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My Favourite Things about Autumn and Winter


I love this time of year, it is definitely my favourite. I love it when the weather starts to get cooler and you can wrap up in coats and boots. I love the colours of the trees and hills as they start to change and I also love the food and making myself all cosy. So I thought I would write a quick homage if you will to my favourite season and talk about what it is that I do just love about this time of this year!

  1. Hot Drinks

Yes hot drinks as basic as that sounds. I get so excited when I see the Christmas cups come out at Costa and Starbucks and the Christmas flavours of drinks. I had a delightful Salted Caramel Cappucino yesterday and it made me feel all warm inside. Hot Chocolate as well makes a big come back this time of year for me. I love indulging in them in cafes and having wipped cream and marshmallows and one of my favourite things to do is to get a winter inspired hot drink from a little cafe or coffee shop and take it on a walk round some crunchy leaf strewn park or Craft Market. I love them so much that this year I am making my own at home and I even bought mini marshmallows. It is just the epitome of Autumn/Winter for me.

2. Walks

Speaking of walks I absolutely love being out in the fresh cool air at this time of year, not particularly when it is raining but when it is one of those days that is crisp and fresh and sunny it just makes me feel relaxed and happy. I love to go for long walks with my husband admiring the scenery, talking through our plans and putting things right, it really does blow the cobwebs away.

3. Christmas Planning

Is there anything better at this time of year than the run up to Christmas? I enjoy making my Christmas List and planning the presents I will buy my family and purchasing the odd thing stockpiled for Christmas treats like for example Swedish Ginger Biscuits (My husband’s favourite!) or Snowman Handwash (yes it’s a thing in Dunelm Mill). I like to wander around Christmas displays in Manchester and in the big department stores or in local garden centres seeing all the twinkly lights and decorations. Looking at Christmas cards and wrapping paper. I really enjoy getting the house ready for Christmas and putting up the fairy lights and decorations but it is still a little too early to get too excited over this. (But I will point out that I am super organised this year and I have completed all of my Christmas shopping already!)

4) Cosy Candles and Oil Burners

Candles. I am a candle person and if it smells slightly vanillary, cinnamony or biscuity I will buy it and I will light them all. My living room is full of candles and I love to light them, turn out the bigger harsher lights and enjoy the cosy atmosphere they make. I also have a Yankee Candle oil burner which just fills your room with scent and a glowy light. I love nights in with my husband or even by myself curled up watching a movie or reading a book and just taking some time to relax and candles are a big part of that.

5) Knitting

I am a knitter so you must have known that knit wear or the act of knitting would creep into this post. I find knitting the most rewarding and relaxing thing you can do and at this time of year when the nights draw in I find myself knitting more and more often. I make things for Christmas and with the baby on his way I have been knitting up a storm for him. If I can knit something rather than buy it I will so I usually make all my own cosy hats and scarves and even slipper socks. Because the fashion in winter for jumpers and scarves is just right up my street and always has been.

So there is my homage to this time of year, what are your favourite things about Autumn and Winter?


July Favourites


I had such a lovely July. Possibly because I was on holiday for 2 weeks of it but it was such a nice month. I’ve really settled into my pregnancy now and I’ve just been enjoying doing things I like to do and exploring new places.

1) Wearing my Primark Pocket Parker

I bought this on a whim as it was raining and I didn’t have an umbrella or a proper coat. I bought this for about Β£10 I think and I’ve used it so much with the Great British Summer it’s so useful and it folds down into a little pocket that you can put in your bag. Just a really useful item that I was really surprised at.

2) Reading The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances

I had read some good reviews about this book as a Summer read and I really enjoy a nice psychological creepy thriller and this didn’t disappoint. (It was also 98p on Kindle so that’s a bargain.) It follows Laura who is a successful TV executive with a seemingly pretty perfect life and a good relationship with her son. Her son meets Cherry who is desperately trying to be someone she is not and the book follows these two women as they try their best to destroy each other. It’s really clever and really thrilling. The Cherry character is very cold and calculating and I loved it.

3) Drinking Hot Chocolate

Yes I know this is a wierd one for July but I have been enjoying me some hot chocolate. With the baby on the way I’ve been cutting down on caffeine and trying to not eat all the bad things I desperately want to. So I’ve been going for Hot Chocolates and they are just right for hitting the spot in the afternoon. I especially love some with marshmallow which I know is not great for baby but I just love it.

4) Using Red Ginger Nail Varnish

I love doing my nails and the whole routine of it. I found this colour from Rimmel called Red Ginger and it is my go to nail varnish of July. I like the bright pink colour, as ‘pink is my signature colour’ but it’s also a great formula it lasts really well and it’s so shiny. It’s part of the Super Gel colour range so I use the Gel Top Coat as well which helps to harden and protect them from chipping.

5) Watching Stranger Things by Netflix

When we were away we had Netflix in our apartment. We don’t have Netflix at home we have Sky and to be honest I prefer Sky but whilst we had it we wanted to watch one of the Netflix original drama series that we’d missed, Stranger Things. And it is definitely strange. It’s set in the eighties so it reminds me of the eighties movies I love so much like Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles. It follows a town in America and a group of kids who are affected by another dimension. It’s brilliantly acted with Winona Ryder putting in an amazing performance and it’s actually a bit scary and creepy at times. We really enjoyed it and watched the whole series over the week. I don’t know how we will watch Series 2 but I do love Box Set watching.

October Favourites

October Favourites

So October is over. I’ve really enjoyed October I love Autumn and the change in the seasons. So without further ado here are my favourites.

1) Wearing- Boots!

I needed boots like mad this year as all my boots from last year were destroyed. So I went to M&S as they have a great selection of boots. I got a pair of tan ankle boots with a little heel and some big black fleece lined practical boots that look a bit biker. I love them both and I’ve been wearing them non stop this month. My feet have been so cosy and pain free! I also bought some very practical walking boots from a local outdoor shop. I’ve been doing a lot of walking recently and although they are a little ugly so I have nicknamed them my ‘ugly shoes’ buy they are amazing and keep my feet warm and support my feet to get me where I need to be!

My Ugly Shoes

2) Wearing – Cat Socks

Now this sounds wierd I know. bit I randomly picked up a set of socks from Next. They are all brightly coloured and have cats on them and I have become obsessed. I love wearing crazy socks under my boots!

Cat socks!

3) Using – OGX Shampoo

I have a love hate relationship with my hair. I like it long but I hate styling it and I like it to look healthy but I love using Straighteners on it. So I go through shampooe trying to find the perfect one. I had heard good things about OGX so I went and picked up their Brazilian Keratin Smooth shampoo and conditioner. It has coconut and avocado oil in it along with cocoa butter and keratib so it is pretty moisturising. It smells amazing and my hair feels a lot stronger aad healthier than before. They are quite expensive but the bottles are huge so it’s worth it. I wish I could find a hair mask to go with them!

4) Wearing- Autumnal Nails

With Autumn upon us I have been loving darker nail shades. I have been loving the Maybelline Superdrug Stay 7 day gel nail varnish and I have two colours ‘Divine Wine’which is a maroon red and ‘Berry Stain’ which is a violet shade. They are both really rich glossy colours and do what they say on the tin and last a really long time (don’t know whether its 7 days though)

Berry Stain and Divine Wine

5) Visiting – Home MCR

This is a really cool little theatre and cinema venue in Manchester. They show quite alternative films and plays and its just such a lovely venue dedicated to arts. They also have a fab restaurant with lots of cocktails and my favourite Gin cocktails. We had a lovely date night there and had a meal in the restaurant and saw ‘The Emperor’ which was an amazing one woman show. I just feel really happy at Home MCR and its a really cool place to go.

Yummy gin cocktail

6) Drinking – Hot chocolate

Ooh I am loving Hot Chocolate at the moment. the minute I’m cold I crave a nice hot chocolate with Marshmallows. It’s just a small slice of heaven every time. I especially love a hot chocolate when you are on a lovely walk in the orange leaves with your husband. A perfect autumn day.