was an outfit in my bag. I don’t know how the wee gets up his back from a nappy? Is it just boy mechanics?


My Father in Law called to check on us as it is my first day on my own which was lovely. And then Mum came for a little visit to see how I was doing as well. Edwin and I are very lucky to have all this support. Whilst Mum was here I wrote some thankyou cards for her friends who have given us presents and we organised his clothes to find some new outfits for Edwin to wear during the day which is great. Lots of options.


William is finally on his way Home from work so I started cooking our tea, Spaghetti Bolognese (yum!). Edwin has been asleep now for 3 and a bit hours but he hasn’t slept much today so I’m going to let him sleep as much as he wants.


Daddy is home! So after quickly eating our dinner it’s bath time and bottle with Dad for Edwin. I clean up the kitchen and have a shower and put my pyjamas on as well. Once Edwin is asleep it’s chill time for Mum and Dad and I do some knitting.


Too tired to function so we start to get ready for bed. We have to make sure we have enough sterilized bottles and tubs for the formula for the night and then we take the baby to bed in his basket upstairs and hope he stays asleep.


Ohno Edwin is awake! And unfortunately for Mummy he doesn’t want to go back to sleep. He has two bottles and two changes and doesn’t go back down to bed till 1AM. Poor Daddy has to sleep on the sofa for a while to get some peace and quiet.

So there is my first day as Mum. It is really hard work being solo parent at night as I just get so tired. But hoping that Edwin will settle down into his 3 hour pattern that we get some nights and hopefully this will stretch to a little bit longer as well as he reaches the 3 month mark. But I absolutely love being Mummy and looking after my beautiful boy.


Baby Birth Story

Baby Birth Story

So finally the wait is over and Baby Bomo has arrived! He was born on the 4th November at 2:33 PM and weighed 8 pound and 1 oz. He arrived on his actual due date which was amazing as it meant that the wait wasn’t too bad in the end. The last few weeks of pregnancy were hard but it’s all been worth it to see this beautiful boy.

So The story behind with me seeing the midwife on the Friday and she told me that we were pretty close to labour and to go home and prepare. Her prediction was that night or by the Saturday night. So we spent the Friday tidying the house, going to the Supermarket and then cosying up watching Lord of the Rings together and it was perfect.

Saturday morning was like any other we got up about 9am made coffee and breakfast but I felt a bit fidgety and couldn’t sit down for very long. At 11am I was in the shower and my waters suddenly broke. It was a funny moment because we were both freaking out whilst trying to dressed and I couldn’t stop the waters. I called the hospital because my contractions started pretty much straight away and by the time I had got in the car they were coming every 4 minutes. The car journey was hard because of speed bumps and traffic lights I also could not sit down and felt like the baby was right there.

We got into the hospital holding room at 11:45ish and I immediately needed gas and air to breathe through the contractions. I have completed a class on positive mindfulness with labour and it really helped me on my labour as I could breathe with the gas whilst counting but visualising a calming picture in my mind which lessened the pain for me and helped me to focus on the birth.

My midwife checked me then and I was 4cm. She put a trace on the baby and myself and we carried on but the contractions were coming every minute by that point and by the time we walked to the delivery suite at about 1:30ish I just felt ready to go but I definitely needed the pethadine at that point to get through that last bit.

I had to push. We reckon it was about 40 minutes later of pushing and breathing our baby came out in all his lovely glory and the labour was done. I was very lucky it was so quick as it is painful. But the pain is absolutely worth it to see the baby at the end.

I did have to have some stitches which I will not go into and then we were left for a good hour and a half with our baby having skin to skin time. It was a beautiful time just me, my husband and our boy we couldn’t stop staring at each other and him. So happy. One of the most happy moments of my life.

I went up to the ward and my Mum and Dad came to visit us at 6:30pm for Grandparent hour and my sister came at 7:30pm. It was lovely to see them and to show them my boy. I had to stay in over night and my husband had to go home which was the worst bit and I got a bit emotional as I really wanted us to stay together.

The first night was tough. I was trying to feed him and breast feeding is so hard and it was a strange feeling suddenly being responsible for this baby. He threw up a few times because he had a lot of mucus from the birth canal and I was in a lot of pain so the nurses at the hospital were great looking after me and changing our sheets and making me tea. You really need a cup of tea after a birth. It’s a real need.

My husband came back the next morning and we hung around the hospital waiting to go home. He threw up and pooed all over the midwife in his final health check to get discharged. We got home the next day and that’s when the real life bit has begun.

It’s been amazing seeing our little boy and getting used to each other. I love being with him and we’ve already pushed him out in his pram and we’ve had a difficult but brilliant first week as a family.

My First Ever Cardigan for My First Ever Child

My First Ever Cardigan for My First Ever Child

I would describe myself as an intermediate knitter, I have tackled cable knitting, intarsia, most stitches, 3D structures, socks, animals, teddy bears, blankets and teeny tiny decorations. What I have failed at however has always been knitted garments, but I stumbled across some yarn that I had bought right at the beginning of my pregnancy, which was a gorgeous, Sirdar Snuggly Crofter in shade 145 Hattie. I absolutely love Sirdar’s snuggly baby yarns, they have a gorgeous amount of shades as well as the lovely Crofter yarn series which create a Fair Isle effect. I have previously made a knitted dog for my friend’s baby in the shade number 157 Dougal and it knits up so well and has a really soft but colourful effect. So when I rediscovered the yarn that i had purchased I decided to order a further 50g and just go for a cardigan. There is only so many booties and hats you can knit before boredom sets in. I chose a pattern for a pretty simple Sirdar cardigan from Hobbycraft. The pattern has two types of cardigan in it a Moss stitch and a Garter Stitch decorative cardigan. I went for the garter stitch type as Moss stitch, although lovely when completed, is a bit too tricky for my baby brain to remember right now. The pattern is knitted in sections of 8 rows with the first three rows being knit only to create a garter stitch stripe which runs through the cardigan and the rib edging is a 1×1 rib. The pattern itself was relatively simple the tricky bits came in when dividing the stitches into the back and the two sides, and then reconnecting these above the arm holes. Then the border itself posed a problem for me as you pick up stitches along the edge and then rib these as well to make the edge. I had just enough yarn to finish the cardigan and had the yellow buttons in my crafting supplies. I’m really happy with the final cardigan, I love the colours and the effect of the fair isle pattern alongside the garter edging. The cardigan is knitted in size 3 to 6 months and is not perfect and could be a bit boxy but it is my first ever cardigan for my first ever child so it is a small achievement. Even if it just gets covered in sick I will feel a touch of pride when I dress him in it in a few months time.

Packing My Hospital Bag


So it is time. When writing this I am nearly 37 weeks so have 3 weeks to go till baby comes. So the time has come to pack the hospital bag! Actually I have 2 bags one for me and one for the baby. I don’t really travel light but I have tried to be frugal with what I am bringing to the hospital.

The bag for me is my purple wheelie case that I use mainly when we go on holiday and you only want to take hand luggage on the plane or when we go somewhere for a weekend away. I’m using the wheelie because it’s small but sturdy and I don’t have to carry it it can be dragged. Which is helpful. Baby’s bag is his Silver Cross nappy bag that we got alongside the pram to match. I figured it would be a good idea to start getting used to using it and since most of his stuff is to do with his nappy the nappy bag is a no brainer. It’s also a pretty nice bag if I say so myself.

Stuff for me to bring to the hospital. Now I have deliberated over this I feel the need to be organised so I have made a couple of lists and used the app Emma’s Diary to collate everything I need. As well as picking the brains of my Mum Chums to figure out what they think worked and what didn’t. I’ve divided it into sections for the parts of the delightful process I will be going through.


So for me I have a nightie for the dreaded labour this is one I bought from Sainsbury’s early in the pregnancy when my pjs wouldn’t get over my tummy anymore. It’s been washed a lot and is a bit shrunken so I am planning to just throw this away after labour. I also have two pairs of socks as I get really cold feet. One in pink which is my favourite colour so will make me feel good and then longer black and white stripy ones in case I get really cold. They are both pretty old but from Primark.

I have also got a Tens Pain machine. One of my Mum Chums gave me this and I’m not sure if I will use it but my back gets really sore so it may come in handy for me so I am taking it.


So for after birth I have a very scary toiletries bag full of huge sanitary towels and spare knickers as well as breast pads just in case. I’ve chosen black knickers as I just don’t want to face anything on there and they are pretty old so can also be thrown away. I stayed away from the disposable knickers as they just freaked me out.

I have my own little towel which is a very old spotty towel that I have had since university first year. Again because if this gets wrecked it doesn’t matter.

Some Spa slippers. Yes I know this is wierd, I am planning on wearing socks, but I do like my spa slippers and they mean that I can walk around the hospital and in the shower without touching the floors with my bare feet.

Two nursing bras these are from M&S. I like M&S because they measure you properly and they have a good range of nursing bras. I also bought a nursing vest from my Mum Chums suggestions which is good for wearing under things. You can see I have gone for black and white but slightly pretty. I am bored stiff of the practical maternity underwear but needs must.

To make up for it I bought some very pretty pale pink cotton pyjamas from M&S. Yes I know pale pink is not practical but I bought them as they looked so nice and I want something nice to wear. I thought they, very vainly, would like nice in photos and I just wanted them. I will wear these after the birth and my skin on skin time with the baby, once I’ve had my shower and padded up. I also like these as they are cotton and short sleeved as I find hospitals so dry and hot.

I am also bringing my summer dressing gown. My pale pink and blue Paris map one that I love. This again is not a practical choice but it is a comfort choice. I love this dressing gown it is very light so I won’t get too hot and irritated as my winter one is too fleecey and it also rolls down pretty small so can fit in my bag.


I have got the cutest little pink bag with eyes from Superdrug to put my toiletries in. I bought it because it’s also the perfect size for afterwards to put bits and bobs in for the Baby’s nappy bag. I then raided their mini section and I have a dry shampoo, deodorant, moisturiser and simple wipes to clean my face. I have packed some bobbles, travel toothbrush and toothpaste. A lip balm and a mini shower gel that my Mum gave me I’m not sure if I will use this but I wanted it anyway for comfort. I have also packed my inhalers as I am asthmatic so will need these and a contact lense pot with solution so I can take my contacts out and put my glasses on.


Yay going home time. I am not a hospital fan so I will be looking to go home asap. I have packed a comfy and cosy outfit. Leggings from Primark. These are not my beloved H&M maternity leggings but they are too big for me really so will be comfy. I also have an oversized stripy t-shirt from H&M and a long cream cardigan also from H&M both designed to cover my bum. I am guessing I will then have boots and a coat from whatever I wore coming into hospital at whatever time that is. And ta dah I will be home and I can put my nice pyjamas back on.


Aw I love packing things for the baby. For his practical bum changing things I have a set of newborn nappies that I got free from Bounty they are Pampers ones I am putting the main bulk of these in my case and a few in his nappy bag. A packet of nappy sacks just because. A packet of the very expensive Water Wipes and some cotton wool. I have also packed some hand sanitizer and he has his travel nappy mat in the bag.

I have also packed a little Peter Rabbit rattle that my husband and I bought him as a little friend for when he is first in the world.

I have packed him two blankets, the green one I knitted for him with little rabbits on and a white Mothercare cellular blanket. Got to keep him cosy.

Gorgeous outfit wise he has three sleepsuits. A gorgeous M&S cream one with woodland animals on it to come home in, a blue and white stripy number from John Lewis, and a white one from George at Asda. He also has three plain white vests, three hats (one knitted by me) and a home made cardigan knitted by. I have put his outfits in sandwich bags.This is another suggestion by my Mum Chums. As it means that the outfits are separate and everything is in there that he needs, nappy, vest, baby grow, hat so it’s easy to see and get him ready as I am sure we will all be confused and tired by this point. Also if we have any accidents the dirty clothes can go back in the nappy bag and will not pong the whole bag out.

For coming home he also has a red and grey pram suit from George to keep him cosy which is just gorgeoud and his Silver Cross Simplicity Car Seat.


For Daddy I am bringing snacks and things but he is responsible for bringing himself, his phone charger and a book or whatever he needs. I will make sure he has a spare t-shirt in case he needs to freshen up but he won’t be staying in hospital with me overnight if I have to so he can come home and sort himself out.

I also possibly may be bringing my own Birthing Ball. Just in case the hospital ones aren’t right as my purple one is what I am used to. It also matches my case just saying.

So there you go told you I don’t travel light but I feel good about it all and I’m not too scared of the labour. I dont know what to expect so I am going to absolutely wing it. But due to packing the case I feel more ready for the hospital. Hurry up baby can’t wait to meet You!

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Pregnancy Diary September

Pregnancy Diary September

Diary for weeks 31 – 34 (September)

Week 31

This week has been very emotional. I keep having little breakdowns where the world seems like it’s against me and I can’t cope. It’s very dramatic I know. Examples? I knitted a bear that I thought wasn’t good enough so I cried for an hour, I got lost on my way home from my lovely mummy class and I wept, I made a mistake at work and I nearly quit my job altogether. It’s just so emotional at the moment. Life. I just want everything perfect for my baby boy and I don’t feel like I’m ready for him and that something will go wrong. I know it’s the hormones but it does worry me a lot.

I’ve also felt extremely ugly this week I have eczema and sometimes it flares up. I think due to the stress I’ve put myself under my eczema went mental and my neck, eye area and hands paid the price. I’ve had a red neck all week and the only thing that stopped it was trying to calm down. So I talked through a lot of my anxieties with my husband and he helped me see that they were either solvable or just a bit silly. I fixed the mistake at work by talking to my very supportive manager. I met my best friend for dinner and we had a really good catch up. I went to my Mummy class and I really relaxed and got into it. The mindfulness techniques are really helping me to sleep and my back always feels amazing afterwards. So today when I am writing this I feel much better. Taking small steps to make the anxiety go away.

On a more positive note the nursery mural was finished this week! My Dad has done an amazing job with the woodland theme and the tree is beautiful. It’s nice and bright and has lots of animals the baby will love. He’s also included lots of colourful rabbits and red and white toadstools which I have become obsessed with. We just need to build the furniture now and I can start collecting his things together to see what we have and what we need to buy next.

Week 32

So week 32 was eventful I was anxious last week but I am extremely anxious now. After an amazing weekend buying the car seat for the baby and spending quality time with my husband and family our house was flooded again! Our house was flooded in November 2016 so for us to flood again at this point in our life where we just want to get ready for the baby is heart breaking and utterly devastating.

But, there have been positives, we have had a lot of help from our neighbours and the council and the support from family and friends has been amazing. We were thinking that we would have to begin all our work all over again which would take months, and I literally have 8 weeks however we think we can get back into our house much quicker this time and I’m trying to remain positive. I was there this time when the water came so we kept the water level low. So even though our house is flooded and the garden has been dug out by the council we have still been able to build baby’s cot for his nursery and I’ve been given loads of clothes for the baby from a friend and a friend of my Mum has given me a Chicco Next to Me Crib, and bottle sanitizer, warmer and some lovely blankets so I know the baby will be ok no matter what. I’ve written a post about the flood here. Argh life is stressful sometimes.

Week 33

Oh my I have been a stressed, anxious and weepy mess this week. Seems to be the theme of this month. We have been so so lucky and have been able to get back into our home all due to the hard work of my family, friends and neighbours on the day of the flood. We are now dry and I have been cleaning like a mad fiend. I’ve been signed off work for 2 weeks by the doctor as I am incredibly stressed and the slightest thing is making me have a full on meltdown. It’s a relief actually not to travel to Manchester everyday and deal with work as my job can be difficult at times. It’s odd not to be in work but I have been trying to focus on my Baby instead. So I have organised his little clothes in his room, and I have been to see my family a lot and my Mummy friends with their gorgeous babies. So there are positives all the time.

I saw the Midwife this week and baby is also doing fine so I’m very pleased with that he is in the right position and is following the size curve as predicted. So I haven’t managed to mess him up yet. I was also a Godmother this weekend to the happiest little chap in the world baby Callum. It was an honour to be asked and his Baptism and party were really fun. I hope I can be a good Godmother to him as I do take these things very seriously I do always want to be there for him and his big brother if they need me. He is too cute!

My beautiful Godson

Week 34

Nesting is in full throttle this week and I have thrown loads away and organised the baby’s room and my bedroom to try and get as much space as possible. So I have cleared out a large wicker crate that I had in his room that I used for yarn and crafting supplies to put his toys in instead and I’ve streamlined the stash to put in a storage box in our room. I’ve also cleared out clothes and rubbish in our room and I’ve been cleaning the house a lot. I’ve also been doing some upcycling of itemsto decorate his room and I’m enjoying getting it all ready. I’ve also prepared my hospital bag apart from nursing bras as I need to wait two more weeks to do that as the lady in the shop told me. Who knew? I’m going to do a blog post on both the hospital bag and the upcycling as well as a tour of his room so watch this space.

To be honest it isn’t all plain sailing, although I do have good days I have bad ones too and I am struggling some days to find the positives. I am very scared that my house will flood again and that my baby will suffer because of it but I guess this is something I will have to live with and cope with. The drying process is still in full swing and the house is starting to feel more normal it’s just been a very stressful month. Roll on October. The little quote below by poet Stephanie Bennett Henry has been getting me through this part of my pregnancy. Hoping for some more positive times ahead next month.



I have been knitting for my little boy over the last few weeks and I have become slightly obsessed with knitting booties and hats.

I found a pattern I liked in John Lewis and I picked up one of their books it has simple to make hats and booties as well as some clothese. I wanted to make a few sets for him in newborn size as he is a winter baby and I would like him to be snug as a bug when he is born. I also love the look of handknitted hats and booties on newborn babies. My favourite yarn to use for this is Sirdar Snuggly. It so soft and gentle and I think it is lovely to work with so I have bought a few different skeins of this.

So far I have knitted a blue set with a pom-pom hat and most confusingly a cream set with a plain hat which I think will be perfect for him to come home from the hospital in. I say confusingly as I was having a baby brain melt down that day and started knitting with what I thought was white and was actually cream. Hey ho waste not want not and fortunately I had just enough to finish the matching booties.

I really like this pattern for the boots they are knitted mainly in rib with a stocking stitch panel on the front of the boot which is cosy for the little tiny foot. The hat has a rib bottom and is knitted in stocking and they look lovely together. To be honest I wish they did scratch mits in the same design but I suppose these could be quite hot for little baby hands.

I am planning a white set as well for baby’s Christening and possibly some in a Sirdar Crofter self striping yarn but for now booties to one side whilst I finish some other projects. I’m looking forward to Maternity Leave as I just plan to surround myself with yarn. But these are so simple I am hoping I can carry on making these even when he is born as I can knit whilst he is asleep…or I may be kidding myself there!

7 Freaky Pregnancy Issues


Pregnancy is a wierd and wonderful thing. I have experienced some pretty freaky things to happen to me socially and physically since being pregnant. Here is my list of freaky pregnancy issues that nobody told me about!

1) Stranger Danger

All social norms of interaction with strangers, work colleagues and others get forgotten when you are pregnant. You will be told at times that you look big, or huge or ‘absolutely massive’. The hilarious jokers will ask ‘Are you sure it’s not twins?!’ (Yeah i’m pretty sure mate). You will also be touched a lot which is odd for me as I am cuddly person but very much on my own terms. People don’t usually touch each other’s tummies in public. I do find it odd that strangers like to pat my tummy like I’m a big teddy bear. There is no personal space boundaries anymore. Some people are lovely and wish you well but most just want to tell you you are big and you will be bigger yet. Thanks.

2) Hairy Tum

Yes I have got extra hair on my belly. I told you this list was going to be freaky. I did not expect this and I was not warned this may happen. I’m not talking huge amounts of hair, I have not morphed into a yeti, but I have a definite fuzzy down which just isn’t very nice. I’m not sure why I am fuzzy it could be because baby is a boy and there is testosterone concentrated on my tum or it could be because my belly is growing and needs warmth for winter. Or it could be that I am literally turning into a teddy bear. I don’t know, but it is a furry bump that I did not sign on for!

3) Skin Issue overkill

If you have any skin condition no matter how slight before you are pregnant it will be made worse by ten fold. I had a bit of eczema and sensitive skin. Whilst I have been pregnant I developed an allergy to eyeshadows and certain eyeliners which resulted in eczema developing on my eyelids and eyebrows. I also developed a red sore rash around my nose and a patch on my neck. At the same time I have got eczema really badly on my hands and to top it off hormonal spots around my chin. So I have been enjoying the beauty of my ‘pregnancy glow’ no end.

4) The Joy of Peeing

Oh the peeing! When they joke on films and tv that pregnant women need to pee it is not an exaggeration. In my first trimester I peed probably every hour and now I’m in my final trimester it hasn’t really stopped. I need to pee at all times and I can always go. I have to suss out the loo wherever I am just like on a plane, I need to know where all the exits are. I haven’t been caught short too many times but the new development is peeing whilst I laugh like a little old woman. Delightful.

5) Baby Brain

Yes baby brain is real and I really am losing it. Recently I went to a supermarket to buy ingredients for Shepherds Pie. I came out with mince beef, a new nightie, some candles, Hot Chocolate sachets and rhubarb crumble. Yes I did. It wasn’t till later I realised as I thought I had completed a good shop. I also knitted a hat and boot set in what I thought was white but was actually cream. I lose complete track of sentences and at work I have number blindness and to be honest sometimes have no idea who I’m speaking to on the phone or why. I’m a danger to the public which is why my maternity leave should start now!

6) Nana Naps

I could have a Nana Nap at any point in the day. Period. Work is the hardest as I am tempted to crawl under my desk and sleep for a long time and I could do this at any point but especially at 4pm. I yawn all the time during the day and fall asleep in front of the telly like a full on Nana. But the really annoying thing is I can sleep very heavily when I first go to sleep but after the first pee of the night I can then lie awake for hours thinking about everything in the world and how I can solve the issue and not actually be sleeping at all. Even though I am absolutely knackered. It’s a conundrum a real conundrum.

7) Food Glorious Food

As well as sleep at any point I can eat at any point. I could eat a lot before and I have joked that I have a bottomless pit for a stomach as I am hungry all the time but now I am extremely hungry. I am so hungry I can eat a three course meal at any point. I am also in love with all condiments and vinegar. I have a deep love for Tartar Sauce on most things. As well as ketchup and vinegar. I had a chippy tea with my family recently and I had fish, chips, mushy peas, curry sauce, tartar sauce, ketchup, and vinegar and I have to say it was an utter delight.

So these are my freaky facts. Please don’t get me wrong I am overjoyed to be expecting and love my little baby so much but when your body goes through so many changes it’s hard to not appreciate the utter weirdness of this situation.