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Baby Birth Story

Baby Birth Story

So finally the wait is over and Baby Bomo has arrived! He was born on the 4th November at 2:33 PM and weighed 8 pound and 1 oz. He arrived on his actual due date which was amazing as it meant that the wait wasn’t too bad in the end. The last few weeks of pregnancy were hard but it’s all been worth it to see this beautiful boy.

So The story behind with me seeing the midwife on the Friday and she told me that we were pretty close to labour and to go home and prepare. Her prediction was that night or by the Saturday night. So we spent the Friday tidying the house, going to the Supermarket and then cosying up watching Lord of the Rings together and it was perfect.

Saturday morning was like any other we got up about 9am made coffee and breakfast but I felt a bit fidgety and couldn’t sit down for very long. At 11am I was in the shower and my waters suddenly broke. It was a funny moment because we were both freaking out whilst trying to dressed and I couldn’t stop the waters. I called the hospital because my contractions started pretty much straight away and by the time I had got in the car they were coming every 4 minutes. The car journey was hard because of speed bumps and traffic lights I also could not sit down and felt like the baby was right there.

We got into the hospital holding room at 11:45ish and I immediately needed gas and air to breathe through the contractions. I have completed a class on positive mindfulness with labour and it really helped me on my labour as I could breathe with the gas whilst counting but visualising a calming picture in my mind which lessened the pain for me and helped me to focus on the birth.

My midwife checked me then and I was 4cm. She put a trace on the baby and myself and we carried on but the contractions were coming every minute by that point and by the time we walked to the delivery suite at about 1:30ish I just felt ready to go but I definitely needed the pethadine at that point to get through that last bit.

I had to push. We reckon it was about 40 minutes later of pushing and breathing our baby came out in all his lovely glory and the labour was done. I was very lucky it was so quick as it is painful. But the pain is absolutely worth it to see the baby at the end.

I did have to have some stitches which I will not go into and then we were left for a good hour and a half with our baby having skin to skin time. It was a beautiful time just me, my husband and our boy we couldn’t stop staring at each other and him. So happy. One of the most happy moments of my life.

I went up to the ward and my Mum and Dad came to visit us at 6:30pm for Grandparent hour and my sister came at 7:30pm. It was lovely to see them and to show them my boy. I had to stay in over night and my husband had to go home which was the worst bit and I got a bit emotional as I really wanted us to stay together.

The first night was tough. I was trying to feed him and breast feeding is so hard and it was a strange feeling suddenly being responsible for this baby. He threw up a few times because he had a lot of mucus from the birth canal and I was in a lot of pain so the nurses at the hospital were great looking after me and changing our sheets and making me tea. You really need a cup of tea after a birth. It’s a real need.

My husband came back the next morning and we hung around the hospital waiting to go home. He threw up and pooed all over the midwife in his final health check to get discharged. We got home the next day and that’s when the real life bit has begun.

It’s been amazing seeing our little boy and getting used to each other. I love being with him and we’ve already pushed him out in his pram and we’ve had a difficult but brilliant first week as a family.