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Skincare and StressΒ 


I am on holiday for 2 weeks. Yay and hooray for me! I have had the most horrific stressful last 2 weeks at work resulting in a migraine last week that I couldn’t shift. It is so so so busy at work every day that I am coming home exhausted and grumpy and with the heat and dirt of the city it has not been kind to my face or mind.

My issue is skin as dry as the Sahara. I went through a very stressful time in my life 2 years ago which resulted in me leaving my job for pastures new. The consequences of not dealing with the stress properly and hiding it from my husband, friends and family is that my body now tells tales on me to the world so everyone knows when I am stressed. I break out in eczema on my neck, eyelids, under eye area, forehead, hairline at the back of my neck, fingers, wrists, elbows and knees. It’s like an eczema had shoulders knees and toes song with a cruel side and the urge to scratch makes it all worse.

I woke up Saturday morning and looked in the mirror and it was sad. I am tired so my face is tired. I am one of those people who cannot hide my emotions or my health problems from my face so I look tired. I had purple eye circles, my sore dry skin, cruel awkward spots at the same time (how?), greasy hair and I looked just so ‘dull’ not holiday ready at all. So to start my holiday in the right frame of mind/face it was time to sort it out. I decided to take bare all selfies to show how I go about becoming me again when this happens so I can conquer the world or just leave my house…

So here is my bare face without my contacts so my huge glasses and with all my poor sore skin.

Step 1 is to break out a Lush facemask what else? Luckily the day before I had brought Lush back 5 pots so I got me a free Brazened Honey Fresh Face mask. This one is exfoliating and full of honey and spices and fruit. It would probably make a nice cake but it is excellent at waking up tired skin and as it is exfoliating it took off a lot of my dull horrid dead skin and left my face clean and refreshed. It’s also very yellow which is a happy colour.

Next I jumped in the shower for a long time. I washed my hair using my Brilliant Brunette shampoo but with my Coco Loco conditioner as I have very dry hair from all the heat and because my skin is dry my hair wanted to join in. I did all the usual stuff you do in the shower making an effort to exfoliate my skin and shave my legs as this immediately makes me feel more together. After getting out the shower I cleansed my skin with my beloved Ultrabland because this can only help the dryness and I did my usual skin care routine as recorded on this earlier post: Current Skincare Routine.

Once out of the shower you guessed I needed moisture. I needed full E45 everywhere, full face moisturiser and E45 Lotion on my face and neck as well as my skin was so so uncomfortably tight. Once this has all soaked in and I hadnt scrached for 10 minutes only then could I start my makeup.

I didn’t want to put too much on as my skin was so sore and it was another hot day. With eczema on the face as well it can make makeup cake on the dry patches and you suddenly look very old so no powder today. Ah the power of brows to make a face look finished! I used a tinted moisturiser and my Porefessional Makeup to create a nice base and to make me look healthy and alive lots of blusher, bronzer and highlighter. I did a very simple eye look with my usual cat eye liner and Mascara and brows galore as I am sparse up there

Once my hair was dried and styled I was a human again and my sore skin was soothed for now. The sad fact is that my face will only last 3-4 hours like this before I have to reapply creams and lotions. The only cure is to calm down and not get stressed. (Yeah right!)

Tadah! It’s like magic. Without products and makeup I would have hidden myself away behind the curtain literally licking my wounds. As sad and probably pathetic that is I cannot change that about myself. I need makeup and I need products that make me feel good to leave the house and I needed to spend this extra time on the first day of my holiday to feel just like myself again. A day spent with my husband wandering around the garden centre in the sun, eating ice cream and knitting in the garden followed by a BBQ with my funny parents was just what I needed.

Stress is part of everyday life and it effects everyone. I am unlucky that mine is shown physically but it also acts as a reminder that I need to slow down and focus on the positives for a while. Making myself feel better with my lotions and potions is just the first thing I do but the main cure for stress is spending some time in peace doing what you enjoy. Spending time with my family is the best cure for my stress as well as knitting and even speaking with a friend on the phone, reading a book or taking a strill in the sunshine. It all helps. Stress is a killer but it won’t get me.


February Favourites


Lots of fun in one of my favourite months!

1) Watching Busted

I loved Busted. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but I really do. They’re a band I loved when I was a teenager and I still love them now. I went to their reunion tour back in May and when they released their new album my best friend and I had to go. The album ‘Night Driver’ is a really good album with a good mix of songs. Some are a bit eighties but I like that. We saw them at the Manchester Apollo and it was just a brilliant concert and a fab time with my best friend!

2) Visiting Harrogate

On a spur of the moment and because life has been a bit too hard recently my husband and I booked a night at The Majestic Hotel in Harrogate. The hotel itself is beautiful and built in 1900 and its huge and gorgeous and our room was lovely. It also has a pool and a spa and the breakfast was ‘fit’. Harrogate itself is a lovely sleepy town with beautiful parks and great shopping. We had a great day wandering round and just spending time together. That night we had a really nice meal at The Farm Bistro and Bakery which is a tiny little bakery in the day and then a cosy little restaurant at night. It served fresh farm produce and the food and atmosphere was amazing. We really enjoyed just getting away from it all for the weekend. Links below for the places we visited!

3) Wearing Heart Earrings

Whilst I was in Harrogate I came across this lovely little shop called Bijouled. It’s a shop full of quirky vintage inspired gifts, clothing and jewellery. It was lovely and my husband bought me some gorgeous swavroski crystal heart stud earrings. They are grey and so sparkly and pretty. I have worn them every day ever since! I’ve got my eye on a Paris Map dressing gown from their shop! Check out the link below

4) Using E45 Spray

I love E45 cream. There is nothing like it its moisturises like nothing else and helps keep my skin…just normal as I am so dry naturally. But it can be laborious using the heavier cream every day. So when I saw that E45 have bought out a moisturiser spray I was sold! It’s great it’s lightweight and speedy in the morning but with all the goodness found in the original cream. Love it!

5) Eating Pop Chips

I can’t explain my love of these crisps! I came across them in Tesco and I noticed them as my best friend has a gluten allergy so if I find anything gluten free I get it. I also love crisps but try and watch my weight so I don’t like to eat fatty crisps. But these are so tasty and crunchy they don’t feel like 90 calories and as they are gluten free I introduced them to my friend too. Try them. The Salt and Vinegar ones are the best!

6) Reading The Vanishing by Sophia Tobin

This is a very gothic novel and takes place in the 1800s. I read this as a review said it was like Jane Eyre and the Fingersmith which are two of my favourite novels. It follows Annaleigh who goes to work in a manor house on the Yorkshire moors. The Twentyman family have a deep dark secret which is horrible and so interesting at the same time. A great dark novel.

The Majestic Hotel

The Farm Bistro and Bakery