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Pregnancy Diary October


Diary for Weeks 35 – 39

Week 35

This week I have been finishing off getting basics for the baby. I have been shopping and online shopping loads. My new purchases include a mattress with sheets for a Chicco Next to Me Crib I have been given (So lucky!) a gorgeous Peter Rabbit Sleeping Bag, a new red pram suit for his first journey home, scratch mitts, socks a plenty, bibs, towels and muslins. So if baby comes now I think we can cope. I also took a trip to Costco with one of my Mum Chums to buy nappies and wipes. They are so cheap there and I got loads of Pampers nappies to stockpile for an absolute bargain. We almost nearly flooded again this week as a lot of heavy rain resulted in water coming over the top of the gardens again. We were out with my neighbours and parents at 3AM stopping it getting in the house and luckily with sandbags and removal of fence posts by my amazing husband We managed to keep the house safe. I cannot explain to you the stress this is causing me. Luckily I have a very supportive network of family and friends and some of my friends bought me round a gorgeous hamper filled with little presents for the baby which really cheered me up the following day. I’ve just got to learn to focus on the baby more.

When I saw the Midwife this week she was very happy with the baby’s growth and movements. My blood pressure has stayed down which is a miracle and I’ve started planning the birth. It’s all getting a bit real!

Week 36

Oh my I have been struggling this week with stress from the flooding at our house the week before. Every time it rains I feel like my house will flood and I’m starting to feel like I am losing my mind slightly. I’ve been in the paper this week talking about the flooding and I’m planning on keeping the article for the baby’s keepsake box. I just want it all to be over now! I went out with my Mum for a break from the house only to come back 30 minutes later due to having an anxiety attack over the amount of rain. It was embarrassing and very disturbing for me and I am suffering a lot with stress. We also lost our last Guinea Pig this week, Gilbert. We have had him for 5 years and we absolutely adored him he was such a happy fat little pig but he had been poorly for a few days and was old for a Guinea Pig. I will miss having our Guinea Pigs as they are such loving and simple pets so I know we will get more in the future and even for when the baby gets bigger as they are great pets for children.

Positives this week, I successfully found a gorgeous little rocking chair from Emmaus for his room and I got him some more little things he needed ticked off his list like a Tommee Tippee Toiletry kit with thermometer, brush and nasal separator in a case, as well as a sleeping bag and some Christmas bibs! But I have had the blues this week. I’m hoping this weekend with my baby shower will take my mind off all of this. I can’t wait for the little man to be here and my life to stop focusing on the rain and the flooding.

Week 37 (Full term!)

So this week has been so much more positive! It started with my Baby Shower thrown by my Mum, sister and best friend. Oh my gosh me and the baby were so spoilt! I’m so grateful that sometimes its all a bit emotional! We played games, ate lots of cake and we got lots of amazing gifts! Including a Busted vest (yes you heard right!) And loads of bath stuff and clothes and lots of soft gorgeous toys. Loved every second. It was really nice for everyone to come too and bring their little babies, and my Mother and Sisters-in-law came too which was really lovely. Me and the baby are lucky to have lots of friends and family nearby.

This week I have been organising the nursery and my parents in Law bought us a Moses Basket from Mama and Papas which is lovely so we are now definitely ready for baby to come so I hope he does soon!

I saw the midwife this week as well. Baby is engaged and I’ve been getting a few twinges. Hoping that this is a sign he will soon want to be born! I’m done with being pregnant and I just want to be a Mummy now.

Week 38

This week has been a slow one, my husband has been off with me as he is a teacher and is on Half Term Holidays so it has been nice to have the company. I’m feeling fine not had many twinges or pains from the baby so have resigned myself to the fact that he is not coming this week! Even though I wish he would! My husband has described it as almost like living in a waiting room. I have been pretty tired this week it isn’t taking much to make me tired but I am trying to get out every day and do something.

I have been doing some jobs this week that I don’t feel like I would be able to do once the baby is here so we have bought a new laptop which is revolutionary as I have been writing my blog on my phone for so long I forgot what it was like to write on a laptop. We have also baked our Christmas Cake so it can now be fed and stored till Christmas time. We have fitted the Isofix into the car ready for the Car Seat and I have been busily finishing some little crafts I wanted to get done before he was born. So we are ready now and I am hoping that our little baby will arrive next week whilst my husband is still on holiday.

Floodwise we survived Storm Brian, we spent a very stressful night last Saturday watching the rain and the wind and fully expecting a deluge of flood water but the house is fine and work has begun now by the council the fix the issue. Hopefully we can survive the winter now.

Week 39- The last week?

So we have been sat in the waiting room all week waiting for Baby. No sign of him yet apart from some Braxton Hicks contractions and some tightening. This last bit has been so hard as we are ready for him to be born now and I just want to meet him! Some mum’s I know of who were due after me have had their baby and you cant help but be jealous. I’m trying to enjoy this time with my husband as he is on half term from school (he’s a teacher not a student!) And it has been so nice to have him at home with me for 2 weeks and spend this time together as he really is my best friend. Baby himself is fine he is very active and is definitely putting on some weight and getting big so I have been resting and going for long walks and it has been nice.

P.S. we went to see the Midwife the day before our due date and I’ve had a membrane sweep I was already 2 cms dilated. I’m writing this the morning of his due date and I think baby is coming very soon and I am very excited, scared, nervous, happy and strangely curious about what will happen next. Wish me luck!


Pregnancy Diary September

Pregnancy Diary September

Diary for weeks 31 – 34 (September)

Week 31

This week has been very emotional. I keep having little breakdowns where the world seems like it’s against me and I can’t cope. It’s very dramatic I know. Examples? I knitted a bear that I thought wasn’t good enough so I cried for an hour, I got lost on my way home from my lovely mummy class and I wept, I made a mistake at work and I nearly quit my job altogether. It’s just so emotional at the moment. Life. I just want everything perfect for my baby boy and I don’t feel like I’m ready for him and that something will go wrong. I know it’s the hormones but it does worry me a lot.

I’ve also felt extremely ugly this week I have eczema and sometimes it flares up. I think due to the stress I’ve put myself under my eczema went mental and my neck, eye area and hands paid the price. I’ve had a red neck all week and the only thing that stopped it was trying to calm down. So I talked through a lot of my anxieties with my husband and he helped me see that they were either solvable or just a bit silly. I fixed the mistake at work by talking to my very supportive manager. I met my best friend for dinner and we had a really good catch up. I went to my Mummy class and I really relaxed and got into it. The mindfulness techniques are really helping me to sleep and my back always feels amazing afterwards. So today when I am writing this I feel much better. Taking small steps to make the anxiety go away.

On a more positive note the nursery mural was finished this week! My Dad has done an amazing job with the woodland theme and the tree is beautiful. It’s nice and bright and has lots of animals the baby will love. He’s also included lots of colourful rabbits and red and white toadstools which I have become obsessed with. We just need to build the furniture now and I can start collecting his things together to see what we have and what we need to buy next.

Week 32

So week 32 was eventful I was anxious last week but I am extremely anxious now. After an amazing weekend buying the car seat for the baby and spending quality time with my husband and family our house was flooded again! Our house was flooded in November 2016 so for us to flood again at this point in our life where we just want to get ready for the baby is heart breaking and utterly devastating.

But, there have been positives, we have had a lot of help from our neighbours and the council and the support from family and friends has been amazing. We were thinking that we would have to begin all our work all over again which would take months, and I literally have 8 weeks however we think we can get back into our house much quicker this time and I’m trying to remain positive. I was there this time when the water came so we kept the water level low. So even though our house is flooded and the garden has been dug out by the council we have still been able to build baby’s cot for his nursery and I’ve been given loads of clothes for the baby from a friend and a friend of my Mum has given me a Chicco Next to Me Crib, and bottle sanitizer, warmer and some lovely blankets so I know the baby will be ok no matter what. I’ve written a post about the flood here. Argh life is stressful sometimes.

Week 33

Oh my I have been a stressed, anxious and weepy mess this week. Seems to be the theme of this month. We have been so so lucky and have been able to get back into our home all due to the hard work of my family, friends and neighbours on the day of the flood. We are now dry and I have been cleaning like a mad fiend. I’ve been signed off work for 2 weeks by the doctor as I am incredibly stressed and the slightest thing is making me have a full on meltdown. It’s a relief actually not to travel to Manchester everyday and deal with work as my job can be difficult at times. It’s odd not to be in work but I have been trying to focus on my Baby instead. So I have organised his little clothes in his room, and I have been to see my family a lot and my Mummy friends with their gorgeous babies. So there are positives all the time.

I saw the Midwife this week and baby is also doing fine so I’m very pleased with that he is in the right position and is following the size curve as predicted. So I haven’t managed to mess him up yet. I was also a Godmother this weekend to the happiest little chap in the world baby Callum. It was an honour to be asked and his Baptism and party were really fun. I hope I can be a good Godmother to him as I do take these things very seriously I do always want to be there for him and his big brother if they need me. He is too cute!

My beautiful Godson

Week 34

Nesting is in full throttle this week and I have thrown loads away and organised the baby’s room and my bedroom to try and get as much space as possible. So I have cleared out a large wicker crate that I had in his room that I used for yarn and crafting supplies to put his toys in instead and I’ve streamlined the stash to put in a storage box in our room. I’ve also cleared out clothes and rubbish in our room and I’ve been cleaning the house a lot. I’ve also been doing some upcycling of itemsto decorate his room and I’m enjoying getting it all ready. I’ve also prepared my hospital bag apart from nursing bras as I need to wait two more weeks to do that as the lady in the shop told me. Who knew? I’m going to do a blog post on both the hospital bag and the upcycling as well as a tour of his room so watch this space.

To be honest it isn’t all plain sailing, although I do have good days I have bad ones too and I am struggling some days to find the positives. I am very scared that my house will flood again and that my baby will suffer because of it but I guess this is something I will have to live with and cope with. The drying process is still in full swing and the house is starting to feel more normal it’s just been a very stressful month. Roll on October. The little quote below by poet Stephanie Bennett Henry has been getting me through this part of my pregnancy. Hoping for some more positive times ahead next month.

Pregnancy Diary

Pregnancy Diary

Diary for Weeks 26 – 30 (August 2017)

Week 26

Gestational Diabetes. I had never even heard of this till recently but due to my rubbish ovaries the doctors confirmed that I was at risk and I had to be checked. Gestational Diabetes can mean that your blood sugar levels as a pregnant woman can be too high and can result in a higher birth weight for the baby, a premature baby and pre eclampsia. I had the test on Monday. You have to fast from 10pm the night before so no water or food and then off to the hospital for a blood test at 8:45am. After you have had the blood test they give you a sugary drink and then you have to sit for 2 hours in the hospital. This was very dull after 2 hours, its time for another blood test and then you are excused. The nurses were lovely but it is a tedious test. The nurse told me that someone would call by the Thursday if I had diabetes and luckily for me nobody has called me so no news is good news!

Baby Brain is a very real thing. I get tired and when I am tired my words are lost and I lose my train of thought. Example I went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for Shepherds Pie. I came out with a new nightie, some candles, mince beef, peppers, rhubarb crumble, Hot Chocolate sachets and a flapjack. Brain not really working that day! I visited friends this weekend in Birmingham. This was my last trip before baby as I want to be resting more at weekends. It was lovely to see them and we had a great time. Next time we drive down there as we do 2 to 3 times a year I will have baby in tow!

Week 27

Third trimester time and I do really feel the difference from the second honeymoon trimester. I have come to the acceptance that I need to start slowing down and looking after myself. I have been getting very stressed, getting bad headaches and I’ve been so tired which means I come home and go to sleep and I don’t have any life outside work. I decided to reduce my hours at work by 1 hour to finish earlier and get the earlier train home. 1 week of this and my life is so much better. I am home by 5:15pm so I can do simple things like see my husband and family more, see friends, be home to cook and just be at home, go to my Mummy Natal classes easily, it has just taken away a lot of stress and my weekends are better as I am not so tired. So I’m pretty happy with this. It is a paycut but the baby and my health come first at the moment. I refuse to be stressed.

I’ve been to the Midwife as well and she is very happy with me and the baby. He is growing and is a good size. I like going to the midwife it makes me feel so much better about things and I can ask her stuff that I’m a bit embarrassed to ask my friends. Baby has had a growth spurt since last time and he is on the higher growth line but I want him to grow I want him to be healthy and strong. We also heard his heartbeat again and I recorded it to play to my family. I can’t stop listening to it. I have another appointment in 3 weeks and then they speed up even more. He’s nearly here and I can’t wait.

Week 28

Exciting times this week, we have started work on the nursery! Firstly my husband and Dad have built a new closet to hang the babies clothes in and for some much needed storage. We built it over the stair space so it’s a real space saver. My Dad is also painting a mural on the wall and it’s been sketched out ready to be painted. It’s going to be a woodland tree with rabbits and little mushrooms and other little things. I love it. I can’t wait to see it finished. I took a trip to Ikea and bought his cot. I know baby won’t be using the cot for the first few months but I want everything ready. The cot is white and has three drawers underneath for more storage solutions. My colour theme for the nursery is white walls with bright splashes of primary colours. I also picked up some suitcase style storage boxes, sheets and little hooks for the back of his door. I’m so excited to actually be getting the nursery ready. It means he’s actually coming soon!

I got some more presents this week as well from my Aunty and Uncle. We got some lovely clothes including a babygrow with a history theme. Perfect for us. As well as some little teddies for him. My friend also bought a gorgeous set from M&S in the first size which I think would be perfect to bring him home in. It’s in my woodland theme too. Spoilt rotten. I’m running out of room in my wardrobe his will have to be finished soon. I also went to meet my friends new little baby boy born on the 8th August. He is lovely and so tiny. Although I didn’t enjoy her labour story the end product is definitely worth it.

Week 29

So this week I picked up two exciting large items for baby! The first is a car. Now we did not go and purchase a car outright we were looking at doing this but after my husband and Dad (the dream team) visited the showroom they got offered a very good deal. So we were able to trade in our old small cute rollerskate car for a much larger, and more practical, Dad-mobile. We have got a Citreon C4 Cactus. It’s very nice and most importantly it is big enough for the baby and all his stuff which was concerning me. I have written a post on The Dad-Mobile here.

The next large purchase was his pram! I have bought a Silver Cross Pioneer pram in the Henley colour way. Its described as graphite and is a blue grey colour with brown and chrome hardware. We loved this pram because of the large multi terrain wheels we live in quite a rural place with lots of hills so we wanted to make sure it would be able to get about. The Silver Cross prams are great because they are modern with the way they change as baby grows and the way they support the baby but they are also traditional in the way they look and I really like it. The only downside was that the shop messed up my pick up and we had to build it ourselves but with the help of my Mum we built this in no time and I love it! I will be writing a proper post on the new wheels once I’ve had more time to play with it.

Week 30

This week was Bank Holiday and on Monday I went on a gorgeous walk around the hills where I live. This is a walk I have done before a number of times but this time at 30 weeks it was tough. I then paid for it on Tuesday as I had pulled a ligament in my tummy and I was so tired I could hardly move. I took Tuesday off work and did nothing all day. I’ve spoken to my Midwife since and she said that as your tummy grows the ligaments do soften and stretch so it is easy to pull them. I need to learn to take it easy.

This week I also went to a Mummy class with MummyNatal. My friend recommended this place to me as it has a gorgeous little pool built purposely for babies and Mums. It’s called Aqua Nurture and is in Hyde. Link is here. They do pre-natal classes for Mums to be and then swimming classes and post natal for babies. The class I went to is all about mindfulness, relaxation and connecting with baby for a positive birth. This is just what I needed and it really helps me relax as well as teach me skills for birth. I loved it. I have 5 more weeks paid up. August has been a long long month now I’ve hit September I only have 9 weeks left till the birth!

Pregnancy Diary June


Diary for weeks 18-21 (June 2017)

Ooh I have grown this month I am getting a proper bump now and in the UK heatwave it has become slightly uncomfortable. I am not complaining as I love my bump but it is amazing how a bit of extra weight can make such a difference! I have been using my stretchmarks creams to help my stretching skin and I thought I had one stretchmark but so far I have none. I think because I have been slightly bigger in the past my skin has some stretch to it. My main food love at the moment is Tartar Sauce. I could literally have it with everything fish finger sandwiches especially!

20 weeks (Baby Center App)

So I am now 21 weeks over the hump of the bump so to speak 19 weeks to go and 14 weeks left in work! Haha! I never expected to get this far which I know sounds funny but I never did think I would be pregnant or carry my own baby so it is a small miracle.

Last weekend I felt the baby kick for the first time which is an amazing feeling! We were at the Manchester Day Parade in the 30 degree heat (crazy) to see my Dad in the parade and there was so much drumming when the drummers stopped in front of me the baby just started moving and kicking and I felt it properly for the first time. I haven’t felt any of the usual delicate ‘flutters’ the movements I have felt are full on prods and I love them all!

Daddy the Magician in the Manchester Day Parade

Also in other news we have bought a pram! Nobody tells you how expensive the pram is going to be! It cost more then my wedding dress which up until now apart from the kitchen is the most expensive thing I’ve owned. Oh the pram though is so clever. We have bought a Silver Cross Pioneer in the Henley colour pack. It is a blue grey colour with brown handles. (Neutral for boys and girls). I was recommended the Silver Cross prams by my friend who already has two beautiful boys. They are very sturdy but very nice looking and are so flexible.

You buy the main ‘chassis’ (I think that is how you spell it) and then that fits the main seat which can move position from lying down to sitting up as baby grows and it fits the car seat as well so you can pop from the car straight out for smaller journeys. I like that they come with all the accessories like the matching nappy bag, rain cover and colour pack and they also have a cup holder for your Costa. Because yes I will be one of those Mums. We also liked the pioneer for its multi terrain wheels as we like to get out and about and will be doing with the baby. It’s so exciting it really is. When we bought the pram however we quickly realised our beloved Citreon C1 is too small for the baby so we need a nice sensible family car at some point before November.

Silver Cross Pioneer in Henley

The other items I have for the baby is a Christening gown from my husbands side of the family. It is a handmade Brussels lace gown that we think dates from 1900. I wanted it as I will be baptising my baby as I am Catholic (shock horror) and my husbands Grandfather and we think his Great Grandma were christened in this gown so it is a proper family dress. The initials of the babies christened in the dress are embroidered in the collar of the gown which I think is so special and we will be adding our baby’s initials to the dress. My Mum has managed to clean up the dress and fix it and it’s really beautiful. I have a shawl that I was given on my wedding day made by my Aunty which we will also use. I just need bootees and and a bonnet. And obviously a bib!

The dress all cleaned up!

Ah 26th June we have had our anomaly scan today. Baby is happy and healthy and is all the right measurements. Baby was a bit awakward as it was lying on its front. We also found out that baby is a…….Boy! So excited we have his name all picked out and it feels so nice to know how to refer to him! Can’t wait to meet our little boy. Love him so much.