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Baby’s Bunny Blanket

Baby’s Bunny Blanket

I have been knitting this blanket it feels like for for 100 years. Ever since we started trying for a baby I knew that when we were pregnant I wanted to make an heirloom item in the form of a blanket for the baby. Something personal that I can bring the baby home in from the hospital and the baby can keep. So when we discovered this baby was going to stay I hunted down a pattern.

I saw this on Love Knitting and it was perfect for this project. I wanted to do something with rabbits as my husbands family are slightly obsessed with rabbits due to their Grandfather, who is a big influence on my husband, being a very successful rabbit farmer. The family collect rabbit items like ornaments and things and I’ve started doing it too. Its like our spirit animal so I wanted to link that in.

The pattern was designed by Suzanne Strachan and is called The Four Bunnies. It is a blanket knitted in knit and purl with embossed rabbits in 4 different positions. For the pattern she used Rowan Baby Merino Silk in a grey. I chose a beautiful pale green colour callef ‘Little Duck Egg’ by Sublime in Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK. I know it’s different to the pattern but I found this in my local shop and I just loved it. According to the Sublime website the yarns in this type are designed for babies as they are ‘reassuringly delicate, soft and smooth yarn’ in the ‘gentlest natural blend next to baby’s skin’. I loved the gorgeous green colour and the feel of the yarn.

The pattern itself is pretty simple it is a garter stitch edge with the embossed rabbits made by purling on the knit side following a guide. The instructions however were not clear to me. I couldn’t figure out how to emboss the bunnies at first and it took my knitting extraordinaire Mother-in-law to take a look at the pattern and discover the key on the very last page. It just shows you what an extra pair of eyes can do to help a project. She also gave me some 4mm circle kneedles on a loop which made it a lot easier as it is a lot of stitches! It can be a difficult pattern if you are not concentrating as you must follow the guide at all times to get the bunny shape but once I was in a rhythm it became a lot easier. I have been knitting this bunny Blanket all over the place taking it with me. To my Mums house, out to the garden and in the car on longer journeys I’ve been trying to squeeze rows in here and there. I finally finished the main blanket whilst we were on our Babymoon in Wales.

This is the final finished main blanket. You can see the four bunnies; successfully embossed and I’m really happy with it. It’s just what I wanted.

To finish the blanket the pattern has images on how to overstitch the bunny tails to make them stand out so I tried this and failed at it. I can’t follow diagrams I need written instructions or to be actually shown. So I watched some YouTube on Duplicate stitch and did this over the tails instead. As it’s a different stitch it made them stand out more so I am happy with it. My final touch was to use duplicate stitch further in the corner of one of the bunnies and put in our baby’s initials. We have already chosen his name and had it ready for so long before he was even conceived. This really made the blanket special for me. I’m 24 and a half weeks when writing this and I’m really pleased I could knit something like this for him to keep we will use this blanket to bring him home from the hospital and its just really special.

Oh Boy a boy!


I hbear boots and hat bomoave been knitting for babies again, this time I wanted to do a set of matching boots and hat. With the birth of the Royal baby boy there were suddenly lots of inspiring knitting patterns in magazines and I decided to knit a set for my sister’s nephew who was born in August recently, He was tiny at 7 pound 2 ounces and is a beautiful little boy. I found a pattern in Simply Knitting magazine which is closely becoming my favourite for a set in a really light cream for a bobble hat and boots and decided to make this.

I chose a cream from the Sirdar Snuggly range in shade 0303 which is a very similar buttery cream colour that was in the picture and I thought it would suit a very new born baby. The hat itself was quite simple stitched in garter stitch which decreased in rows to make the round shape. I finished it with a bobble that I made using my fingers and trimmed to shape.

the boots were made in 3 pieces, first making the solboots and hat bomoes using garter stitch and following the shape the second part making a piece that went over the top in garter and the third using stocking stitch to make a soft inner lining. the boots are then all stitched together and I am always surprised when the pieces come together to make an actual boot!

I couldn’t resist also adding a toy to the present and I called on my favourite pattern for a traditional teddy bear. Using the same wool I knitted a small cream bear. The pattern I really like is by Laura Long from Storytime Knits, one of the 3 bears. I made the Mummy bear one on size 4 needles so it was quite small. After I stuffed the bear I used baby blue wool to embroider the face of the bear and gave him a little belly button for character. I also stuffed the ears and put in a small piece of blue, pink and lilac striped material. This added a bit of a colour and texture to the bear and I think it worked really well.

I think they were slightly too big for him but i’m sure he will grow into them and they will keep him really cosy. I really enjoyed using Sirdar Snuggly wool its so soft and so easy to work with I will be looking for it in the future for my other projects for little babies.20130813_212942