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Nursery Makeover and Full Tour

Nursery Makeover and Full Tour

Before this room was the nursery it was our ‘spare’ room. Basically a room where we dumped stuff we didn’t want anyone to see and the occasional guest slept on our probably not very comfortable bed settee. We painted it white last year and that is about it. When our house flooded we had new Windows and a new carpet put in like the rest of the house so the room was a blank canvas ready for a baby.

The first thing my husband and my Dad did was to build a little closet in the room. This room is above the stairs so the top of the stairs had created a box which was a bit annoying. The previous owners had tiled this box and they used it as a baby change unit. We didn’t want to do that so to save space we built a little closet. It has a rack to hang his clothes and coats on (he already has 6 coats!) and lots of room for his nappies and changing things. To go on top and for more storage I bought some really cute fabric suitcase boxes from Ikea that I will use to store some of his extra bigger clothes, nappies and toiletries etc.

I asked my Dad to paint a mural for me as he is a very good artist. I asked for a woodland theme but with more rabbits as I feel that my family spirit animal is the rabbit. It’s a long story but is to do with my husband’s Grandad who is also the namesake of our baby so I thought it would be nice to include that within the baby’s room. I also wanted red and white toadstools. This is a bit odd but when I was a little girl at nursery it was my symbol on my milk and my coat hook and it’s just something I’m a bit sentimental about. Also there are two owls, a ladybird, a tiny mouse, a squirrel and a blue bird. My Dad sketched and painted the tree straight onto the wall and it looks great it’s really artistic and pretty.

My inspiration for the colours in his room came from the ‘Little Bird’ range at Mothercare designed by Jools Oliver. I loved the bright primary colours of red, yellow and blue. I bought the Cot Set for his room which also strangely has the toadstool image on it. I got this in the Mothercare sale for £60. It is now out of stock as of the date of this post but you can still get the accessories.

The cot is from Ikea. We liked it because it was simple and white but also because it has 3 drawers underneath that can store more of his things in. It has three coloured handles as well which tied in with the colour theme. The cot base can be lowered as baby grows and the front railings can be removed to make it into a toddler bed. Very practical. I bought the mattress and waterproof mattress protector for this as well and it was really good value for money.

I also bought our changing unit from Ikea it is the Lakstrom unit which is just one of their basic drawer units and I got a waterproof sturdy changing mat also from Ikea. I was going to buy one of the purpose built changing units from places like Mothercare but the cheapest I could find was £229 which is just above our budget. They were also very large so I wanted something a bit smaller so the room wasn’t overwhelmed. I also think that this chest of drawers can grow with the baby as it is not just a changing unit. I changed the handles to some plain pine ones I bought from Wilkos and painted them the red, blue and yellow of the Ikea Cot so they match. The changing mat at the top is secured with picture framing Velcro stickers so is very safe for baby and will not move. It has all his clothes in it up to 6 months and I have organised these into storage dividers also from Ikea. I think it looks awesome!

I bought a chair for the room from a local Emmaus charity shop. I have always wanted a traditional rocking chair and I saw this as I came in the entrance to the store. I got it for £40.00 and it fits perfectly in the corner of the room. I very made a little foam cushion for the base and covered that in some woodland inspired material that my Mum had from Ikea from a very long time ago. The patchwork cushion at the back is a handmade one that I made a few years ago at a class and the blue teddy is my husband’s teddy bear from when he was a baby. My Mum washed and restuffed him so he can sit in the babies room. I have also put my knitted Bagpuss there that I had when I was a child. My Grandma knitted this for me and I had to fix one of the front arms and clean it up. They are two very special toys to us and we wanted our baby to have them.

The wicker crate we are going to use as a toy box in his room. It used to house my yarn and craft supplies but now it is full of his toys and bits and bobs which I’m sure will fill up pretty soon. We will also be having a smaller toy box downstairs as I want to keep things as tidy as possible.

The Shelves at the back are also from Ikea. They house his soft toys that he got at his Baby Shower. We have also got his little collection of books and albums, his keepsake box and some other decorative things. I’ve also got a grow egg here which measures the temperature of the room.

He has a framed print in his room of the alphabet that I got from Paperchase. I liked this because of the colours and the vintage fifties vibe. I have also hung up his crayola E picture that I made for him. The window sill has some more crafts that I have made for him and a lamp also from Ikea which has a lovely glow to it.

So the room is now finally ready and I am really happy with it I’ve really enjoyed planning for it and shopping around to get the best deal. I also really enjoyed making crafts and love the mural my Dad painted. Although he won’t sleep on it for the first few months I can’t wait to use the room everyday with our new little baby and it finally being used as a proper bedroom. So exciting.


Nursery Upcycling

Nursery Upcycling

I love crafts and upcycling. For the baby’s room I wanted to do some simple crafts to make his room unique and tie in the theme and colours I had chosen. I had a gorgeous afternoon completing all of these DIYs that I found on the internet and I wanted to share them with you as well as they are really cheap to do but look amazing even if I do say so myself. Here are 5 of my upcycles projects which anyone can do and look amazing.

1) Doorknobs

This is the most simple upcycle I did but is one of the most effective. For the baby’s changing unit that we bought from Ikea (Lakstrom) the handles were black and just did not match the rest of the room. So I went to Wilkos in my local town. I love Wilkos it’s full of DIY stuff, homewares, beauty products and bits of food and random stationary. I spent a long time just wandering around and collecting what I needed. I bought some plain wooden pine doorknobs for £3.00 you get 8 in a pack, then I bought some tester paints in blue, red and yellow for £1.00 each as well as a paintbrush for 50p. So that is £6.50 in total such a bargain. I painted the doorknobs in red, yellow and blue and left to dry and voila a beautiful baby changing unit that matches the cot. You wouldn’t think that such a simple change would make such a difference but it really does!

2) Bookends

In the baby’s room we are going to fit some shelves at the back of the room to display his books, toys and ornaments. I already had a set of Bookends that were bought for me by my Mum when I had my first flat with my husband when I was 21. They are plain wooden book ends with frames to put pictures in. I have had them at every property of mine since and I wanted to put them in the baby’s room for his books as he already has a few. So I bought another pot of tester paint this time in white just to give them a little spruce and a clean up and I picked up new postcards to go in the frame from Paperchase for £2.00 and that’s it. The finished bookends are lovely and they will look really cute in his room.

3) Word Ornament

I have a little wooden ornament spelling out the word Love that I have also had for a long time. When I first bought it for our first flat it was £5.00 and it was in wooden pine. I painted this grey last year to display in our spare room as an ornament. So for the baby I have painted this white using the tester paint and as an added touch I stuck on buttons from my craft stash in bright colours. It looks really retro and was fun to do and is a big jolly transformation which brightens the room.

4) Painted Pinecones

I saw these on Pinterest one Christmas as a decoration and they appealed to me then. I had a basket of pinecones in my living room that my Dad found in a car park. They are huge and I’ve always thought they were interesting to look at and very autumnal. Because the baby has a woodland theme room I thought these would be really nice in his room to tie in the theme. So I painted just the tips of three of the larger pine cones in the red, blue and yellow paint. They came out really well and I really like the finished bright effect. They are just an ornament but I think the baby will like the look and texture of the pine cones as he gets older. (As long as he doesn’t put them in his mouth!) I am going to get some pine cones and paint them as part of a Christmas display for our living room this year. And I think this would be a great craft to do with children as well. You could make pinecone animals with googly eyes. I just love them.

5) Crayola Initial Picture

The final part of my Upcycle craft day was a picture for his room. I’ve been looking for a picture to hang in his room which is personal to the baby and his name. So I had a scour on the internet and I really liked the look of a letter picture made from crayons. They can be very expensive with some totalling £25.00 – £65.00! Luckily I had found a tutorial on YouTube from a Mummy Vlogger I follow called Emily Norris. I will link her video here. She has a simple easy to follow tutorial and I thought that I would give it a go. So I bought a display frame from Wilkos for £6.00, 2 packets of 24 crayola crayons for £1.00 each and some basic adhesive craft glue for also £1.00. (Total spend £9.00!)

Using a picture I had found on the net I lined up the crayons on the card that came with the picture and cut them to size using a sharp knife to make the letter and then glued them into place. It took me about 40 minutes in total and it looks really effective. You could make this as a gift for other new babies or even as a wedding gift. I loved doing it and it looks really effective. It’s one of my favourite pieces in the baby’s room.

So there you go there are my upcycled pieces for the baby’s room. I loved making them all and I’m really happy with the overall effect. I will be doing a post on the nursery when it is finished and a full tour so these pieces will be included then.