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Pray for Manchester 

Pray for Manchester 

This week and atrocity happened in Manchester. A city I love. 22 people have been senselessly and brutally murdered by a terrorist at the Manchester Arena after seeing one of their favourite artists or just being there to pick up their children. It has been horrible and really emotional this week to see the young people of Manchester murdered this way. I can’t get my head around it and the city itself has been such a wierd place after it. The armed police and the military are comforting to see but also very scary and I’ve been relieved to go home and see my family every evening.

I went to pay my respects this week and laid flowers in St Anne’s Square and I also went to the 1 minute silence there too. It was amazing to see everyone in the city come together like they have done and be unired against terrorism. More needs to be done to protect our children and people in the future from terrorism and I know that I won’t forget what happened at the arena on the 23rd May. I’m still praying for Manchester.

Flowers in St Anne’s Square



January Favourites

January Favourites

Oh thankfully January is over! No offence to January lovers but I find this month so long and boring. It’s years since payday and its dark and cold and just bleugh. However I do have some favourites this month to add to my list.

1) Wearing a Watch

For Christmas ( So long ago!) My husband bought me a watch. I don’t have the best history of watches as I usually lose them or break them. He loves Fossil watches and they are pretty indestructible and so he got me one too as a surprise. I love it! It has a big white round face so I can actually see the time, two straps a grey suede and a beige leather and it has diamanté round it’s face like a little crown. It’s beautiful but is also so useful as I now know the time. At all times…

What time is it?

2) Using Lancome Audacity London

One of my makeup heroes is Lisa Aldridge. I love watching her makeup tutorial videos on you tube and I have her book the History of Makeup which is amazing. She is currently working with Lancome and brought out eyeshadow pallettes, one inspired by London and one inspired by Paris. The shadows are beautiful to apply and stay all day. You can build some really nice smoky eye looks and there are also some shimmer pigments that you can add to highlight your look. I especially love the green colours and the purples are also beautiful.

3) Wearing my Lamb Slippers

Oh gosh. It is so cold that the only thing to wear is slippers. I got these Lamb slippers from Next for Christmas again and they are 0amazing. They are so cosy and so cute. The first thing I reach for when I get home from work is my lamb slippers. I especially love them because I like knitting and yarn so its like a homage to the sheep… on my feet.

4) Reading The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

I have seen the films, but like many people I had never read the book. This has been on my book bucket list for a while. To be honest I put off reading it. I don’t know why but it just didn’t appeal to me at first. But once I got over the first chapter I really enjoyed it. It’s so easy to read and the illustrations are lovely. It’s a proper adventure story and its really fun and in places quite creepy. So yes to the Hobbit.

5) Watching La La Land

If you have not seen this film you must go. It is absolutely wonderful. It’s so beautiful to look at and the music is amazing if you like classic Hollywood and musicals then it is a must. I can’t get the tunes out of my head. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are also iconic in this. I watched it at the cinema and I got completely wrapped up in it that I forgot where I was. Go and see end of.

6) Having a date

My husband and I have been having a tough time as of late with our poor flooded house. We are still not living at home and with some other stuff going on in the background and both working full time it has been very stressful. So we decided to have a date and spend some quality time together and it was the best night in January for me. We had dinner at Burger Lobster which is delicious, walked around Manchester just talking and putting our lives back together and then went to HOME to have a drink in the bar and watch La La Land. It was just a perfect date and just what we needed. Life can be tough sometimes so taking a break is definitely what is needed.

Looking forward to February one of my favourite months…

October Favourites

October Favourites

So October is over. I’ve really enjoyed October I love Autumn and the change in the seasons. So without further ado here are my favourites.

1) Wearing- Boots!

I needed boots like mad this year as all my boots from last year were destroyed. So I went to M&S as they have a great selection of boots. I got a pair of tan ankle boots with a little heel and some big black fleece lined practical boots that look a bit biker. I love them both and I’ve been wearing them non stop this month. My feet have been so cosy and pain free! I also bought some very practical walking boots from a local outdoor shop. I’ve been doing a lot of walking recently and although they are a little ugly so I have nicknamed them my ‘ugly shoes’ buy they are amazing and keep my feet warm and support my feet to get me where I need to be!

My Ugly Shoes

2) Wearing – Cat Socks

Now this sounds wierd I know. bit I randomly picked up a set of socks from Next. They are all brightly coloured and have cats on them and I have become obsessed. I love wearing crazy socks under my boots!

Cat socks!

3) Using – OGX Shampoo

I have a love hate relationship with my hair. I like it long but I hate styling it and I like it to look healthy but I love using Straighteners on it. So I go through shampooe trying to find the perfect one. I had heard good things about OGX so I went and picked up their Brazilian Keratin Smooth shampoo and conditioner. It has coconut and avocado oil in it along with cocoa butter and keratib so it is pretty moisturising. It smells amazing and my hair feels a lot stronger aad healthier than before. They are quite expensive but the bottles are huge so it’s worth it. I wish I could find a hair mask to go with them!

4) Wearing- Autumnal Nails

With Autumn upon us I have been loving darker nail shades. I have been loving the Maybelline Superdrug Stay 7 day gel nail varnish and I have two colours ‘Divine Wine’which is a maroon red and ‘Berry Stain’ which is a violet shade. They are both really rich glossy colours and do what they say on the tin and last a really long time (don’t know whether its 7 days though)

Berry Stain and Divine Wine

5) Visiting – Home MCR

This is a really cool little theatre and cinema venue in Manchester. They show quite alternative films and plays and its just such a lovely venue dedicated to arts. They also have a fab restaurant with lots of cocktails and my favourite Gin cocktails. We had a lovely date night there and had a meal in the restaurant and saw ‘The Emperor’ which was an amazing one woman show. I just feel really happy at Home MCR and its a really cool place to go.

Yummy gin cocktail

6) Drinking – Hot chocolate

Ooh I am loving Hot Chocolate at the moment. the minute I’m cold I crave a nice hot chocolate with Marshmallows. It’s just a small slice of heaven every time. I especially love a hot chocolate when you are on a lovely walk in the orange leaves with your husband. A perfect autumn day.

Birthday Fiesta

Birthday Fiesta

I love my birthday. Everyone laughs but as I get older instead of worrying about my age I just celebrate my birthday harder! I now have a running joke that every year I have a Birthday Fiesta. I have a few nice days and events over the week to celebrate. Who wouldn’t want that? So this year was no different a birthday of meals out, cocktails and good times in Manchester! Let the Fiesta begin!

This year it began the week before with shopping and lunch with my Mum. It was such a lovely sunny day  I got loads of lovely new clothes from my favourite shop in the whole world, Joy. (I cannot explain my love of this shop but it is amazing pretty much only going there at the moment). After shopping we had cocktails and lunch at Avalanche in Manchester which was really nice. Proper Italian food but it was very quiet for a Saturday but so nice to spend quality time with my Mummy.


Me and Mamma


Me and my cocktail


Pornstar Martini my fave cocktail

My birthday was the following Friday (the 13th eeek) my husband gave me some lovely pink presents in the morning including a new Chanel perfume, Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche, ooh it smells so good and summery! After work that day we went to another favourite haunt of mine, The Grinch. Their Chicken Royale with a free glass of prosecco is the best! My surprise present was tickets to go see Mamma Mia at The Palace. It was seriously amazing the singing and acting was fabulous and it was so funny. As much as I love the film I love the stage show more. I’ve been singing it ever since!


Pink presents from Hubby


Birthday Girl



The next day was Saturday, after a chilled out day we went to Manchester again to Albert Schloss for food and drinks with some friends. This place is seriously good. I’ve been here a few times and it is just great the atmosphere is mental and busy but I love it. The food is good but the cocktails are the best!! It was Eurovision that night so they had some live performers doing their own little stage show which was very funny. The only downside is they are so busy that you have to wait all the time. Even though we booked a table for 7:30 we weren’t seated till 8! After Albert Schloss we crossed the road and went to a really nice champagne bar I haven’t been to before called Epernay. Ooh this is posh. They do proper cocktails and they are just delectable. I had one that tasted like Christmas literally Christmas in a glass! I will be going there again.


Friends and coctails




More pornstar Martinis

So Sunday was another chilled day I was flagging by this point to be honest. We spent the day at home while my husband worked on his garden which is starting to look beautiful and then went up to my parents house for a birthday buffet. Yum!

So obviously by Sunday I was exhausted and had to go to bed at 8! But it was an extremely good birthday this year. I’ve had some amazing meals out, got some lovely presents of my nearest and dearest. And it was just a really great birthday. Turning 27 wasn’t too shabby!



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