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Maternity Capsule WardrobeΒ 


So I am over the moon to be having a baby in November. It’s been a long 4 years whilst we tried to get pregnant and its finally happened. Being pregnant is a wonderful thing but it changes so much in your body so quickly that it’s been a bit overwhelming at times. At the time we went away I was 17 weeks and I’d started to show and I needed to rethink my wardrobe to dress the bump.

I love clothes and I like to feel good in clothes so just because I am pregnant does not mean I will now give up on wearing nice stylish clothes that make me feel good. A few people have now told me that I shouldnt spend/waste money on maternity clothes. But 9 months is a long time to wear the same jeans and 3 tops that fit over and over again. So I have bought some new stuff. Not all of it is maternity some of it is just oversized as that trend is on fire right now so it will last a very long time after Baby Bomo is born.

Here is my capsule wardrobe for a weekend away visiting family.

Day 1:

Today we travelled so I knew we were going to be in a car a lot of the day. I chose my really comfy and soft H&M skinny Mama jeans in grey. They have a soft over the bump sock that keeps everything in place but the look of a good skinny jean. On the top I wore a white vest also from H&M these are long line vests which you need whilst pregnant to cover the bump and they are so useful. Over the top I wore a blue and white striped shirt. This is also from H&M (sorry I had a H&M haul recently!) I like it because it reminds me of men’s pyjamas from the fifties which is wierd but I like it. It’s a very light shirt and its oversized. Today I tied it in the middle at my waist but you could leave it open and as bump gets bigger it will give the extra space I need. On my feet I wore my Kurt Geiger sparkly diamantΓ© sandals because I felt like I needed a touch of glamour. Bag wise I used my new Cath Kidston over the body bag. This was a present for my birthday it’s pink which I love and it encourages me to pack less stuff which is what I need! Jacket wise I have a cropped denim jacket which I am wearing with everything at the moment also from H&M.

Day 2:

Day 2 was so sunny and warm. So luckily I had packed for different weather conditions. I chose a Maternity dress also from H&M it has a navy blue background with pink flowers in a ditzy print. It’s so feminine and pretty but also incredibly comfortable and breathable. On top of this I wore a bright Raspberry pink Cardigan from M&S. I love the thin knit cardigans from M&S I have a few different colours and I wear them with everything as they are so versatile. On my feet I wore some grey suede pumps from New Look as we were going to be walking about that day and I took my Cath Kidston over the body bag and some fifties inspired cool sunnies from Next. I felt very pretty and floaty all day.

Day 2: evening

In the evening it had cooled and begun to rain. We were popping out for some tea at the pub. I wore my grey skinny Mama jeans as mentioned earlier with a navy and white striped breton style tshirt again with the bright pink cardigan. Underneath I wore the same white vest to make sure my bump was covered. I wore my sparkly Kurt Geiger sandals to keep the look pretty and my Cath Kidston bag. So it was a good recycled outfit of the previous two, good capsuling.

Day 3:

Day 3 is Bank Holiday Monday. It was a casual day and although it was warm it was not sunny. We were travelling home in the afternoon as well so I needed something comfy again. I wore a cream and blue tunic dress from H&M this is a very flexible item and can be worn lots of different ways. The fabric is really soft and it drapes really well. Today I wore it over leggings from Sainsburys with my grey suede pumps. I wore my denim jacket and took my pink Cath Kidston bag of course.


Because I was packing for a chilled weekend away but with changing weather there was a spare item left over that I brought to go with my other Outfits just in case. A blue and white spotty dress that can be dressed up or down as it can be worn bardot style. This would be nice with the pink Cardigan or the jacket.

For weekends away it is always good to be clever with your packing and pack enough variety of clothes for weather changes in the UK as well as enough variety to keep you feeling good. But the smart bit is to pack clothes with a similar colour pallette so that you can be flexible with the combinations. My colour pallette this weekend was blue, white and grey with pink key pieces that can be mixed and matched for different occasions. Whilst being pregnant I think this is even more important as I don’t want to be lugging too much stuff around. I really enjoyed my new clothes and feeling pregnant but also still feeling and dressing like myself.


June Favourites


1) H&M

I am going on my summer holiday to Corfu this year. And I needed some last minute summer items. I wandered into H&M which is not somewhere I would usually think of first and their summer stuff is amazing. I got a pair of denim shorts  (not too short and not too long), a frilly floaty top thing, a dress for Β£4! And a bikini. The bikinis are particularly great as you can mix and match. I got some of this stuff in the sale too so it’s worth going having a look round if you need some summery stuff!

2) Peach on the Beach

When I went to the wedding in Barcelona I wanted a really bright, long lasting girly lip stick. I tried loads but in the end I went for the Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Peach on the Beach. I have another of these in Proudly Naked. I just love them. They are so easy to apply really moisturising and give your lips a really nice colour that’s very long lasting. This colour in particular is a really nice summery shade.

3) Rosie Bea Lashes Kitty

Again I bought these for the wedding. I never wear false lashes. I think as I wear contacts I find huge false lashes irritating and I don’t enjoy the fake look it gives your eyes.  These lashes by Eyelure with youtuber Rosie Bea however are great. They are 3/4 length lashes and add a great amount of thickness. The Kitty ones flair out at the edges which add a vintage look that I really like. And they are a good price in Superdrug what’s not to love here!

4) Popcorn

I am getting obsessed with Popcorn. Not the usual stuff in the cinema but I’ve been having Popcorn in two different ways. The first is using it to scrub my face. I am using Let the Good Times Roll by Lush as a face scrub at the moment. It’s so nice it smells like caramel and its a really gentle and brightening scrub for the skin. The second is in my coffee, Costa are currently doing a Popcorn Cappuccino. Oh my gosh this coffee is beautiful and brightened my Mondays! Love it!

5) Reading: The Light Between Oceans by M.L.Steadman 

This books is wonderful. It’s so emotional, romantic and tragic. It’s set in Australia and is about a man called Tom, just after the war he goes to man a lighthouse in a distant island called Janus Rock. He ends up meeting a girl called Isabel who he marries and they live a quiet life on the lighthouse. However one day a boat crashes into the island holding a dead man and a crying baby. And they have to make a decision. Ooh it’s so good and I couldn’t put it down! I read it without realising it was a New York Times Bestseller which is no surprise. It’s also going to be made into a film so it is definitely worth reading now!

6) Miscellaneous 

Anti Hairball Dreamies. Not for me. My cat struggles with hairballs. He is only little and when he gets a Hairball they knock him out as he can’t get them up and he wanders round the house coughing. The cure however is Anti Hairball Dreamies! They are a dream and they stopped him coughing! Huzzah! I also assume they taste nice as he eats them all in seconds….