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5 Day Hair Challenge


This may sound disgusting to some of you, but I hate washing my hair. I love having hair on my head and for my hair to look nice, and sometimes I even enjoy styling it, but I absolutely hate washing and drying it. I have been letting my hair grow out again after last years drastic chop and dye as I want to be one of those natural Mother’s with long flowing locks. So in order to accomodate the baby and the lack of time available to me now to wash and style my hair every other day I have been training my hair to go longer in between washes and trying out new ways to wear it to accomodate this longevity. So I completed the 5 Day Hair Challenge whilst I was pregnant, wherein you wash your hair and then try and leave the hair to do it’s thing for 5 days without washing it and see what you can come up with. The idea of this is that by training your hair to go longer between washes will mean that it should get less greasy overtime and need to be washed less, hopefully!

There are health benefits for hair to be left longer in between washes, your hair creates it’s own natural oils which can help to condition the hair and make it healthier. Also using less heat and styling tools can assist with less breakage. It’s also so much quicker and freeing to be out of the door without having to wash and dry long hair. So here is my 5 Day Hair Challenge and what I have learnt.

Day 1:

So I washed my hair using my usual John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner for coloured hair. I also used the L’oreal Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Mask Balm as my hair is coloured it can get dry on the ends so I do regularly use a mask to condition the hair and this is a particularly good one. You also get a huge pot of it which is really useful. Once out of the shower I used my L’oreal Mythic Oil in the ends, this is one I get from my hairdressers and it is just very good at again moisturising and smoothing the ends. Due to the dryness I also smoothed a bit of the Lee Stafford Coco Loco Genius Lotion through the mid lengths and ends this is great for styling as it is a heat protectant and is also meant to keep your hair style locked in for longer. It seems like a lot of product but as I am growing my hair again it needs a lot of care and layering of products. So I dried and straightened my hair using my GHDs and that is my hair finished for Day 1. Ah nothing like freshly washed hair.

Day 2:

So on Day 2 I just brushed my hair through and re straightened the kinky bits and the ends to try and keep it smooth. I did get rained on this day so the picture shows what happens to my hair when it does get wet, it does go a bit wavy and wierd looking but I just went with it and this is pretty much it for Day 2. An easy day.

Day 3:

Now on Day 3 the grease started to creep in to the front of my hair where I have a side fringe. To combat this I used a spritz of my Batiste Dry Shampoo in my favourite scent which is the Floral and Flirty Blush, or the ‘pink’ one. I just spritzed this through the fringe and top of my head and combed it through. Then I styled my hair in my favourite hair style which is half up and half down. This is a very quick and easy style but it gives the illusion that you have tried a bit. I seperate my hair into two sections by taking the top section up from my ears and into a small hair bobble. This way the largest section of hair is at the bottom, I then quickly run a straightener through the bottom half to keep the ends smooth, (I know I am a hair straightening addict!) For the top pony tail I sort of fold this into itself to create a knot. It’s hard to explain but you lift the pony tail, make a little hole in the base and push the pony tail through that hole and it makes a nice pleat. I play a bit with this to make it more voluminous and less neat and comb through my fringe and front sections and had a tiny bit more Mythic Oil to the ends and we are good to go.

Day 4:

Day 4 is the ever classic high pony, we weren’t doing much this day and the ponytail is a classic. So for this I combed my hair through, as this is a good way to distribute the oils from the scalp through the ends of the hair and then lifted the hair into a high pony and ta-dah it is done. I think I am lucky that with a side fringe it looks like I have put more effort into my hair than I have done. Now this is the point where I would normally have either washed my hair or be washing it that night so to leave it like this for a further 24 hours became a bit of a challenge.

Day 5:

The last day. And I really wanted to wash the hair but I persevered and today I have plaited my hair into a French Braid. My sister taught me how to do this years ago and a braid can really make it look like you have gone to a lot of effort whilst also keeping hair out of your face. There a lots of tutorials online and on YouTube on how to French Braid, I can now do these braids without looking and from starting at the top of my head and working my way down. This is the perfect way to finish the 5 days as I didn’t need to use the straighteners on any parts and the hair can be left to be itself all day. I did have to spritz the front again with my Dry Shampoo just to take away the excess grease.

So there you go, that is my 5 Day Hair Challenge completed. You may think I am a bit lazy or a bit gross trying to train my hair, and I will continue to go longer between washes but after completing this challenge 5 days is a bit long for me, and I couldn’t imagine 7. I will stick to washing it every 3 to 4 days which is an improvement considering I used to wash it every other day. I think by training my hair I have definitely made it healthier, it has grown out a lot faster and feels more cared for since it’s last chop. Disclaimer: This is my opionion and I am not hair dresser so this may not work for everyone.


5 Step Spa Routine 

5 Step Spa Routine 

I am an advocate for me time. I love my busy life but sometimes I just need a break and some space just to be me without my phone, my job, my commute and the other stresses of my life. I like to make myself feel like a ‘human’ and more like myself. Now I am having a baby I feel this is even more important. So my favourite way of doing this is to have a bath and treat myself to a ‘spa-like’ evening and it makes me feel 100 times better. Here is my 5 Step Spa Evening:

1) Run a Bubbly Bath

Ooh I do love a bath. It just makes me relax and feel cosy. I like to light candles, warm towels on the radiator and have a gorgeous bath bomb or cream to soak in. This particular evening I used The Experimenter from Lush. It has popping candy and a sweet vanilla scent and the colours are amazing. It is also full of glitter which makes your bath water sparkle.

2) Remove Makeup, Cleanse and Mask it

I really enjoy putting on makeup but I love taking it off just as much. It just feels good to remove the day and have fresh clean skin. You should always take your makeup off before getting in the bath! (It’s just common sense all the water and steam with nowhere to go will just clog your pores.) I took my makeup off using my Una Brennan Face Oil and cleansed with Lush Ultrabland. I like to use face masks as well to really feel pampered and give my skin a treat or a treatment for problems. This night I had a free sample of an Nspa Mum to Be mask that I was given as a gift. It was a deep cleansing mud mask and it was really lovely and creamy. Once the mask is on get in the bath! (I always put my mask on before I get in the bath so I can see in the mirror. I have had an unfortunate event once with a warming clay mask in the eye….not pleasant!)

3) Hair Care

Once in the tub I like to lie back and relax. I usually have a glass of water to sip to keep hydrated and I read a book. I am practised at holding books now out of the water, I do know this can be bad for the book, but you know, it’s my book and they are all loved. Once the Mask has done it’s work I remove with cool water to refresh my face and start on hair care. I always shampoo twice, simply because my hairdresser told me to. I used John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Moisturising Shampoo. I love the smell and it looks after my coloured hair. To follow, if I am having a spa night I like to use a hair treatment as well. For this night I chose Lee Stafford For Hair That Only Grows to a Certain Length hair treatment. It’s a protein base product that moisturises hair and soothes the scalp to help your hair grow longer. I like the way my hair feels after this very smooth, strong and conditioned. I left this on for 10 minutes whilst I relaxed again in my bath before the strenuous hair rinsing began. Once I’d rinsed the product out I finished with the John Freida Brilliant Brunette Moisturising conditioner. This locks in the products and makes my hair shiny.

4) The Working Part

Now with every spa evening there is always a working section. This is the part where I have to make the effort. So whilst my hair is conditioning I shave my legs, and other areas and wash using a shower gel and my loofah puff thing. I like to use this to exfoliate and I use my loofah everyday as my skin is so dry. I like to use my favourite shower gel which is the Original Dove Shower Cream. It smells really floral and feminine and leaves your skin very soft. This is the boring but necessary section of any bath it can be dull but once you are out of the bathroom you will be grateful for the effort. This is followed with copious rinsing to get rid of any excess product in my hair. Once I am ready to get out the tub I like to stand under the shower to rinse off any excess oils from the bath as this cleans the skin and is also very refreshing. Then it’s out of the tub and on with one of the nice big towels I’ve been warming on the radiator.

5) The Finale

After a bath your skin has been sat in water which can be drying. Your pores will have opened as well so now these need to be closed and your skin cared for. To finish my face I used the Garnier Skin Active Soothing Botanicals Rosewater Toner which is very nice and floral. And I put on a large amount of the Nivea Pure and Natural Regenerating Night cream. (Very long titles!) My face felt clean and fresh and plumped up. For the rest of my skin my favourite moisturiser is the E45 Intense Recovery Body Lotion. This is fragrance free, and after all the perfumes in the bath is a relief, this creams soaks in quickly and leaves my skin nice and soft. The final touch was another Mum to Be product from Nspa this a is a Moisturising Bump Butter as I am trying (probably uselessly) to fight any stretch marks from the pregnancy so this went on my bump, lower back and hips. It might not work but it’s a lovely body butter.

6) Bonus Step: nails and digits

OK ok so I know I said 5 steps and sometimes these alone are enough. But whilst my hair was drying I repainted my finger and toe nails in the Rimmel Gel Effect Nail varnish in Shameless Selfie and moisturised my hands and feet using a gorgeous Roger & Gallet Hand and Nail Balm in Shea Butter and Fig which I got in a set for my birthday.

So now I feel like me again, calm, relaxed and squeaky clean ready to face the world the next day. I love a spa night and I will do this a few times a month to really feel good about myself. I really believe everyone deserves some time to themsrlves to psmper or to just spend a few hours away ftom the stress of lufe doing what the hell you want. Its food for your soul.

March Favourites 

March Favourites 

I have struggled to write this month’s favourites. Thus why I am late. We are still waiting to move home so are saving like mad so we haven’t been up to too much but I do have some favourites for this month.

1) Reading Dombey and Sons by Charles Dickens

I like reading a Dickens a year. And this year I read the lesser known byt very moral and very educational Dombey and Son. It follows Mr Dombey through his life in Victoria Britain when industry in our country just taking off. There is an excellent and famous passage about the invention of the train and I have to say the train would not have made Dickens favourite list. Dombey is a proud man. Proud to a fault that he neglects his one surviving daughter, Florence, who in true Dickens style is a very lovely and virtuous maid. There are the usual excellent disgusting and very human characters like Major Bagstock and the cruel Edith with some amusing passages and some heartbreaking chapters. It is an excellent read and a Dickens worth a read.

2) Using Lee Stafford ‘For hair that only grows to a certain length’

I cut my hair at Christmas. I was going through some stuff the house had been flooded and I was very upset within myself. So off went the hair and I had a new style. I loved it at first but after a while I felt it became a one trick pony hairdo. U could only curl it because I hated the balayage blonde bit at the bottom. So of course I am growing it again. To help me grow it I have decided to take much better care of my long hair and I’ve been using colour care shampoos and this protein hair mask that helps to make your hair stronger and grow longer. You use it in between your shampoo and conditioner and leave it on for 10 minutes. I use it pretty much every time I was my hair. It really builds up the follicles of your hair and it also cleanses you scalp really well. I don’t know if my hair has grown faster as it grows pretty fast anyway but it’s definitely stronger.

3) Loving Daffodils

Daffodils are one of my favourite flowers. I love how they are the first sign of Spring my favourite part of the year (as it’s my birthday time). They are also so bright and cheerful and at my local supermarket are a pound a bunch. So whilst they are around I will be having them in the house.

4) Using Nivea Pure and Natural night and day cream

My skin is so dry! It is awful and it really has caused me a lot of problems recently. I invested in these moisturisers as I do like Nivea but I need something a lot more ‘intelligent’ then my usual blue pot of basic Nivea. The soothing day cream is lovely its light but it moisturises well and sits very well under makeup. Sometimes I need extra creams around my eyes but this is a win. The regenerating night cream is the best. It’s so lovely to apply and soaks in well but leaves an lovely protective balm layer on your skin that keeps my face happy till morning. I got them half off in Superdrug but I will definitely be repurchasing both.

5) Wearing Accessorize pink Snood

I bought this scarf on a whim because I loved the colour and I needed something to brighten up my winter wardrobe for spring. It’s a lovely rose pink colour and its design is grey cheetahs. Actual cheetahs. It’s a snood as it is in a continuous loop and is really versatile and goes with all of my coats. I’ve been wearing it everyday.

Looking forward to a wonderful month ahead in April as finally move back home!!